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Secret Garden lets tourists follow in the footsteps of Korea’s kings and queens

Visitors used to require permission from the king to enter the Secret Garden, a lush park behind the Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul. Now you can book a guided tour online.

The Kingdom of Tonga offers unspoiled beauty, a slow pace and expressive locals

As I stepped off the little boat after 48 hours of travel, I felt a little like Tom Sawyer. Mostly because my family would be staying in a treehouse. But also because the island looked like something out of a storybook.

Maui's Lahaina boasts some of the best attractions in Hawaii

Lahaina is better known for its modern-day touristy souvenir shops and cafes, but a stroll along its waterfront yields a glimpse into Hawaii’s past, from its whaling days to King Kamehameha’s extracurricular activities.

Maui’s heavenly Hana is more than just a road trip

Hana is most famous not on its own merits, but for the coastal road to it, which is a winding, unbelievably gorgeous tropical adventure of two very narrow lanes.

festivals and events

Winter Illuminations

Where to get your glow on at light shows and winter illuminations in Japan, Okinawa and South Korea.

On base activities

A calendar of events on U.S. facilities in the Pacific.

Off base events

A calendar of nearby events of interest to people living on U.S. facilities in the Pacific.

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