Nemo Hinds is a sophomore on a Matthew C. Perry boys soccer team with seven returners, but sporting plenty of young players.

Nemo Hinds is a sophomore on a Matthew C. Perry boys soccer team with seven returners, but sporting plenty of young players. (Raven Rayos/Special to Stripes)



Division I

Nile C. Kinnick Red Devils

2021-22 season record — 21-1.

Head coach — Tim Rippeth, fifth season.

Key performers — Elias Alvord, Sr., MF (10 goals for Robert D. Edgren last season); Leon Awesso, Jr., MF (5 goals, 8 assists); Luis Galloway, Jr., MF; Koboyo Awesso, Fr., MF.; Yuta Raqueno, Jr., MF-F (14 goals, 10 assists); Takuya Raqueno, Fr., MF.

Outlook — Reloading-contending. Red Devils have to replace 88 goals and 50 assists courtesy of graduated twins Ryo and Kou Nishiyama, Otto Eisenhardt and Daniel Burke. But Rippeth says he expects Koboyo Awesso and Takuya Raqueno, freshmen who aren’t new to game, to step in along with Alvord. “It’s a pretty skilled group,” Rippeth said.

Division II

Robert D. Edgren Eagles

2021-22 season record — 0-14 overall.

Head coach — Aaron Wells, first season.

Key performers — Axel Nogueras, Sr.; Sebastian Sanchez, So.; Aric Jack, Sr.; Colin Davalos, Jr.; Emerson Chatterson, So.; Santiago Castano, So.; Charles Alvey, So.

Outlook — Rebuilding. Young team with some players who know the game. Hindered as always by having to practice indoors due to snow covering the field. Replacing Elias Alvord and his 10 goals, lost in the transfer round to Nile C. Kinnick, will be tough.

E.J. King Cobras

2021-22 season record — 1-23 overall.

Head coach — Ricky Andrew, fourth season.

Key performers — Amin Alipourkashki, So., MF (5 goals); N.J. Reed, Jr.; Kai Sperl, Jr., MF; Kyo Tominaga, Jr., F (6 goals); Damian Perez, So., MF (transferred from Guam).

Outlook — Rebuilding-reloading. The core players return to a team with no seniors. A year older, a year wiser and “hopefully, we’ll be better,” Andrew said. They’ll struggle, though, without a home field; Nimitz Park is undergoing renovation this spring, so most matches will be played on the road.

Matthew C. Perry Samurai

2021-22 season record — 16-9.

Head coach — Mark Lange, 19th season.

Key performers — Kirby Kendrick, Sr.; Dominic Williams, Sr.; Zach Cruz, Jr.; Ren Spinosi, Fr.; Billy Hill, Jr.

Outlook — Rebuilding. Seven players return for the Samurai, who must replace the combined 38 goals and 27 assists by now-graduated Denzel Gray and Shion Fleming. “We’re trying to rebuild the culture after losing some players,” Lange said.

Yokota Panthers

2021-22 season record — 17-7-1

Head coach — Trent Anderson, eighth season.

Key performers — Senna Solberg, Sr., MF-F (29 goals, 9 assists); Tommy Vogeley, Jr., def.-MF; Jayden Royster, Sr., MF; Colin Kirby, Sr., def.

Outlook — Reloading. A core of four starters returns from last season and is bolstered by a good mix of upper and lower classmen. Solberg figures to be the Panthers’ primary weapon. Losing goalkeeper Zemon Davis to an ACL tear suffered during basketball will hurt.

Zama Trojans

2021-22 season record — 13-11.

Head coach — Chad Guisinger, first season.

Key performers — Michael Gough, Sr., MF (7 goals); Marques Cuffie, Sr., GK; Kaisei Muta, Jr., F (10 goals); Aiden Eads, Jr., def.; Gabriel Rayos, Jr., MF; Greg Horton, Jr., def.

Outlook — Rebuilding. Some solid returners in the middle and experience in the net with Cuffie. Losing the combined 28 goals from Tyler Deiwort and Kobe Parker will hurt.

Robert D. Edgren freshman Anaiah Cain and senior Karin Lozier stretch prior to Eagles girls soccer practice at Misawa Air Base’s indoor Weasel’s Den.

Robert D. Edgren freshman Anaiah Cain and senior Karin Lozier stretch prior to Eagles girls soccer practice at Misawa Air Base’s indoor Weasel’s Den. (Dave Ornauer/Stars and Stripes)


Division I

Nile C. Kinnick

2021-22 season record — 19-3-3.

Head coach — Nico Hindie, 19th season.

Key performers — Bree Withers, Jr., MF; Ainslie Rochholz, Jr., MF; Mikaila Joi Miranda, Sr., F; Lucy Mock, Sr., def.; Julia Angelinas, Jr., F; Giovanna Kennedy, So., MF (transferred from Florida); Hailey Witt, Jr., MF (transferred from Colorado).

