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Families enjoy Piazza Navona's Christmas market.  <br>Rick Steves

There's no place like Rome for the holidays

I find the holiday season in Rome a joy: crisp air, stylish big-city Italians sipping hot cappuccino in corner cafes, and hurried shoppers thoughtfully pausing at grand manger scenes. The season in the Italian capital stretches for more than a month — not to maximize shopping days, but to fit in the season’s many holy days.

Double identity: Strasbourg is French, but it's German, too

Strasbourg is the capital of France’s Alsace region and just a two-hour train ride from Paris. But it’s also just 2 miles from the border of Germany, and a popular port of call for cruises down the Rhine River.

Rural Romania: A land that time forgot

Romania is full of surprises and wonderful people. And as you leave the capital of Bucharest, it gets even better. In the Romanian countryside, the nation’s unique history and traditional culture live on vividly.

Travel among epochs while roaming in Rome

Within Rome's ancient walls, just 12 miles around, lie many of the city’s iconic gems: the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain. We walked nearly everywhere, moving between epochs in a matter of minutes.

Luther's moment approaches: Oct. 31 marks 500th anniversary of Protestant Reformation

For the world’s roughly 800 million Protestants, a small corner of eastern Germany is their spiritual home — a place that takes on added importance this year, the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

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Pasta dish disappoints at Pizzeria Ristorante Da Enzo in Otterbach

The menu promised shrimp cooked in a sauce of white wine, anchovies and chilli flakes. What I got was a handful of salty salad shrimp thrown on top of a minuscule pile of pasta cooked or at least reheated in olive oil. Not worth the 9.50 euros.

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Festivals & events, November 2017

As winter approaches, events in Europe are still sizzling. Here's a sampling of what's on for Nov. 2017.

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Cheap fares with Kiwi.com

Ready to board a plane at the drop of the hat, with or without a fixed destination in mind? Would-be travelers wishing to check out their options might want to visit Kiwi.com, a global online travel agency.

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