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The Groenplaats or 'Green Place', one of Antwerp's most prominent squares, is located in the heart of the city's historic district, near the cathedral. Not as green as its name suggests, the Groenplaats is a square bordered mainly by cafes. The cafe terraces are very popular with both tourists and locals and are a great place to try some of the many specialty beers.<br>Courtesy of belgium-tourism.be

Antwerp: This Belgian port city offers diamonds, ale and chocolate

Antwerp is a diverse and cosmopolitan port city, one that wouldn’t exist were it not for the sluggish, slate-gray river Scheldt. “All an Antwerper has to do to connect with the rest of the world is simply dip his hand into the Scheldt’s water,” former Antwerp mayor Lode Craeybeckx once said.

Cornwall's craggy coast and lovely moors may sweep you away

This small peninsula rewards the intrepid traveler. In long expanses, it’s little changed from the Iron Age, when fields were squared off by low stone outlines, which you still can make out on green hillsides by the sea. In fact, it’s only the occasional ruined tin mine that interrupts vast mosaics of heather and gorse, stretching from the coast roads to rocky cliffs.

Portugal's Schist Villages become a haven of eco-friendly travel

Ferraria de Sao Joao and 26 other rural villages built wholly or partly of schist are now part of the Aldeias do Xisto (Schist Villages), an eco-tourism complex located in a mountainous region of Portugal’s interior that is geologically rich in this metamorphic rock.

Edinburgh begs to be discovered

In truth, Edinburgh has many faces. You might start your day researching the city’s (sometimes bloody) past, move on to a wind-swept hike of green hills and finish up with a plunge into the lively dining and bar-hopping scene.

Charming Irish town boasts a toe-tapping pub music scene

Dingle is known for its pubs. Dick Mack’s has a walk of fame outside that lists the celebrities who’ve visited, among them Dolly Parton. Foxy John’s, a beloved spot, houses an old-fashioned hardware store and a bike rental business on the premises along with the classic pub.

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Trendy Stuttgart bar mixes a good drink, but at a price

I walked by it a couple times before realizing this was the spot, home to Le Petit Coq, a trendy bar whose nondescript facade gives the illusion of word-of-mouth exclusivity.

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Tours by on-base agencies, April 21, 2017

Base tours offer an easy way to see Europe with other members of the military community. Here is a sampling of trips scheduled as of April 21, 2017.

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