Coast Guard

John Kelly said he believes the current security levels at U.S. shipping ports is adequate, but his agency must continue to research new technology to keep up with changing threats.

House backs road in remote Alaska wildlife refuge

Proponents of the road noted that at least 19 people have died as a result of plane crashes or waiting to be medically evacuated. In the past three years, at least 55 people have required medical evacuations, many of which required Coast Guard services, costing taxpayers up to $30,000 per trip.

Research ships find Alaska crab boat that sank in Bering Sea

The Coast Guard Cutter Healy will use a remotely operated vehicle to investigate the wreckage and a Coast Guard Marine Board of Investigation will conduct a hearing on the sinking.

California rescuers free humpback snagged by fishing anchors

A rescue team that included members of the state's whale-entanglement teams, fishermen, academics, marine veterinarians and the U.S. Coast Guard unsnagged a whale, after nearly eight hours of cutting off fishing lines, buoys and anchor lines wrapped around the animal.

Coast Guard: missing boater's body found; GPS showed where

The Coast Guard says Mississippi authorities have found the body of a boater whose motorboat grounded without him about 12 miles away.

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