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Author Peter Mayle is shown in 1997. "My Twenty-Five Years in Provence," a posthumously published collection of essays by Mayle, who died in January, takes readers back to the idyllic, slow-paced world of cafes, sunshine and an Englishman trying to make sense of culture in the south of France that he first explored in his charming 1989 memoir "A Year in Provence."<br>AP

Last words: The late Peter Mayle’s 'My 25 Years in Provence'

A new, posthumously published collection of essays by Peter Mayle takes readers back to the idyllic, slow-paced and occasionally befuddling world that Mayle first wrote about in his best-selling memoir “A Year in Provence.”

In the south of France, a city is still ruled by ancient Rome

A funny thing happened on the way to the Airbnb. As we dragged our suitcases along the cobblestones in the southern French city of Nimes, we saw a gladiator on a cellphone. The helmet-wearing warrior, looking straight out of ancient Rome, winked at my kids and kept marching toward the amphitheater.

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Visiting American WWI sites a century after conflict ended

A century after World War I, you can visit the places where the Americans fought and died. The landscape is still pockmarked with craters from artillery shells. Monuments honor those who fought. And white marble crosses and Stars of David, in well-groomed cemeteries, mark where many of those killed still rest.

In Slovenia, a ski and a swim make an unusual pairing

As an American expat happily living in Slovenia for many years, I love exploring my adopted country and looking, more deeply than perhaps even locals do, into what makes it such a wonderful place to visit and reside. One line I hear frequently, and which guidebooks like to boast about, is that the country is so compact, with such a diversity of terrain, that you can ski in the morning and swim in the ocean in the afternoon. Would it be any fun? Only one way to find out.

Forget spritzes, shopping and fancy hotels. The best part of Lake Como is being on it.

“Mom! Do you have the permit?? WHERE IS THE PERMIT???” I yelled above the engine of our custom Cantiere Ernesto Riva motorboat while zooming along Italy’s Lake Como. I had just gotten comfortable in my captain’s perch. Then, a gust seemed to sweep away the paperwork required for taking out this stunner of a boat, at a whopping $190 an hour.

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Italian Style Pizza & Pasta out to defy the eatery odds in Kaiserslautern

Studies indicate that more than half of new restaurants fail within the first three years of opening. At a certain area in Kaiserslautern, that figure is closer to 100 percent. The unassuming spot on Steinstrasse has played host to a number of shuttered ventures, including recent attempts at slinging burritos and hot dogs. A new entry is now trying its hand in the difficult space: Italian Style Pizza & Pasta, an unambiguously named purveyor of Italian-style pizza and pasta.


Festivals and events, July 2018

Here is a sampling of July events in Europe. It's wise to confirm dates and times with a local tourism board before traveling in case of cancellations.

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