The F-15C crash that killed 1st Lt. Kenneth "Kage" Allen was the result of  the pilots fixation on the intercept of the simulated adversary aircraft and failure to execute cockpit instrument visual scans while flying through cloud cover and experiencing spatial disorientation, said a report by an Air Force accident investigation board released Nov. 23, 2020.<br>Facebook

Pilot error, weather were factors in Lakenheath F-15 crash, Air Force says

Air Force 1st Lt. Kenneth Allen, 27, with the RAF Lakenheath-based 48th Fighter Wing, was killed after his plane plunged into the North Sea about 140 miles northeast of the base on June 15.

Shops, gyms to reopen in England under new COVID-19 plan

Haircuts, shopping trips and visits to the pub will be back on the agenda for millions of people when a four-week lockdown in England comes to an end next week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Monday.

French ex-President Sarkozy's trial for corruption suspended

The trial of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy for corruption and influence peddling was suspended Monday less than two hours after it started, to allow a medical report on one of the defendants.

EU, UK still have 'fundamental' differences on trade talks

With the European Union's chief negotiator Michel Barnier in quarantine, trade talks with the United Kingdom continued by videoconference this week, though the optimism expressed last week seemed to have faded.

Greek military setting up field hospital for COVID-19 cases

According to figures released by health authorities on Friday, only 4% of ICU beds dedicated to the treatment of coronavirus patients in Thessaloniki were still available, with 210 of the 218 already occupied.

Ohio family is surprised to learn soldier's Purple Heart is in Dutch museum

U.S. soldier Ralph L. Bourn was killed on a German battlefield during World War II. The Purple Heart medal that he received 75 years ago is now on display at a museum in Europe, and his Ohio relatives didn’t know it was there.

UN: COVID-19 lockdowns slashed pollutants, not CO2 levels

A slowdown in industrial activity linked to the coronavirus pandemic has cut emissions of pollutants and heat-trapping greenhouse gases, but hasn't reduced their record levels in the atmosphere, the United Nations weather agency said on Monday.

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