Pacific Storm Tracker

All Kanto Plain bases enter all clear, Hagibis accelerates and gives Misawa a rainy, gusty Sunday morning as it moves back out to sea.

Tropical Storm 19W (Mitag), # 23 FINAL

Mitag transitioning to sub-tropical low, forecast to pass 130 miles south of Misawa Air Base late Friday.

Tropical Storm 18W (Tapah), # 28: Chinhae all clear FINAL

Fleet Activities Chinhae directs all clear at 8:30 a.m. Monday; Misawa next.

Tropical Depression 17W (Peipah), # 4 FINAL

Joint Typhoon Warning Center issues final warning on fading TD Peipah.


Typhoon 14W (Faxai), # 33 FINAL

U.S. bases in Kanto Plain in process of directing all clear as Typhoon Faxai moves northeast out of Tokyo area.

Typhoon 15W (Lingling), #24 FINAL

Shelter in place order for Yongsan lifted, cleanup begins from rough Saturday.

Tropical Storm 13W (Podul), # 6 FINAL

Podul exits Philippines area of responsibility, increases forward speed west-northwest toward forecast landfall in Vietnam early Friday morning.

Tropical Storm 12W (Bailu), #14 FINAL

Bailu makes landfall over southeastern China, forecast to dissipate inland after passing 200 miles northeast of Hong Kong Sunday afternoon.

Tropical Storm 11W (Krosa), #28 FINAL

Krosa passes MCAS Iwakuni mid-afternoon Thursday, making its way across Honshu toward Sea of Japan.

Typhoon 10W (Lekima), # 30 FINAL

Lekima makes its way inland, headed just west of Shanghai and continuing north toward the Gulf of Pohai in northeast China.

Tropical Storm 09W (Francisco), # 23 FINAL

Francisco continues moving north away from Pusan, set to exit land and push out over Sea of Japan.

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