Pacific Storm Tracker

TCCOR All Clear to be set for U.S. bases on Okinawa on Dec. 1, marking the end of the northwest Pacific typhoon season.

Tropical Depressions 27W (Ma-on), 28W, # 2 FINAL

Both Ma-an and unnamed 28W diminishing; 28W could regenerate, but not for a couple of days.

Typhoon 26W (Meari), # 4

Meari’s projected peak winds approaching super-typhoon strength; still far away from land.

Typhoon 25W (Haima), #5

Revised forecast projects Haima to peak at just below super-typhoon strength.

Typhoon 24W (Sarika) #11

Sarika rumbles well out into South China Sea, heads toward Vietnam with all its flooding.

Tropical Storm 22W (Aere), # 6 FINAL

Aere still meandering east of Hong Kong, forecast to die off as it heads southwest.

Tropical Storm 21W (Chaba), #47 FINAL

Chaba downgraded to tropical storm; Misawa could get winds, rain from remnants.

Typhoon 20W (Megi), #15 FINAL

Megi makes secondary landfall over southeast China coast; at least four dead, 375 injured.


Tropical Depression 18W (Malakas), #37 FINAL

Malakas exits Kanto Plain as tropical depression, dying out over northwest Pacific.


Typhoon 16W (Meranti), #21

Meranti downgraded from super-typhoon status, making its way toward landfall over China.

Wet, gusty Thursday in store for Tokyo

Hybrid storm bears down on Tokyo-Kanto Plain a day after battering Okinawa with gusts, heavy rain.

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