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Nirai Kanai, the U.S. Navy Women's Dragon Boat Team, prepares for the race in Naha, Okinawa, Friday, May 5, 2017.<br>Bethany Zunk/Special to Stripes

Spirit of the dragon: Nirai Kanai upholds tough reputation of Navy women’s boat team in 2017

For the past 10 weeks, 35 women of all ages — military, dependents and civilians — united on Okinawa to become the 2017 U.S. Navy Women’s Dragon Boat Team.

Go to Everest base camp — en route to breakfast

In December, chefs from Noma and London’s Ledbury built the world’s highest-altitude pop-up restaurant at Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal.

Kauai: Hanalei Bay casts its spell

Green and lush, the landscape unfurls as you round that final bend and Hanalei Bay comes into view. Craggy volcanic ridges descend to the glistening sea, like a dragon coming to rest, and we are spellbound.

Create a perfect Hawaii beach getaway on Oahu's North Shore

“Could this be more perfect?” My family and I couldn’t stop turning to each other and saying that the first evening of our October vacation as we sat around an umbrella table on our rented beach cottage’s wooden deck, 20 feet from the sand.

Japan's national sport draws on centuries of tradition

A Japanese sumo tournament isn’t all about the fighting. The bouts, in which two very large, nearly naked men try to push each other out of a rope circle or onto the ground, are only a small part of a tradition that dates back almost 2,000 years and is marinated in Japanese culture and ceremony.

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A calendar of events on U.S. facilities in the Pacific.

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A calendar of nearby events of interest to people living on U.S. facilities in the Pacific.

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