The Pacific pivot

Group of lawmakers challenge potential pre-emptive strike against North Korea

As Trump’s rhetoric against North Korea has grown aggressive in recent months, some congressional members have worried the talk could inadvertently lead the United States into a costly and deadly war.

North Korean threat, alliance jitters loom over Trump’s Asia visit

President Donald Trump will face fears that rising tensions with North Korea could erupt into conflict and alliance jitters when he makes his first official visit to Asia.

‘Pivot’ to Asia will remain a priority for US military, experts say

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, speaking in Singapore earlier this month, said six out of 10 Navy ships, 55 percent of the Army and two-thirds of fleet Marine forces are assigned to U.S. Pacific Command’s area of responsibility.

Trump administration rejects ‘pivot’ to Asia – at least in name

The new U.S. administration has yet to unveil its plans for a new strategy toward the Asia-Pacific, but the “pivot” or “rebalance” — as former President Barack Obama’s policy of deeper engagement was known — has been officially put to rest.

Opinions on the pivot