Pacific Storm Tracker

Marcus batters Darwin, and the Marine Rotational Force, with 80-mph gusts and heavy rain.

Pacific Storm Tracker

Tropical Depression 02W (Sanba), # 16 FINAL

Sanba remains a weak tropical depression, headed toward southern Palawan.

Tropical Depression 01W, # 7 FINAL

01W exits Palawan, heads out over South China Sea, peaks at 35-mph sustained winds.

Tropical Storm 33W (Tembin), # 14 FINAL

Tembin downgraded to tropical storm; forecast track drifts south of Ho Chi Minh City.

Tropical Depression 32W (Kai-tak), # 16 FINAL

Kai-tak forecast to die out over South China Sea; 97W downgraded to "low" area.


US bases on Okinawa enter TCCOR All Clear

All Clear signals the end of typhoon season for northwest Pacific.

Tropical Depression 30W, #4 FINAL

All cyclone warning signals canceled for Philippines.

Pacific Storm Tracker

Tropical Storm 27W (Saola), # 35 FINAL

Saola exiting the Tokyo-Kanto Plain area, warnings at Yokosuka to expire soon.


Typhoon 25W (Lan), # 40 FINAL: CFAY in TCCOR 1-R

Winds of 58-mph or greater have subsided; staff civil crews out surveying damage; stay indoors!

Typhoon 24W (Khanun), # 7 FINAL

Khanun moves away from Hong Kong, forecast to arc south, make landfall over Vietnam as a tropical depression.

Tropical Storm 21W (Doksuri), #5 FINAL

Doksuri leaving Philippines' area of responsibility, Signal 1 canceled.

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