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Navy spouse Sarah Peets greets a Japanese man and his dog during the recent Miurakaigan Cherry Blossom Festival near Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan.<br>Caitlin Doornbos/Stars and Stripes

Blossoming cherry trees serve as reminder of allies’ colorful history

More than 100 years ago, Japan sent more than 3,000 Japanese cherry trees to Washington. In 1982, that symbol grew even greater meaning.

A region on New Zealand’s North Island is the Southern Hemisphere’s take on Yellowstone

I’d been warned about the stink. It hit me the instant I stepped off the plane in Rotorua: a mix of bad egg and warm sewer gas that has earned this city on New Zealand’s North Island the nickname "Sulphur City" -- or, less kindly, "Rotten-Rua." I sucked in a deep breath and smiled. That subterranean scent meant I would soon be soaking in curative hot springs, smothering my body in primeval goo and exploring a land of burping mud pots, prismatic pools, boiling rivers and shooting geysers.

McDonald’s Japan gives American staple an Italian accent

In the latest “what the heck, Japan?” food pairing, McDonald’s Japan has released another new, limited-time-only product: cheese Bolognese french fries.

Disney family magic wanes in Hong Kong as Macau's lights dazzle

When Chinese tourists choose a family travel destination, Hong Kong Disneyland would seem like a logical choice. But it's the nearby gambling hub of Macau that has all the momentum.

Fiji pride: Where paradise is more than sand and sea

If Fiji was nothing more than sand and sea, palm fronds and flowers, it wouldn’t matter which South Pacific beach resort you visited. Every vacation would be just another ho-hum adventure. But after 15 years and as many visits to this 333-island nation, I’ve got a pretty good idea why each destination promises a unique experience. What’s the secret? It’s the Fijians themselves, proud to be Fijian and proud to show you their country.

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Om restaurant brings taste of the subcontinent to Seoul

India and Nepal have similar but distinct cuisines, so it was a treat to find both under one roof at a restaurant called Om, conveniently located near Seoul’s main Gwanghwamun Square.

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In bloom: 2018 Cherry Blossom Festivals

Places in Japan & South Korea to celebrate the bloom.

Winter Illuminations

Where to get your glow on at light shows and winter illuminations in Japan, Okinawa and South Korea.

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