Brad Pitt waves during a press conference of his new film "War Machine" in Tokyo, Monday, May 22, 2017. (AP Photo/Koji Sasahara)<br>AP

Brad Pitt on hubris, 'War Machine' and having 'no secrets'

Brad Pitt and Gen. Stanley McChrystal — the inspiration to Pitt’s four-star Afghanistan commander in the upcoming Netflix war satire “War Machine “-- would seem to be worlds apart. One, an affable member of Hollywood’s elite; the other a hard-charging lifetime military man. But Pitt found one connection with his character: a swollen ego, and the damage done.

After Chris Cornell’s death: ‘Only Eddie Vedder is left. Let that sink in.’

Eddie Vedder stands alone now. Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell’s death May 17 left rock fans reflecting on the grunge era, and many came to a sorrowful realization: Vedder, the frontman of Pearl Jam, is one of the movement’s only icons who is still alive.


Kyle MacLachlan on returning to ‘Twin Peaks’ after decades

In April 1990, “Twin Peaks” arrived with a bang on ABC, serving up huge ratings for a saga whose weirdness made its audience’s heads spin. Little more than a year later, “Twin Peaks” was canceled for low ratings. But TV was changed forever by the vision of its creative partners, David Lynch and Mark Frost.


Will young viewers care about a ‘Dynasty’ reboot? CW hopes so

Add another TV reboot to the long list of shows back from the dead: “Dynasty” will debut on the CW this fall.

Engineers and androids: Some key 'Alien: Covenant' backstory

How well do you remember “Prometheus”? Do the Engineers ring a bell? How about the synthetic, David? Do you know who survived?

Summer movie preview 2017

Pratt, Depp, Gadot and Gru battle for box office supremacy

It's the summer of Chris Pratt. Again.

With new album, Kendrick Lamar emerges as artist of the year

Rappers who morph into superstars usually follow a well-traveled path that includes an overabundance of collaborations with other artists, radio-friendly pop hits, a bit of tabloid buzz and a conscious effort to eschew anything that might get too political or socially conscious.

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