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An undated photo of dancer "Mata Hari." <br>Virginia Mayo/AP

Villian or victim? Mata Hari still eludes definition

A century ago on Sunday, an exotic dancer named Mata Hari was executed by a French firing squad, condemned as a sultry Dutch double agent who supposedly caused the deaths of thousands of soldiers during World War I.

Edinburgh's alleys hold a trove of historical treasure

In long-ago days, this venerable town became known — oddly, affectionately — as “Auld Reekie.” It’s believed the nickname came, in part, from the smell generated as residents of yesteryear greeted each new day by opening their windows and flinging the contents of their chamber pots into the street below. This was before indoor plumbing — if you get my drift.

Birmingham museum and gallery offers a world-class collection

I recently spent a peaceful afternoon at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, marveling at its impressive collection of art and artifacts, many of international importance.

Europe Travel

Exhibit in Speyer, Germany, tells true tale of Richard the Lionheart of ‘Robin Hood’ fame

Historical Museum of the Palatinate's display covers the details of King Richard I’s life and legend with more than 150 objects borrowed from renowned museums, libraries and even the queen of England.

In France’s Dordogne region, a land of castles and caves calls for deep exploration

When our children were 11 and 9, young enough to still be entirely inside the family circle but old enough to remember, we splurged on a “once-in-a-lifetime vacation” and rented a small farmhouse in Southwestern France outside the village of Saint-Cyprien. Each day, our son and daughter would say goodbye to the donkey that hung around our patio and we’d climb in the tiny rented Renault and drive somewhere in the fairy tale-beautiful Dordogne River region.

europe quick trips

europe quick trips

Merano, Italy, combines German precision with Italian flair

It’s easy to mistake Merano, Italy, for a German mountain town, where the buses run on time, the garbage is in a can and the miens of the locals tend toward the dour despite being surrounded by the spectacular. Here, you can have your pizza and your apple strudel, too.

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Spinnraedl in Kaiserslautern excels in the meaty dishes of the Rheinland-Pfalz

Spinnraedl seems to be the place to go in Kaiserslautern if you’re not just craving something German but rather something from the Pfalz, a largely rural region of southwestern Germany.

festivals and events

Festivals & events, October 2017

Temperatures are cool but the events in Europe are still hot! Here's a sampling of what's planned.

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