Former President George W. Bush is seen painting portraits of men and women wounded in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.<br>Grant Miller for The Washington Post

'We're not just random people': How George W. Bush connected with those he sent to war

As the commander in chief, former President George W. Bush oversaw the return of thousands of troops in flag-draped transfer cases. Many more came home forever changed, some missing limbs, others with their minds racked with post-traumatic stress and blast injuries.

Centenarians share what it's like to be 100

When Armistice Day finally came, the teachers at Catherine Walter's four-room schoolhouse gave the children flags and "we paraded all through the town singing and praising God." That was a long time ago but Walter, who turns 107 in November, remembers it like it was yesterday.

Honor Flight 'Quebec' takes 28 veterans to see war memorials in DC

Like many veterans, Marine veteran Gerald "Jerry" Williamson has never seen the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., which wasn't finished until 2004, when most of Williamson's peers were in their 80s. The National Honor Flight Network was created to give as many veterans as possible a chance to see their memorial.

Courthouse to display Kentucky Hall of Fame veterans

There have been thousands of military veterans reside in Rowan County, but only two have ever been honored in the Kentucky Veterans Hall of Fame. Claude Meade and Gerald McDaniel.

Veterans with 'bad paper' won't get new VA ID cards

Starting next month, veterans can register for identification cards that prove their military history – but not everyone who has served will get one.

Army Special Forces medic to receive Medal of Honor on Monday

For nearly three decades, retired Army Capt. Gary Michael Rose told no one about his harrowing four-day secret mission to Laos during the Vietnam War.

Retired ‘Navy SEAL’ on Fox News was a fake

Fox News ran a story on Oct. 8 about a decorated Vietnam War Navy SEAL who created an enormous presidential glass seal he hoped to give to President Donald Trump. On Thursday, 11 days later, the network retracted the story after being told the man never served in Vietnam at all, much less earned commendations for his service.

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