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In the heart of Wiesbaden, there’s a green gem that offers hours of pleasure in the great outdoors for little or no cash.

A diverse collection spanning 700 years awaits at Frankfurt’s Staedel Art Museum

When Frankfurt banker and spice dealer Johann Friedrich Staedel wrote his will in 1815, he included a clause that led to the creation of what was to become Germany’s oldest museum foundation.

Mustard alone makes Monschau a worthy stop

My idea of a good vacation used to be discovering somewhere new and doing something active, like running a 10-miler to the ancient Greek amphitheater in Epidaurus or canoeing down a river in Madagascar.

Kastellaun castle’s ruins tell story of disaster, destruction

The Hunsrueck region of Germany — an area of rolling hills between the Rhine, Moselle and Nahe rivers — has quite a bit to offer the traveler or adventurer.

The views of Duisburg are remarkable from Tiger & Turtle — Magic Mountain

The fantastically named Tiger & Turtle — Magic Mountain art installation in Duisburg, Germany, is billed on the city’s website as a “walkable roller coaster,” a claim bold enough to demand scrutiny.

Warmfreibad Trippstadt pool offers relief for those near Kaiserslautern

As the mid-August heat bears down on Rheinland-Pfalz, many people are looking for ways to escape their non-air-conditioned homes to cool off and relax, and a pool is the perfect way.

Reopened Vicenza museum’s works tell stories of local history, citizens

Every picture tells a story, and in Vicenza’s civic museum, they’re not all pretty. Little girls are fated to an arranged marriage or the nunnery. A young man is shot with arrows then clubbed to death. Another is turned into a stag and killed by his own hounds.

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