Police officers clash with demonstrators in Lyon, central France, on Saturday, Dec. 8, 2018. <br>Laurent Cipriani/AP

Macron to break silence, address French nation amid protests

French President Emmanuel Macron will consult in the morning with an array of national and local officials as he tries to get a handle on the ballooning and radicalizing protest movement triggered by anger at his policies and a growing sense that they favor the rich.

UK nerve agent survivor fears poison will soon kill him

Charlie Rowley, 45, who fell ill in June near Salisbury, England, after coming into contact with the Soviet-developed nerve agent used months earlier to attack a former Russian spy, said he was going blind, was unable to use one arm and was “terrified about the future.”

Paris cleans up after latest riot; pressure builds on Macron

Police and protesters also clashed in other French cities, notably Marseille, Toulouse and Bordeaux, and in neighboring Belgium. Some protesters took aim at the French border with Italy, creating huge traffic jams on both sides of the border.

Plant a tree: Milan's ambitious plans to be cleaner, greener

The Italian city has ambitious plans to plant 3 million new trees by 2030 — a move that experts say could offer relief from the city's muggy, sometimes tropical weather.

Refugee teens in Austrian schools straddle different worlds

School is where the nearly 10,000 school-age children who arrived in Austria during Europe's largest modern influx of refugees must learn to bridge different worlds.

Italian police probing deadly stampede find pepper spray can

Italian media reported that a 16-year-old boy had been identified as the sprayer of an irritating substance that triggered the mad rush by the crowd to flee.

Clashes as yellow vest protests grow in Belgium, Netherlands

Belgian police fired tear gas and water cannons at yellow-vested protesters calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Charles Michel after they tried to breach a riot barricade, as the movement that started in France made its mark Saturday in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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