Pacific Storm Tracker

Tropical cyclone formation alert issued on 97W Invest; forecast to head west-northwest in Taiwan’s general direction.

Tropical Storm 11W (Krosa), #28 FINAL

Krosa passes MCAS Iwakuni mid-afternoon Thursday, making its way across Honshu toward Sea of Japan.

Typhoon 10W (Lekima), # 30 FINAL

Lekima makes its way inland, headed just west of Shanghai and continuing north toward the Gulf of Pohai in northeast China.

Tropical Storm 09W (Francisco), # 23 FINAL

Francisco continues moving north away from Pusan, set to exit land and push out over Sea of Japan.

Tropical Storm 08W (Wipha), # 11 FINAL

All tropical cyclone warning signals canceled for Hong Kong, Wipha finds new life as tropical storm, heading southwest toward Vietnam.

Tropical Depression 07W (Nari), # 7 FINAL

Nari makes landfall, downgraded to tropical depression, on track to pass further north of Kanto than previously forecast.

Tropical Depression 06W (Danas), # 19 FINAL

Danas makes landfall near Kunsan, forecast to head northeast across Korean peninsula through mid-day Sunday.

Tropical Depression 04W (EgayPH), # 9 FINAL

Warning signals lifted, Egay downgraded to low-pressure area, showing signs of dissipating within the next day or so.

94W Invest FINAL

94W Invest passes east and heads north away from Okinawa; Sasebo, Iwakuni brace for heavy rain Thursday.

US bases on Okinawa enter seasonal TCCOR 4

Declaration of TCCOR 4 signals the start of the northwest Pacific’s typhoon season.

Typhoon season primer for those new to the Pacific

Preparation and communication are two major keys to remaining safe during typhoons.

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