Coast Guard

Investigators say Galdino Jose Ruiz-Hernandez was in the water trying to guide the woman through the Brownsville Ship Channel when she was hit by a Coast Guard vessel on patrol.

Coast Guard loosens tattoo restrictions

Reacting to the increasing acceptance and popularity of body art, the Coast Guard has revised its tattoo policy to make it less restrictive.

Cubans found at lighthouse in legal limbo after 6 months at Guantanamo Navy base

The migrants crossed the Florida Straits six months ago and sought refuge on the American Shoal Lighthouse. Later, they drew attention for throwing an SOS off a Coast Guard boat. Those still on base say they feel pressured to return to home.

Mariners warned of icy conditions within the national capital region

The captain of the Port Maryland National-Capital Region set ice condition 3 on Monday because weather conditions are favorable for the formation of ice in navigable waters.

Coast Guard to close port, with restrictions, anticipating more than a foot of snow

A big snowstorm isn’t the only thing bearing down on Virginia's Atlantic coast. About 20 container ships were scheduled to call on the local port this weekend – but some of them apparently are going to have to wait. The Coast Guard said it will close the port, with some restrictions, early Saturday morning, in anticipation of the storm.

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