A screenshot shows Cecile Jimenez speaking during a Facebook Live stream of the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg's Memorial Day service at the Luxembourg American Cemetery on Saturday, May 23, 2020. Jimenez, a nurse practitioner, is a medical officer at the embassy and spoke about the sacrifice health care workers make on the front lines of both war and the fight against viruses like COVID-19, the pandemic that forced officials to stream the ceremony online rather than have a large gathering.<br>U.S. Embassy Luxembourg/Facebook

In online Memorial Day ceremonies, Americans in Europe honor service above self

Few people gathered at the Luxembourg American Cemetery for this year’s Memorial Day service due to coronavirus precautions. But the livestreamed event highlighted the difference just one person can make — the only woman buried among the more than 5,000 service members at the World War II cemetery.

1,000 protest Belarusian president's quest for another term

About 1,000 protesters denouncing authoritarian Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko’s seeking of another term in an upcoming election have held the largest opposition demonstration of the year in the capital Minsk.

Europeans soak up the sun but virus travel rules a mishmash

Across Europe, a mishmash of travel restrictions appears to be on the horizon, often depending on where travelers live and what passports they carry.

Seven may have been infected at Germany restaurant

Germany started loosening its coronavirus restrictions on April 20 and that process has gathered pace recently.

Time running out on the last US-Russia nuclear arms treaty

Time is running out on an arms control treaty that, if it's allowed to expire, will leave the world with no legal restrictions on U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons for the first time in nearly half a century.

Body of Ukraine lawmaker found in office, had gunshot wound

The body of 47-year-old Valeriy Davydenko was found by a cleaner in the restroom of his office. He had a gunshot wound and there was a pistol near him.

Libya's Hifter: Tripoli campaign to continue despite losses

The military commander of eastern Libya-based forces Saturday said they will continue fighting forces loosely allied with the U.N.-supported government in Tripoli, even though his campaign has suffered setbacks in recent weeks.

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