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At Lalola Taberna Gourmet, an amuse-bouche comes in a star, which holds carrots dusted with cumin. Chef Javier Abascal enjoys playing with the actual plates for his tapas as much as the ingredients.<br>Sylvie Bigar/For The Washington Post

In Seville, Spain, young chefs are creating the next generation of tapas

The first time I encountered tapas, I was 6 and didn't like them. My head was level with a huge wooden bar, and all I could see was a school of shiny silvery fish languishing near slices of bread. I've grown some since then; my head clears the bar most days. Meanwhile, tapas have become an international phenomenon.

In Slovenia, a ski and a swim make an unusual pairing

As an American expat happily living in Slovenia for many years, I love exploring my adopted country and looking, more deeply than perhaps even locals do, into what makes it such a wonderful place to visit and reside. One line I hear frequently, and which guidebooks like to boast about, is that the country is so compact, with such a diversity of terrain, that you can ski in the morning and swim in the ocean in the afternoon. Would it be any fun? Only one way to find out.

Forget spritzes, shopping and fancy hotels. The best part of Lake Como is being on it.

“Mom! Do you have the permit?? WHERE IS THE PERMIT???” I yelled above the engine of our custom Cantiere Ernesto Riva motorboat while zooming along Italy’s Lake Como. I had just gotten comfortable in my captain’s perch. Then, a gust seemed to sweep away the paperwork required for taking out this stunner of a boat, at a whopping $190 an hour.

You ate what?! A fearless foodie’s foray into the bouchons of Lyon

Andrew picks up his beer and leans back against the red banquette seating at Le Romarin, a tiny bistro-bar in the heart of Lyon. Over the next 48 hours, we’re planning to eat our way across this famously gastronomic city, but something is worrying him. “I’m looking forward to the wine,” he says. “I’m looking forward to the cheese. I’m just not sure about the innards.” Most people would see his point. Not me. I love offal.

The next ferry you board might run on batteries

Not far from Norway’s North Sea oil rigs, shipbuilders are assembling some of the first ferry boats ever to be powered entirely by batteries.

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Chicken Kokio offers delicious, convenient takeaway items in Wiesbaden

Located just around the corner from Wiesbaden’s Crestview housing area and a short walk or drive away from Aukamm and Hainerberg, Chicken Kokio is a delicious and convenient way to avoid cooking and doing dishes on busy weekday evenings.


Festivals and events, June 2018

Here is a sampling of June events in Europe. It's wise to confirm dates and times with a local tourism board before traveling in case of cancellations.

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