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Each day we hiked on a variety of trails, including wide, grassy paths and narrow rocky trails. <br>Doug Hansen, San Diego Union-Tribune/TNS

Tour company helps hikers go it alone, with local support, along Spanish coast

Serendipity — an unexpected delight — is the word that comes to mind when describing the seven-day hike my wife and I recently did in the wild and undeveloped northwest coast of Galicia, Spain. Simply put, anyone who is adventurous, loves traveling to Europe and is fit enough to do 10-mile hikes should seriously consider doing this hike.

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Sibiu, Romania: On the vampire trail to Dracula’s castle — and so much more

Sibiu is the place to start a journey through Transylvania, but there’s plenty more to discover wandering through the city.

In Seville, Spain, young chefs are creating the next generation of tapas

The first time I encountered tapas, I was 6 and didn't like them. My head was level with a huge wooden bar, and all I could see was a school of shiny silvery fish languishing near slices of bread. I've grown some since then; my head clears the bar most days. Meanwhile, tapas have become an international phenomenon.

In the south of France, a city is still ruled by ancient Rome

A funny thing happened on the way to the Airbnb. As we dragged our suitcases along the cobblestones in the southern French city of Nimes, we saw a gladiator on a cellphone. The helmet-wearing warrior, looking straight out of ancient Rome, winked at my kids and kept marching toward the amphitheater.

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Visiting American WWI sites a century after conflict ended

A century after World War I, you can visit the places where the Americans fought and died. The landscape is still pockmarked with craters from artillery shells. Monuments honor those who fought. And white marble crosses and Stars of David, in well-groomed cemeteries, mark where many of those killed still rest.

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Cardinale Ristorante serves delicious food in cozy, romantic cellar in Kaiserslautern

Cardinale Ristorante, located in downtown Kaiserslautern, boasts a cozy, romantic dining room with a curved stone ceiling and a history dating back half a millennium.


Festivals and events, August 2018

Here is a sampling of August events in Europe. It's wise to confirm dates and times with a local tourism board before traveling in case of cancellations.

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