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Feds: Too many career-training programs, for-profit schools leaving grads saddled with debt

Nearly a thousand career-training programs at for-profit colleges are leaving graduates saddled with debt that exceeds 12 percent of their total earnings, putting the schools at risk of losing access to federal loans and grants, the Education Department said in a report released Monday.

For-profit college students make a last-ditch attempt at faster debt relief

A coalition of people who say they were defrauded by Corinthian Colleges, ITT Technical Institutes, Art Institutes and other for-profit colleges are urging the Obama administration to cancel their debt before Donald Trump takes office.

Stanford class challenges grads to pick defense over Google

Stanford's engineering school offers Hacking for Defense. The course aims to harness the speed and flexibility of Silicon Valley innovation to help solve some of the most urgent and complex challenges confronting the country's defense and intelligence agencies.

DOD says ‘crappy’ process led to University of Phoenix probation

The Defense Department said Tuesday that communication failures played a part in its decision to put the University of Phoenix on probation in 2015 for violations related to base access and challenge coins.