Keanu Reeves, right, and the Volume 1 cover of the new comic "BRZRKR," by artist Rafael Grampa.<br>Jack Guy/The Washington Post and Boom! Studios

Keanu Reeves on the joy of writing his first comic book: 'Why not? That sounds amazing!'

It was the fall of 2017, and Keanu Reeves had been carrying around a character in his head. The actor so associated with portraying a phalanx of dark-clad fighters kept envisioning a world-weary warrior whose birth predated even human language. Who knows, he thought, this character just might be a future film role.

How Tahar Rahim transcended the prisons of ‘The Mauritanian’

For Tahar Rahim, “The Mauritanian” was about prisons — at Guantanamo Bay, and of the mind. “It’s about the horrors he has been through, but also there’s a light inside of this character,” French-born Rahim says of playing longtime detainee and now bestselling author Mohamedou Ould Slahi. “The way he was able to go through this ... he became so wise to be able to not hold a grudge against anybody after all of this. It’s almost incredible for a human being.”

‘French Exit’ was ‘gratifying’ experience for Valerie Mahaffey

Making “French Exit” was a magnifique experience for Valerie Mahaffey.

Sarah Silverman just wants to make things right

“The Sarah Silverman Podcast,” launched by the longtime comedian a few months ago with little fanfare and a sense of resignation, may be one of the sneakiest successes of the pandemic.

Snoopy shines in Apple TV+ series that's true to its roots

“Peanuts” star Snoopy is famous for being a highly imaginative dog, liable at to go off on loony flights of fancy. But, it turns out, his world has some strict rules.

Queen Latifah ‘stoked’ to land post-Super Bowl slot for show

Queen Latifah thrives on going big. From writing and rapping at the start of her career to being an Oscar-nominated actress to producing, she has upended expectations for years.

From ‘Lost in Translation’ to ‘On the Rocks’, Murray, Coppola have history

Children of famous parents sometimes struggle to escape those long shadows. To find their place in the sun, some leave the family business. Not Sofia Coppola.

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