Pacific Storm Tracker

JMA calls Tropical Stornm Gaemi a "once in 50 years" type of storm.

Tropical Storm 07W, #6: Okinawa bases resume TCCOR 4

Tropical Storm 07W has moved east of Okinawa and is no longer considered a threat.

Tropical Storm 06W (Maliksi), # 13 FINAL

Maliksi continues gradually diminishing, remains well off-shore as it passés southeast of Tokyo.

Pacific Storm Tracker

Tropical Storm 05W (Ewiniar), # 14

JTWC issues final warning on Ewiniar; Signal 3 remains raised for Hong Kong; still eyeing disturbance near Philippines.

Okinawa sets seasonal TCCOR 4 on June 1

U.S. bases on Okinawa remain in seasonal condition through Nov. 30 as conditions remain ripe for storms to form any time.

Typhoon season primer for those new to the Pacific

Preparation, communication are key to survival during typhoons, whether one is a long-timer or a newcomer.

pacific storm tracker

Tropical Cyclone 15S (Marcus), # 1

Marcus batters Darwin, and the Marine Rotational Force, with 80-mph gusts and heavy rain.

Pacific Storm Tracker

Tropical Depression 02W (Sanba), # 16 FINAL

Sanba remains a weak tropical depression, headed toward southern Palawan.

Tropical Depression 01W, # 7 FINAL

01W exits Palawan, heads out over South China Sea, peaks at 35-mph sustained winds.

Tropical Storm 33W (Tembin), # 14 FINAL

Tembin downgraded to tropical storm; forecast track drifts south of Ho Chi Minh City.

Tropical Depression 32W (Kai-tak), # 16 FINAL

Kai-tak forecast to die out over South China Sea; 97W downgraded to "low" area.

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