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The Hvalfjardarlaug geothermal pool in Iceland.(Jenn Harris/Los Angeles Times/TNS)<br>

Iceland's geothermal pools soak away the cares of a weary traveler

On the 50-minute drive from Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport to downtown Reykjavik, the landscape switched from long, flat stretches of dirt to patches of grass studded with rocks.

Athens in winter: See timeless sites without the heat and crowds

As a seaside metropolis with a lively outdoor vibe and dozens of picturesque islands beckoning nearby, Athens is more often considered a summer tourist destination than a winter escape. But if you’ve got more than beaches on your mind, there’s plenty of upside to a brief, cool visit that avoids the crowds and heat of summer.

A new plan would make getting to Stonehenge easier. It may also ruin it

A a $2.4 billion plan to construct a two-mile tunnel underneath Stonehenge and widen the nearby highway has the support of English Heritage and UNESCO. But it has infuriated archaeologists who worry that the construction will destroy vital heritage.

Distill your whisky knowledge in Speyside, Scotland’s single-malt capital

Forget the three Rs. I went to Speyside, Scotland’s “single-malt capital of the world,” to brush up on the three Ws: whisky, wool and walking.

2017 brims with events and anniversaries in Europe

2017 in Europe: What’s in it for you? Plenty, according to a survey of travel magazines, tourism board calendars, museums, railways and bargain-flight providers.

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After Hours

Alom Dee brings spicy Thai fare to Landstuhl

Alom Dee, a Thai restaurant and sushi bar, doesn’t look like much from the outside. Or the inside. Good thing the bare interior and worn wooden tables of the cafe in Landstuhl, Germany, aren’t on the menu. Just about everything else is, though. The expansive menu is the size of a small book.

festivals and events

Festivals and events, February 2017

The temperatures are chilly but the doings in Europe are still hot. Here are events scheduled for February 2017.

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Masks & mystery: Venice Carnevale, through Feb. 28

Carnival season is upon us, and one of the earliest and most elaborate celebrations in Europe takes place in Venice, Italy. Venice’s Carnevale runs this year from Feb. 11 to Feb. 28.

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