Quick Trips

A tripoint is the geographic spot where the borders of three countries meet. Europe has 48 of them.

Piancavallo offers a breath of fresh air during the coronavirus pandemic

With the coronavirus making travel difficult, if not impossible, but public health professionals urging people to get outside and get exercise, many Americans based at Aviano are heading for the hills – specifically, the Alps, or the Dolomites as they’re called in Italy.

Between Blood Road and German culture stands the barbarism of Buchenwald

“Blood Road,” says the gray sign alongside the road that leads to what was once Germany’s largest concentration camp, Buchenwald.

Meisenheim is postcard perfect and a nice place to make a pit stop

Not far from Kaiserslautern, there’s a fairy-tale village penetrable only to those who possess a pure heart — and a GPS and some cash.

Learn a bit of local lore while exploring Siegelbach Park in Kaiserslautern

The only legal party in my town is at a duck pond, and it involves mice.

Enjoy a quiet day at Weltenburg Abbey, Bavaria’s oldest monastery

There are many reasons to go to Weltenburg Abbey in Bavaria.

A mountain hike followed by a stroll about town make St. Martin a relaxing day trip

St. Martin is more than just a cute village with wine, though it would be a wonderful place even if it weren’t.

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