Coast Guard

Paddlers who use the Potomac River near President Donald Trump's Loudoun County, Virginia, golf course filed a federal lawsuit Thursday morning to try to reverse a policy that closes a two-mile stretch of the river when the president is playing golf.

Coast Guard helicopter: Eyes in the skies search for Florence victims on the ground

From hundreds of feet in the air, the U.S. Coast Guard helicopter spots boats navigating through large swaths of water. The tops of roofs are the only sign that the area in Brunswick County is a neighborhood instead of a river.

A bright light in a storm. Coast Guard crew offers relief from Florence with different kind of rescue

Chief Petty Officer Steve Kelly does the cabbage patch in the front seat of his lifted Ford pickup. "Who let the dogs out?" he sings as he swings his arms in a circle. "Coast Guard, Coast Guard." The other members of his Coast Guard team from Kentucky laugh or roll their eyes in embarrassment.

Six tons of seized cocaine, worth $170 million, arrives at Port Everglades

The Coast Guard Cutters Tahoma, Tampa and Seneca intercepted the six suspected smuggling vessels between late July and August in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Search-and-rescue, FedEx and pet whisperer: Coast Guard works to evacuate NC town

What was once Hurricane Florence has been plodding across North Carolina, turning cities into islands. The new landscape has pressed the Coast Guard, operating here many miles from the coast, into a combination of search and rescue service, FedEx and pet whisperer.

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