‘Star Trek’ fans’ anger at remake’s diversity proves they don’t understand ‘Star Trek’

The trailer for CBS’s “Star Trek: Discovery,” the latest entry in the “Star Trek” universe, feature two women of color — Michelle Yeoh as the starship captain and Sonequa Martin-Green as her first officer — as they engage the Klingon people.

Beguiling collaboration from the start

Director, star reflect on long friendship and their latest film together

Kirsten Dunst didn’t want to kiss anyone. She was 16 and had been playing a young innocent on-screen for a decade. Now, on the set of Sofia Coppola’s “The Virgin Suicides,” she was supposed to film a scene in which she made out with a handful of guys. And she was riddled with anxiety.

Lizzo finding rap success in her own way

Lizzo may be making some inroads into the mainstream, but she’s doing it by owning and often accentuating her differences. She’s that rare rapper-singer who can also lay down a flute solo. Her music blends everything from indie-rock to gospel, and accentuates her body-positive and feminist viewpoints with a sense of sassiness and sexiness that makes it not just empowering but fun.

Roxane Gay’s about being overweight took her to some painful places

Roxane Gay begins her new book — the hardest she’s ever had to write — by describing what it isn’t. “The story of my body is not a story of triumph,” Gay writes in the opening pages. “Mine is not a success story.”

Ethan Hawke’s career has been a long arc of questions and changes

The sun breaks across rooftops in the early days of a Brooklyn spring. The sidewalks are quiet, and Ethan Hawke is inside editing a movie about a shot-to-death singer most people have never heard of. The screen fills with a misfit’s raucous delight at banging on drums and mocking Richard Nixon. Hawke laughs. Then he leans forward, scratches his graying goatee and turns serious.

Don’t even try to pigeonhole actress Rachel Weisz

With her wide-ranging flair for serious drama, absurd comedy, nail-biting crime stories, legal thrillers and romantic roles of all categories, Rachel Weisz might be the most unclassifiable marquee actress in cinema today. She appears in more types of movies than is mathematically possible.

In '47 Meters Down,' Moore and Holt embrace uncharted waters

Mandy Moore spent six weeks at the bottom of a London pool trapped inside a steel cage, hyperventilating and screaming while filming the underwater thriller “47 Meters Down.” It wasn’t all called for in the script.

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