Coast Guard

In the span of three days, a group of third-class cadets went from finishing their first year at the academy remotely from home to boarding the Munro, one of the largest ships in the Coast Guard with a permanent crew of 145 people.

Military bases in Hurricane Sally’s path prepare to ride out storm

Gulf Coast military installations from Mississippi to the Florida Panhandle were bracing Tuesday evening for the impact of slow-moving Hurricane Sally, which forecasters warned could drop record, life-threatening rainfall on the region in the coming days.

US Coast Guard, Navy team up for storm damage assessment in Hampton Roads

The Coast Guard and Navy recently joined forces to assess after-storm damage to Hampton Roads port facilities.

No yelling, fewer dropouts during swab summer at Coast Guard Academy

Coast Guard Academy officials say the more subdued start to the school year might have helped the new cadets better adjust to military life.

Why did a ship overturn off Georgia? Hearings may give answers

The Coast Guard and the National Transportation Safety Board have scheduled hearings in Georgia starting Monday on the South Korean ship Golden Ray, which had just left the Port of Brunswick, on Sept. 8, 2019, when it capsized.

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