U.S. Army Sgt. Taylor Bonham.<br>Facebook

Guitars for Heroes gives vets ‘something to strive for,’ singer says

Former U.S. Army Sgt. Taylor Bonham just came back from competing in the 2017 National Veterans Creative Arts Festival in Buffalo, N.Y., in late October, and he credits his faith, his wife and fellow veterans for his journey.

Woman fosters support group that helps fellow veterans confront issues

It was an early afternoon at the San Marcos Cafe south of Santa Fe, and Billie Russell was primed for action, right down to the .380-caliber handgun hanging off her left hip. The 4-foot-9 woman, a veteran, was surrounded by others, many who have seen combat.

McMahon to be sworn in to a top Pentagon post

A former top military commander at Robins Air Force Base will become one of the top civilians in the Department of Defense on Tuesday.

Self-proclaimed Nazi banned from college campus, but allowed to remain a student

Ken Parker, a 37-year-old Navy veteran who once served as the grand dragon, or highest-ranking leader, of the Ku Klux Klan in Jacksonville, Florida, was initially suspended after posting a photo of himself on Facebook holding an assault rifle and calling out students who challenged his beliefs, saying he will "shut them down."

Remains of WWII veteran to be laid to rest in Michigan

Navy Airman Albert Rybarczyk's plane went down in the South Pacific during a bombing mission when he was 22. He was part of Air Group 18 and stationed on the USS Intrepid. Project Recover and the BentProp Project have been trying to reach the wreckage for more than a decade.

Illinois Army veteran grateful for donated bionic arm

Carrie Krischke lost her left arm in a 1994 traffic accident. An Army veteran, Krischke adapted and volunteered to be a test subject during development of the bionic LUKE arm.

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