Space Force

23 Air Force units will become part of the Space Force

The units identified to move conduct a variety of space-based missions including intelligence collection, space-based weapons research and protecting U.S. space assets, such as critical GPS and communications satellites.

Pandemic slows Space Force growth though new service helps with coronavirus response

The coronavirus pandemic has delayed the planned doubling in size of the U.S. military’s newest branch though Space Force has conducted critical missions amid the global crisis, its first general said Friday.

Space Force’s first launch takes off with a next generation of military spacecraft

The last in a new generation of military satellites launched from the Space Coast on Thursday afternoon, as national security missions continue to move forward despite coronavirus concerns.

Space Force set for first launch as national security takes priority during coronavirus crisis

The U.S. Space Force is moving ahead with a crucial national security launch Thursday that remains on track, even as installations around the country move to telework due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Special edition: Coronavirus – what you need to know

In this special episode of Military Matters, hosts Rod Rodriguez and Desmon Farris shed light on the coronavirus that is causing major upheaval around the globe.

Bye bye, Vandenberg Air Force Base. Hello, Vandenberg Space Force Base?

As Vandenberg Air Force Base continues its push to be at the forefront of America’s space-related activities, it could soon be getting a name change.