A video screen grab shows Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, left, moments before being honored at a "Dragooning ceremony," in Vilseck, Germany, on Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019.<br>Praxedis Pineda/U.S. Army video

NATO’s faith in US wanes as London summit nears

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo attended meetings at NATO on Wednesday amid questions about U.S. leadership in the military alliance and whether it will even continue to be a member.

Royal scandal: Prince Andrew to step back from public duties

Britain's Prince Andrew is stepping back from public duties with the queen's permission because of his association with a notorious sex offender.

A glance at NATO's aims for December summit, as tensions simmer

NATO foreign ministers met in Brussels Wednesday to make final preparations for an imminent summit of the military alliance's leaders amid deep political tensions between the allies.

Greece announces major overhaul of migrant camp system

Greece announced plans Wednesday to overhaul its migration management system, replacing overcrowded refugee camps on the islands with smaller detention facilities and moving some 20,000 asylum seekers to the mainland over the next few weeks.

Serbia investigating alleged spying affair involving Russia

Serbia is investigating reports of an alleged spying affair involving Russia, sparked by a video posted on social media, officials said Wednesday.

Eyeing terror threat, Swiss mull limits on sale of chemicals

Switzerland's executive branch wants to make it harder for the public to obtain certain chemicals like fertilizer, pool-cleaning products or solvents that could be used in attacks by extremists.

US military aid bolsters Ukraine's front lines, but the Trump drama makes Kyiv nervous

The Trump-ordered delay in military air was felt in Ukraine — but the real fallout has been one of perception among Ukrainian officials and others: the worry that the White House cannot always be counted on to be in Kyiv's corner.

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