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K-Town Traffic

Road access to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center will not be available via the Landstuhl-Atzel exit on A62 or L470 (Langwiedener Strasse) from Landstuhl due to construction from July 4 to Sept. 20. Access will only be possible from A62 via the L470 (Landstuhl-West exit) or via L465 from the west.
Police speed cameras are on highway B 270 in Steinalben today, the police said.
Police speed cameras today are posted along route B420 near Kusel-Bledesbach, Kaiserslautern police announced online.
Kaiserlautern police continue to crack down on speeding motorcycles. Patrols carried out speed checks along Route B48 on Sunday, a forest route south of Kaiserslautern popular with cyclists for its curves. From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. officers scrutinized traffic in a 50 kph zone. Out of 100 measured vehicles, 11 drivers were speeding, including six cars and five motorcycles. Seven drivers got away with warnings, but four drivers have to reckon with written tickets because they clearly exceeded the speed limit, police said. Two bikers passed the patrol at 111 kph, the second at 140 kph — almost three times as fast as allowed. Three additional warnings were issued for not having registration or licensing documentation.
Speed cameras today are posted on B37 in Kaiserslautern, police announced via Twitter.
Vogelweh Family Housing Gate (Gate-8) will be closed Thursday, June 23, from about 7:30 a.m. to noon for routine maintenance, the 569th U.S. Forces Police Squadron announced today. Drivers should enter and exit through Gate-9, located on B-270 and 4th Avenue.
A trial in the murder of two German police officers in Kusel began at 9 a.m. today in Kaiserslautern District Court. A total of 14 dates are planned through Sept. 9, according to the court. Spiesen-Elversberg resident Andreas Johannes Schmitt, 39, is accused of killing the officers during a traffic stop near the U.S. Army installation in Baumholder on Jan. 31 to avoid arrest on suspicion of poaching. Schmitt’s alleged accomplice, a 33-year-old man identified only as Florian V., is also being tried for poaching and obstruction of justice. Read more here.
Kleber Kaserne’s Clock Tower Gate (Gate 3) will be closed this week. All incoming and outgoing traffic will need to use the installation’s main gate (Gate 4), according to U.S. Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz.
Speed cameras today are posted along B270, near Schopp, south of Kaiserslautern, police announced via Twitter.
An American driver is facing hefty fines and a driving suspension for speeding and driving recklessly, Kaiserslautern police told K-town Now this morning. The driver caught the attention of a civilian traffic patrol Tuesday evening on the A6 near Einsiedlerhof after clocking 164kph (102 mph) in a 130kph zone. The driver got off the A6 and passed several vehicles on the right side, reaching 115 kph in a 50 kph zone on Pariser Strasse before being pulled over. The driver did not show his license, but U.S. military police confirmed the 43-year-old driver’s status. He now faces a five-digit fine and a two-month driving ban.
The Kapaun Gate will be closed on Thursday and Sunday, the 569th U.S. Forces Police Squadron said. Thursday is a German holiday. All traffic should enter the post using the Pulaski Gate. At Ramstein Air Base, the LVIS gate will be closed Thursday and reopen June 20, according to base officials.
An accident on A6 blocked the highway between Ramstein-Miesenbach and Einsiedlerhof in the direction of Mannheim,  according to police. In separate traffic news, police speed cameras are placed along the A62 near Quirnbach.
Two outbound lanes at Ramstein’s West gate will temporarily close for construction June 27-July 1. Plans call for the installation of electronic drop-arms, new traffic lights and concrete speed tables to encourage lower speeds. During construction, traffic will be limited to one inbound and one outbound lane.
Police speed cameras are posted along A63 near Lohnsfeld, Kaiserslautern police announced this morning.
Speed cameras are on autobahn A6 near Kaiserslautern today, the police tweeted this morning.
Speed cameras are set up in Lohnsfeld today, the police tweeted this morning.
An automatic speed camera enforces the speed limit on a German roadside. Higher fines for speeding and illegal parking will take effect in Germany in November. Failure to build an emergency lane, or driving through an emergency lane will get your license suspended for a month plus a fine.
Speed cameras are on highway B420 near Kusel-Bledesbach today, the police tweeted this morning 
The LVIS gate at Ramstein Air Base is closed to privately owned vehicles Tuesday and Wednesday, according to the 86th Security Forces Squadron.  Drivers should use the new Rhine Ordnance Barracks Medical Center gate or the West gate.
An update to traffic pattern changes for Panzer Kaserne: Coming from autobahn A6, drivers can now make a left at the traffic light at the bottom of the hill going toward Panzer Kaserne. Leaving Panzer, motorists can now make a left out of the gate to go back toward A6 or downtown Kaiserslautern. Mannheimer Strasse is now one-lane traffic traveling both directions.
Speed cameras are set up today on highway B10 at Pirmasens, police tweeted this morning.
Road construction on Mannheimer Strasse will affect access to Kleber and Panzer kasernes this week, according to USAG Rheinland-Pfalz. Panzer Gate 17 will be the entrance and exit for Panzer Kaserne. Motorists coming from A6 must turn right at the bottom of the hill, across from the fire station, onto Mannheimer Strasse and do a U-Turn at the next light. Keep straight and pass Panzer main gate to proceed to Gate 17. Two forms of ID will be needed to enter. Kleber’s main entrance, Gate 4, remains open, except motorists must also turn right at the light at the bottom of the hill, then take a left at the next light to proceed to Gate 4.
Pulaski gate near the commissary and shoppette is currently closed. All traffic will be required to enter and exit via Pulaski main or Kapaun gates.
Police speed cameras are posted along the country road L495 in Landstuhl and routes B420 in Kusel and B37 in Kaiserslautern, the department announced this morning.
Highway 63 between Kaiserslautern and Sembach has reopened for traffic. A high-pressure gas leak shut down the roadway and areas around a waste disposal company around 9:30 a.m. this morning. Police reported 80 to 100 employees of the company were evacuated. There were no injuries, police reported.
Autobahn A63 is closed in both directions between Kaiserslautern-Centrum and Sembach. Gas is escaping at a waste disposal company in Mehlingen, police tweeted. Local road 401 between Kaiserslautern and Sembach is also closed. Police are asking people to avoid the area.
Speed cameras are posted along highway B270 in Kaiserslautern, autobahns A62 at Quirnbach and A8 near Zweibrucken, and district road K36 in Ruppertsweiler, police said this morning.
Celebrate the Ramstein High School Class of 2022 as it holds a parade featuring decorated cars tonight between 4 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Base officials are asking drivers to plan accordingly to avoid traffic delays during the procession along Kisling Memorial Drive.
Kaiserslautern speed cameras are posted along highway L502, police said this morning.
Kleber Kaserne’s Clock Tower gate will be closed for repair until Friday. All incoming and outgoing traffic will come through the main gate on Salingstrasse. At Sembach, the right side of the gate going toward the fuel station is also closed for repairs until Friday. The left side of the gate will be open for all inbound and outbound traffic.
Kaiserslautern High School will celebrate its seniors today from 5 to 7:30 p.m. A graduation car parade may cause traffic delays on Vogelweh and Pulaski installations during this time, according to Ramstein Air Base Public Affairs.

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