Pacific Storm Tracker

Preparation and communication are most vital links to staying safe during tropical cyclones.

Tropical Depression 02W, # 2 FINAL

Tropical Depression 02W to cross central Philippines, making for wet, windy weekend.

Tropical Cyclone 10S (Blanche), # 2 FINAL

Blanche forecast to head inland southwest of Darwin, dissipate near Australia’s northwest coast.


Typhoon 30W (Nock-Ten), #20 FINAL

Nock-Ten hanging onto typhoon status, has exited the Philippines into South China Sea.

Typhoon season coming to an end

TCCOR All Clear to be set for U.S. bases on Okinawa on Dec. 1, marking the end of the northwest Pacific typhoon season.

Tropical Depressions 27W (Ma-on), 28W, # 2 FINAL

Both Ma-an and unnamed 28W diminishing; 28W could regenerate, but not for a couple of days.

Typhoon 26W (Meari), # 4

Meari’s projected peak winds approaching super-typhoon strength; still far away from land.

Typhoon 25W (Haima), #5

Revised forecast projects Haima to peak at just below super-typhoon strength.

Typhoon 24W (Sarika) #11

Sarika rumbles well out into South China Sea, heads toward Vietnam with all its flooding.

Tropical Storm 22W (Aere), # 6 FINAL

Aere still meandering east of Hong Kong, forecast to die off as it heads southwest.

Tropical Storm 21W (Chaba), #47 FINAL

Chaba downgraded to tropical storm; Misawa could get winds, rain from remnants.

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