Jerry Hawn, a ranger with the National Mall and Memorial Parks service, gives a tour of the National Mall to sailors assigned to the USS Abraham Lincoln on Jan. 27, 2017.<br>Matthew R Herbst/U.S. Navy

Senator introduces bill to build 'war on terror' memorial

U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst introduced a bill Tuesday permitting a private foundation to construct a memorial on the National Mall recognizing American troops fighting the war on terror.

Philadelphia police seek suspect who robbed Korean veteran

Philadelphia police are searching for a man who followed a Korean War veteran home and robbed him shortly after the victim left a store where he bought lottery tickets.

Construction to begin on veterans memorial in North Carolina

After several false starts, construction will soon begin on the proposed Liberty Veterans Memorial and Gardens in North Carolina.

Veteran charged with tying her PTSD service dog to tree, shooting him 5 times

A veteran has been charged with tying her PTSD service dog to a tree and shooting him five times. The dog’s death was filmed by the veteran and a soldier, according to court documents.

Alabama honors Southern soldiers on Confederate Memorial Day

Alabama is one of the last states in the country that still celebrates Confederate Memorial Day as an official holiday. The day brings controversy and confusion, with critics arguing about the appropriateness of the anniversary, supporters saying they want to honor their dead and some people just upset that their errands are upended by the closure of government offices.

For this WWII veteran, Pirates game is another moment to savor

As his family and friends gathered inside PNC Park and team officials approached with field credentials for them to wear as they were escorted to a spot in front of the Pirates’ dugout, John Galasso realized something was about to happen before he could buy his usual game-day meal of hot dog, fries and a diet soda.

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