Wildfire smoke engulfs Mount Vesuvius in Naples, Italy on Thursday, July 13, 2017.  <br>Scott Wyland/Stars and Stripes

Some 700,000 people are living illegally on Mount Vesuvius, and nobody has any idea what to do with them

Italy is in the midst of a self-imposed crisis involving two basic facts about Mount Vesuvius. First, Vesuvius, in the southern region of Campania, is an active volcano capable of erupting at any time and powerful enough to destroy entire cities, as it did to ancient Pompeii and Herculaneum in A.D. 79.


3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team brings out big guns in last Europe exercise

The 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team conducted its last major live-fire exercise Wednesday before it returns to the United States next month.


Aviano eats up the chance to chat with Carla Hall of 'The Chew'

Carla Hall and her husband just finished a Mediterranean cruise and agreed to visit Vicenza and Aviano in Italy and then Rota in Spain on Friday before she heads back to the States to resume taping “The Chew.”


Air Force boss learned important lessons from longtime Ramstein commissary bagger

Gen. David Goldfein, the Air Force chief of staff, bagged groceries at the commissary in the mid-1970s while he was a teenager living at Ramstein. Even as Goldfein’s career has taken him around the world, he stops to see his old boss any chance he gets.

Russia warns against new sanctions on North Korea

A senior Russian diplomat is warning against expanding sanctions against North Korea, saying it's necessary to focus on a political settlement.

Swedish journalist's torso found in submarine death mystery

Danish police said Wednesday that DNA tests from a headless torso found in the Baltic Sea matches with missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall, who is believed to have died on an amateur-built submarine that sank earlier this month.

US paratrooper found dead on base in Italy is identified

The U.S. Army soldier assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade found dead in his barracks on Caserma Ederle Saturday has been identified as Pfc. Andrew Young, 21, from Dallas, Oregon.

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