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Detail of "The Milkmaid" by Johannes Vermeer. The work is among 12 of the Dutch master's paintings in the Louvre exhibition titled "Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting." The show presents the largest such collection of the old master's work in Europe in almost two decades.<br>Associated Press

Louvre exhibit shows Vermeer was both a revolutionary and a borrower

Vermeer, the unique jewel in Dutch painting's crown, copied ideas from his contemporaries like every other artist, argues a new major exhibit at the Louvre Museum.

Italy's San Gimignano is a powerful, towerful town

San Gimignano is the epitome of a Tuscan hill town. About 25 miles from both Florence and Siena, it’s the region’s glamour girl: Visually striking and perfectly preserved, it gets all the fawning attention from passing tour buses. But despite its tourist-trap feel, it’s still worth slotting into your Italian itinerary — especially if you can sidestep the hordes who descend during the day.

Athens in winter: See timeless sites without the heat and crowds

As a seaside metropolis with a lively outdoor vibe and dozens of picturesque islands beckoning nearby, Athens is more often considered a summer tourist destination than a winter escape. But if you’ve got more than beaches on your mind, there’s plenty of upside to a brief, cool visit that avoids the crowds and heat of summer.

A new plan would make getting to Stonehenge easier. It may also ruin it

A a $2.4 billion plan to construct a two-mile tunnel underneath Stonehenge and widen the nearby highway has the support of English Heritage and UNESCO. But it has infuriated archaeologists who worry that the construction will destroy vital heritage.

Distill your whisky knowledge in Speyside, Scotland’s single-malt capital

Forget the three Rs. I went to Speyside, Scotland’s “single-malt capital of the world,” to brush up on the three Ws: whisky, wool and walking.

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It's bright lights, big parties and east African cuisine at Safari Restaurant in Kaiserslautern

Safari Restaurant is not exactly the place for a soigne dinner a deux. The lights are bright. The food is eaten either with hands or a spoon. The beer comes in a bowl.

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