The Pacific pivot

‘Pivot’ to Asia will remain a priority for US military, experts say

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, speaking in Singapore earlier this month, said six out of 10 Navy ships, 55 percent of the Army and two-thirds of fleet Marine forces are assigned to U.S. Pacific Command’s area of responsibility.

Trump administration rejects ‘pivot’ to Asia – at least in name

The new U.S. administration has yet to unveil its plans for a new strategy toward the Asia-Pacific, but the “pivot” or “rebalance” — as former President Barack Obama’s policy of deeper engagement was known — has been officially put to rest.


Asia congratulates Trump while worrying about change

Asian allies are heartily congratulating Donald Trump for his election victory while worrying whether his “America first” focus will erode regional security and undercut trade agreements.

I Corps soldiers head to Korea for annual war games

The commander of I Corps and about 400 personnel from Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., are heading to the Korean peninsula to take part in U.S.-South Korean war games that kicked off this week.

TPP opposition could affect view of US commitment to Pacific

Domestic politics could torpedo half a decade of diplomatic, military and trade engagement in the Pacific with both presidential candidates pushing policies opposed by America’s friends and allies.

New Army secretary makes fire, watches robots on first Pacific tour

From robots to rubbing two sticks together for fire, Secretary of the Army Eric K. Fanning kicked off his first tour of the Pacific on Tuesday with demonstrations of the service’s high-tech and basic jungle know-how.

Opinions on the pivot


Kerry's soft words blunt U.S. hard power at sea

There are times when I want President Barack Obama to invent a global crisis for John Kerry to solve, just to keep his secretary of state from making the real ones worse.