Pacific Storm Tracker

All cyclone warning signals dropped for Hong Kong; Yutu downgraded to tropical depression.

Tropical Storm 30W (Kong-Rey), #40 FINAL

Kong-Rey makes landfall at 9 a.m. near Chinhae, now moving out of area.

Typhoon 28W (Trami), # 53 FINAL

After thrashing Japan from Ryukyus to Hokkaido, Typhoon Trami finally takes leave, heads northeast into Pacific Ocean.


Typhoon 26W (Mangkhut), # 32 FINAL

All warning signals for Hong Kong canceled at 7:10 p.m. Monday

Tropical Storm 25W (Jebi), # 19 FINAL

Jebi downgraded to tropical storm, picks up forward speed and weakens as it heads over Sea of Japan.

Tropical Storm 22W (Soulik), #33

Soulik continues weakening, while the shelter-in-place order has been rescinded at Kunsan.

Hurricane Lane, packing 150 mph winds, presents rare direct threat to Hawaii

Hurricane Lane, a Category 4 storm, is expected to make a dangerously close encounter with the Hawaiian Islands over the next several days.


Typhoon 23W (Cimaron), #14 FINAL

Cimaron makes landfall over Osaka-Kobe area, continues on course to exit land over the Sea of Japan by early Friday morning.

Tropical Storm 21W (Rumbia), #3 FINAL

Rumbia upgraded to tropical storm, continues moving northwest away from Okinawa toward China.

Tropical Storm 19W (Leepi), # 8 FINAL: All clear at Sasebo

Fleet Activities Sasebo sets All Clear as Tropical Storm Leepi moves on.

Tropical Storm 20W (Bebinca), # 6 FINAL

Bebinca continues moving west away from Hong Kong; all warning signals canceled.

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