Military spending among the U.S.'s allies in Europe and Canada increased for the sixth consecutive year, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday.<br>NATO

Ten NATO members now meet 2% defense spending benchmark, but not Germany

Germany, which has been accused by President Donald Trump of not spending enough on defense, spent only 1.57% of gross domestic product on its military, a NATO report said.

NATO chief rules out rushed, early exit from Afghanistan

As rising violence threatens to derail Afghan peace talks, the head of NATO said Wednesday that the military alliance will not leave Afghanistan until security conditions allow, even as some U.S. troops might be hoping to be back home in time for Christmas.

After years grappling with Google, Europe has tips for US

By U.S. standards, the Justice Department's move to sue Google this week for abusing its dominance in online search and advertising was a bold move. But it treads on ground already broken years before by EU officials in Brussels.

Armenian prime minister sees no way to settle conflict through diplomacy

Armenia's prime minister said Wednesday that Azerbaijan's aggressive stance in the 25-day fighting over Nagorno-Karabakh leaves no room for diplomacy, and urged citizens to sign up as military volunteers to protect their country.

Gunman holds hostages at bank in ex-Soviet republic Georgia

An armed assailant took bank employees and customers hostage Wednesday in the ex-Soviet nation of Georgia, authorities said. Local media reported that up to 19 hostages could be inside the bank.

Coronavirus spreads in Nagorno-Karabakh amid heavy fighting

People who are sick with the coronavirus pack into chilly basements alongside the healthy to hide from artillery fire. The local health minister who tested positive keeps working, despite a fever and pneumonia. Doctors with the virus perform surgery on the wounded. These are the grim realities of the pandemic in Nagorno-Karabakh.

UN envoy hails early agreements in Libya talks

The U.N. envoy for Libya said Wednesday the two warring factions have agreed on issues that "directly impact the lives and welfare of the Libyan people," noting that the thorny work to cement a cease-fire in the restive North African country will continue.

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