Ombudsman columns


Manning and Cartwright: Pardoning a leak, forgiving a lie

Although Pfc. Chelsea Manning’s commuted sentence sucked up most of the press attention, the fact Obama had also commuted the sentence of a man who was once the second-highest-ranking officer in the military went virtually unnoticed.


Truth, lies and media in the age of President Trump

Donald Trump often seems to be at war with the media. It’s a struggle for primacy over who gets to declare truths, what defines accuracy and how the national narrative unfolds. The weapons are words, the battlefield Twitter, press conferences and interviews. And just as in a land war, the consequences threaten to spill over into the wider neighborhood.


7 steps to become a more discerning news reader

The internet democratized media, making it easier for new publishers to get into the business and harder for traditional media to ply their trade. In the process, it’s also made it exceptionally easy to make stuff up and get away with it.


Does Stripes pass the balance test?

“Considering the content of your opinion page,” writes a reader, “you should change the name of the paper to ‘Hammer and Sickle.’ ”


Does Stripes deliver where it counts?

I visited four bases in three Persian Gulf countries last month, speaking with dozens of troops about where they get their news, their impressions of Stars and Stripes and how they keep themselves informed and entertained during deployments that stretch four to 12 months at a time.