Frank Anderson, former CIA spymaster in the Middle East, dies at 78

Frank Anderson, a former American spymaster who supervised clandestine CIA operations in the Middle East, including a smuggling initiative that supplied Afghan rebels with billions of dollars in weapons during their 1980s war against the Soviet Union, died Jan. 27.

Retired Lt. Gen. Charles Pitman Sr., whose heroics helped stop 1973 New Orleans sniper attack, dies at 84

Retired Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Charles “Chuck” Pitman Sr., who risked his life and military career to help New Orleans police halt the Howard Johnson’s hotel sniper attack that claimed seven lives in 1973, died Feb. 13 following a lengthy battle with cancer.

Former Army Ranger dies after skydiving accident in Florida

An experienced skydiver was killed Monday morning after he attempted to avoid another jumper during a landing in Florida, police said.

Bill Britten, Army vet and actor who played Bozo the Clown, dies

Actor Bill Britten, known for playing Bozo the Clown and Johnny Jellybean several decades ago, died earlier this month, according to an online obituary.

Walter Kloc dies; retired GM engineer flew 62 bombing missions in WWII

In 1944, Walter Kloc was assigned to the 13th Air Force, the “Jungle Air Force,” in the Pacific. He flew 62 missions, striking enemy airfields all over the South Pacific with a variety of crews as lead bombardier on B-25 bombers.

Gene Reynolds, Navy vet and director who brought war into America's living rooms with 'MASH,' dies at 96

Gene Reynolds was a former child star when he joined the U.S. Navy during the height of World War II. After his discharge, he resumed his Hollywood career behind the camera.

WWII veteran who photographed atomic bomb blast over Hiroshima dies at 96

Veteran John McGlohon, who served as the photographer for a B-29 crew during WWII, couldn't prove he took the only known photo looking straight down on Hiroshima immediately following the detonation of the atomic bomb on Aug. 6, 1945 until an amateur historian was able to corroborate his story in 2010.


Bay of Pigs brigade leader Gen. Erneido Oliva dies in exile

Retired Gen. Erneido Oliva, who was second in command during the Bay of Pigs invasion to overthrow Fidel Castro and fought alongside fellow brigade members, died Thursday in Maryland. Oliva passed away following an illness. He was 87.

Paul Farnes, last surviving ace of the Battle of Britain, dies at 101

Paul Farnes was one of the last surviving of "The Few" — British pilots who defended their country from Nazi aerial assault in the Battle of Britain during World War II. He was 101 when he died on Jan. 28 in West Sussex, England.


Pearl Harbor survivor from New Jersey dies at 100

Frank Wasniewski died at the age of 100 at Christ Hospital on Jan. 21 after an illness.

With death of Lauren Bruner, 98, only three survivors of USS Arizona attack remain

During a news conference in 2014, Lauren Bruner announced he decided to have the urn that would hold his cremated ashes interred aboard the USS Arizona.

‘Cajun Bob’ Thoms, Marine who led major assault during Vietnam War’s Battle of Hue, dies at 75

Robert L. Thoms — nicknamed “Cajun Bob” for his thick native Baton Rouge accent — was awarded the Silver Star medal for “conspicuous gallantry” during the assault on the Arch Tower on Feb. 15, 1968, during some of the most ferocious fighting of North Vietnam’s Tet Offensive.


Last living Doolittle Raider dies in Texas at 103

Retired Lt. Col. Richard “Dick” Cole was one of 80 members of the first U.S. strike against Japanese mainland targets in World War II, credited for bringing optimism of winning the war to the American people.

With death of 98-year-old muleskinner, only nine Merrill’s Marauders remain

Sgt. Henry C. Smith was awarded a Silver Star for his efforts in leading an intelligence and reconnaissance patrol through the jungles of Burma in April 1944. He died Aug. 5 at the age of 98.

Buck Henry, 'Graduate' screenwriter who co-created 'Get Smart,' dies at 89

Buck Henry, a comedian who created the satirical spy sitcom "Get Smart," was a frequent early host of "Saturday Night Live" and turned "plastics" into a countercultural catchword with his screenplay for "The Graduate," died Jan. 8 in Los Angeles at age 89.