Space Force

The Space Force, established as a military service branch in December 2019, stood up a squadron at Kamp Kinser, Okinawa, in September — but it isn’t planning on stationing a dedicated unit in Tokyo, according to the Air Force.

Space Force is using virtual-reality headsets to train its Guardians to work on satellites

The military branch is working with government contractor SAIC on a gamified training platform that allows employees to interact with full-scale digital replicas of national security satellites.

Space Force general wants rules for space

Space is becoming more competitive, said Space Force commander Gen. John Raymond, and guidelines will become a necessity as more countries embrace commercial and military-based space operations.

Recruiter works to attract candidates to the newest branch of the armed services

A large U.S. Space Force flag is on display inside Air Force Tech Sgt. Andrew Bergdorf's office at the armed forces recruiting center, and he's proud to show it off. "I think a lot of people are excited to explore that frontier," he says.

First Kansas Space Force recruit is getting used to one question: What's that?

For more than a decade, 22-year-old Braden Vining had plans to follow his brother into the military. He couldn't have planned on the military career he's about to have, though, because it didn't exist.

Edwards AFB ceremony adds 17 to the ranks of the Space Force

Col. Randel Gordon, vice-commander of the 412th Test Wing, said Thursday there was no more fitting place than Edwards Air Force Base to witness the transition by 17 members of the U.S. Air Force to the newly formed U.S. Space Force.

Many overseas tours for new airmen and guardians extended an extra year

The change in unaccompanied tour lengths applies to both enlisted service members and officers on their first permanent duty assignment at nearly two dozen bases and locations.

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