Pacific Storm Tracker

Soulik has been upgraded to a tropical storm; Sasebo could be in for a gusty start of next week.

Tropical Storm 21W (Rumbia), #3 FINAL

Rumbia upgraded to tropical storm, continues moving northwest away from Okinawa toward China.

Tropical Storm 19W (Leepi), # 8 FINAL: All clear at Sasebo

Fleet Activities Sasebo sets All Clear as Tropical Storm Leepi moves on.

Tropical Storm 20W (Bebinca), # 6 FINAL

Bebinca continues moving west away from Hong Kong; all warning signals canceled.

Tropical Storm 18W (Yagi), #24 FINAL

Yagi arcs southwest of Okinawa, remains on track to make landfall and die out over eastern China.

Typhoon 17W (Shanshan), #24 FINAL: All clear in Kanto Plain

U.S. bases in the Kanto Plain set TCCOR All Clear as Shanshan skirts up east coast away from Tokyo.

Hurricane 10E (Hector), # 6 FINAL

Hector weakens to Category 3 hurricane, forecast to pass between western Hawaiian islands, Johnston Island.

Tropical Depression 15W (Jongdari), #42 FINAL

Jongdari continues journey across East China Sea with Shanghai in its sights.

Tropical Depression 13W, #5, plus four others

Warning Signal 1 raised for Hong Kong, expecting some effect from TD Son-tinh.

Tropical Storm 12W (Ampil), # 22 FINAL: Okinawa enters TCCOR 4

Ampil accelerating away from Okinawa; maximum gust 44 mph Saturday afternoon at Naha; 106 flights canceled.

Remnants of Tropical Storm 11W (Son-tinh), # 6

After four days over land, remnants of Son-tinh moving out over Gulf of Tonkin, could regenerate in coming days.

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