The graveside service for Sgt. Meredith Keirn in Section 55 of Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va., Aug. 8, 2019. <br>Elizabeth Fraser/U.S. Army

Korean War Marine Meredith Keirn is buried at Arlington, nearly 70 years after his death

Darr Keirn, Meredith Keirn's brother, had been fighting for years to recover the remains of his brother, and in May 2018, he was told the DNA sample he submitted was an exact match with recently uncovered remains.

Emails show the VA took no action to spare veterans from a strict Trump administration policy

Documents obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request suggest the Department of Veterans Affairs declined to step in to try to exempt veterans and their families from a new immigration rule that would make it far easier to deny green cards to low-income immigrants.

At DePaul University, hundreds of veterans hit the books and adjust to a new life

Recognizing the unique challenges and perspective of students who are veterans, many colleges try to reach out to that group, offering assistance with paperwork, information about various benefits, and social opportunities.

Veteran recalls Cold War maneuvers in Alaska

Soldiers who have penned recollections of Moosehorn recount being pushed to their limits in the cold as a test of endurance. Stories circulate about those who didn't survive the cold or accidents.

New Hampshire veterans seek to intervene in POW Bible lawsuit

The veterans group that sponsors the oldest continuing POW-MIA vigil in the country is asking a federal court to allow it to intervene in a case that centers on whether a former POW’s Bible can be featured in a lobby display at the Manchester, N.H., VA hospital.

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At 100, WWII and Korean War veteran honored for his place in Marine Corps history

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton has played a major role in military history over the past 77 years, and John Farritor is one of the rare men who has seen that history unfold from the start.

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