Police secure the area at Rosenheimer Platz square in Munich, Germany, Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017. <br>Andreas Gebert/dpa via AP

Man with knife attacks 8 people in Munich; suspect arrested

A man with a knife attacked eight people in Munich on Saturday and then fled, police said. The suspected assailant, a local German already known to police for theft and other offenses, was arrested a few hours later.

Populist billionaire's party wins big in Czech Republic

The centrist ANO movement led by populist Andrej Babis decisively won the Czech Republic's parliamentary election Saturday in a vote that shifted the country to the right and paved the way for the euroskeptic billionaire to become its next prime minister.

Polish man confesses to deadly knife attack, prosecutor says

A man has confessed to stabbing people at a shopping mall in Poland, killing one and injuring nine, and faces charges of homicide and attempted homicide, a prosecutor said Saturday.

Spanish prime minister aims to take over Catalan government; Residents aghast

The Spanish government announced an unprecedented plan Saturday to sack Catalonia's separatist leaders, install its own people in their place and call a new regional election, using previously untapped constitutional powers to take control of the prosperous region that is threatening to secede.

Malta offers $1.18 million to discover who killed reporter

Malta's government on Saturday offered an "unprecedented" 1 million euro ($1.18 million) reward and full protection for anyone with information on who killed an investigative reporter with a car bomb.

Navy’s first 4-star female ends career as Foggo takes helm in Naples

Adm. Michelle Howard, the first female four-star admiral, relinquished command of U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa on Friday and soon will end her long, storied career.

Wild boars rampage through German town, injure at least 4

Police say a pair of wild boars have gone on the rampage and injured at least four people in the northern German town of Heide.

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