Coast Guard

Coast Guard commandant sounds the alarm about an aging fleet

The Coast Guard is "approaching a tipping point" when it comes to maintaining a service that can respond in times of need, the service's top officer said Thursday, requesting more money from Congress and highlighting a backlog of projects that has stacked up for years.

With more focus on the southern border, US officials see a rise in migrants at sea

The Trump administration's focus on the southern border has closed some gaps in immigration enforcement but expanded a challenging problem, law enforcement officials in San Diego said Wednesday: undocumented immigrants sneaking into California by sea.


Coast Guard helps rescue unconscious man from cruise ship

The Coast Guard has come to the rescue of a man who was found unconscious aboard a cruise ship off the southern New Jersey coast.

Coast Guardsmen in Bahrain share ‘ship-in-a-box’ with Navy, partners in Middle East

The full-scale fishing vessel inside a warehouse has become a key training tool in efforts to combat threats in Middle East waters, such as drug trafficking that funds extremists in places like Afghanistan.

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