Summer at the movies


Summer kicks off early at the box office – and stays strong with hot releases through the end of August. Stay up to date with Stars and Stripes on all the movies heating up screens, including the latest news and reviews. And find out what we’re excited to see with our round up of movies.


Five lessons learned from the summer's box office hits and misses

As Hollywood's summer movie season winds down over Labor Day weekend, the box office results can be summed up in one word every studio executive wants to hear: up. But a season that saw more than its share of surprise hits also had a handful of surprise misses -- and proved the only reliable trend is the bankability of superhero blockbusters. Here's a look at five lessons learned from the biggest flubs and triumphs of the season.

John Cho was 'Searching' for movie making answers

There was a very big reason John Cho initially balked at the offer to star in “Searching,” the story of a father forced to dive deep into the online world to search for clues to the disappearance of his teenage daughter. He liked the story and even the fact that that first-time director, Aneesh Chaganty, shared a deep connection to the Bay area. The character was interesting and really touched him on a personal level.

'Crazy Rich Asians' dominates the box office, makes history for representation

Warner Bros.' highly anticipated "Crazy Rich Asians" dominated the box office this weekend, making history for Asian-American representation and becoming the highest-opening romantic comedy since 2015's "Trainwreck."

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Movies on base through March 4

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