Pacific Storm Tracker

Chaba upgraded to tropical storm; still headed toward Okinawa; models remain uncertain.

Typhoon 20W (Megi), #15 FINAL

Megi makes secondary landfall over southeast China coast; at least four dead, 375 injured.


Tropical Depression 18W (Malakas), #37 FINAL

Malakas exits Kanto Plain as tropical depression, dying out over northwest Pacific.


Typhoon 16W (Meranti), #21

Meranti downgraded from super-typhoon status, making its way toward landfall over China.

Wet, gusty Thursday in store for Tokyo

Hybrid storm bears down on Tokyo-Kanto Plain a day after battering Okinawa with gusts, heavy rain.

Tropical Storm 15W (Namtheun), #15 FINAL

Namtheun burrows inland over Kyushu, rapidly diminishing as it goes.

Tropical Storm 13W (Lester), # 18 Final

Lester downgraded to tropical storm, continues churning northwest and away from Hawaii.

Tropical Storm 12W (Lionrock), #45 (FINAL)

Threat of destructive winds ends for Misawa; Lionrock on course to die out over Manchuria.

Tropical Depression 10W (Mindulle) FINAL

Mindulle downgraded to tropical depression; Yokota still faces power issues.