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The huge poster adorning the facade of the Historical Museum of the Palatinate in Speyer, Germany, announcing the exhibit ''Richard Lionheart King – Knight – Prisoner.'' An exhibit about Robin Hood opens in November at the museum.<br>Michael Abrams/Stars and Stripes

Exhibit in Speyer, Germany, tells true tale of Richard the Lionheart of ‘Robin Hood’ fame

Historical Museum of the Palatinate's display covers the details of King Richard I’s life and legend with more than 150 objects borrowed from renowned museums, libraries and even the queen of England.


Irish town hosts the love-hungry at annual matchmaking fest

As many as 60,000 people will come to this corner of southwest Ireland for an annual singles soiree that has been going on for 150 years.

$30 million amusement park makeover brings tourists back to England’s Margate

I came back to the playground of my youth, Dreamland, because it reopened in May after a $30 million refurbishment. Would it live up to my memories?


A hot destination: Radioactive Ukraine

Every day, a handful of travel companies ferry mostly foreigners to Chernobyl's 19-mile "exclusion zone" to witness the remnants of the former Soviet Union's missile program.

First-time walkers find exhilaration amid soggy Scottish paths

Scotland has more than two dozen official long-distance trails through moors, peat bogs and forests. We chose one of the most popular, the West Highland Way.

europe quick trips

Europe Quick Trips

Worms museum features Germany’s Neolithic, Roman and medieval periods

Set in a former church and monastery built around the 12th century, the Worms City Museum is the perfect place to spend a few hours learning some interesting facts about Germany’s ancient and medieval history.

festivals and events

Festivals & events, September, 2017

Temperatures should begin to cool from this scorcher of a summer, but the things-to-do list remains hot. Here's a sampling of what's on in Europe.

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