Amid pandemic, Czech intensive care ward is still half-full

Unlike their colleagues in Italy and Spain, Czech hospital doctors have not yet needed to make harrowing decisions on which COVID-19 patients get the best care.


When leaders are stricken in office, how do nations act?

The measure of a nation — its DNA, or sometimes its political system — becomes more visible when its leader is stricken in office. How to respond, and what to tell — or not tell — the populace?

Violating virus restrictions in Germany could lead to fines, jail time, military disciplinary action

Americans in Germany who violate restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of the coronavirus could face hefty fines from the government and disciplinary action from the military, a top Army official in Europe said Friday.

‘This is discrimination’: Germany seeks income taxes from US airman because he's married to local woman

The move levies double taxation on an airman who already pays U.S. income taxes and potentially threatens service members who marry Germans or take any number of steps to integrate into life outside the base gates.

German pub takes novel approach to keep hard cider flowing

Metzmacher's Zum Lahmen Esel restaurant, which has been in operation since 1807, normally seats 200 people inside and another 200 in an outdoor garden.

DODEA schools juggle schedules as parents, kids adjust to digital learning during coronavirus pandemic

Some military schools in Europe will adjust their digital learning schedules this month, consolidating and staggering the times students spend online for group instruction, a top school official said.

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