Outlook — Reloading-contending. Red Devils are junior- and freshman-heavy. Two newcomers, Zoey Lopez and Saraya Cooper, are vying with last year’s starter, Eleanor Kentz, for goalkeeper starting time; “It’s nice to have options,” Hindie said. Six freshmen, four of whom are not new to the game, have arrived. Could be the Red Devils’ strongest team since the 2017 Far East Division I champions; they’re going for three titles in four Far East tournaments.

Division II

Robert D. Edgren

2021-22 season record — 0-14-1 overall.

Head coach — Justin Edmonds, eighth season.

Key performers — Samara Whitmore, Sr.; Abby Erler, Sr.; Karin Lozier, Sr.; Amaya Ross, So.

Outlook — Rebuilding. Small core of four returners, players who understand the game. First time they’ll get to be outdoors is when they play at Kinnick Friday and Saturday; snow covers the field usually until as late as April.

E.J. King

2021-22 season record — 8-4-11.

Head coaches — Ricky and Mitzi Andrew, first season.

Key performers — Maliwan Schinker, Jr., F (16 goals); Madylyn O’Neill, So., FB (11 goals); Miu Best, So., MF; Aileen FitzGerald, Sr., MF; Jenelyn Nocon, Sr., MF.

Outlook — Reloading-contending. O’Neill, Schinker, Best, FitzGerald and Nocon have played together in other sports; “they’re familiar with each other,” Andrew said. Most of last year’s outside attack is gone, but “we’re strong in the middle,” Andrew said. Could make some noise at Far East D-II.

Matthew C. Perry

2021-22 season record — 3-13-9

Head coach — Daniel Burns, second season.

Key performers — Sasha Malone, So., MF-D; Ivanelis Nieves-Bermudez, So., F-MF-def.; McKenzie Mitchell, Jr., F-MF (4 goals); Cecilia Campbell, Sr., MF; Addison Amacino, Fr., MF-F; Neveah Townsend, Fr., def.

Outlook — Rebuilding-reloading. Burns returns 13 players from last season, 10 of them starters. A year older, a year more experienced. Losing the team’s leading scorer from last season, Breaunna Hayes, will hurt.


2021-22 season record — 19-2-4.

Head coach — Matthew Whipple, 17th season.

Key performers — Lilly Wellons, Sr., MF-F (14 goals, 5 assists); Mariah Hilliard, So., MF-def.; Hailey Riddels, Jr., MF-F (12 goals).

Outlook — Reloading-contending. Pretty much the complete starting lineup returns and knows Whipple’s system, save for Keiya Carlson and her 30 goals from last season. The Panthers also welcome some young players to the roster, five freshmen and four sophomores. Only three seniors on the roster, Wellons, Angela Sylvain and Jordan Dean.


2021-22 season record — 7-11-4.

Head coach — Jill Smith, first season.

Key performers — Avery Pilch, Jr., MF; Sophie Jacklyn, Jr., MF; Lindsey So., Jr., MF; Aaliya Ismail, So., def.; Daniella Reyes, Sr., def.; Lia Thompson, So., sweeper; Keisha Steele-Loli, So., GK; Jessica Horton, Sr., def.

Outlook — Reloading. Solid players and good experience, especially in the back end. Junior sprinter Madison Anderson moves over from track and will add speed up front. Replacing the combined 30 goals from Ameera Trady, Sakura Lopez and Aubrey Giles won’t be easy.

Junior Tom Irby and his E.J. King baseball teammates may be on the young side, but they will at least be sporting new caps during the coming season.

Junior Tom Irby and his E.J. King baseball teammates may be on the young side, but they will at least be sporting new caps during the coming season. (Dave Ornauer/Stars and Stripes)


Division I

Nile C. Kinnick

Head coach — Skyler Tomisato, first season.

Key performers — Phillip Menard, Sr., SS; Josiah Chambers, Sr., P-3B; Benjamin Lardner, Jr., 2B; Matt Casey, Sr., UT (played at Kinnick as a freshman before moving to the States for two years); Lance Brinkmeyer, Jr., C.

Outlook — Rebuilding. A small core of returners with plenty of freshmen. More focused on developing than wins at the moment, though “wins would be nice,” Tomisato said. “I would say don’t sleep on us at the end of the season.”

Division II

Robert D. Edgren

Head coach — Brett Lehner, 13th season.

Key performers — Evan Kunns, Sr.; Parker Kunns, So.; Hajime Reed, So.; Jayse Ulechong, So.

Outlook — Rebuilding. A young team yet again, with five players who saw action last season. Two seniors, no juniors, two sophomores and the rest are freshmen.

E.J. King

Head coach — Matthew Carl, first season (was an assistant last season).

Key performers — Nolan FitzGerald, Jr., SS (will miss the first month to six weeks with an arm injury); Colin Schrader, Jr., P-SS; Rahim Stella, Sr., OF-SS; Neo Purification, So., C.

Outlook — Rebuilding. Carl and the Cobras lost six starters either to transfer or graduation, but a solid core returns and some new players with potential have moved in.

Matthew C. Perry

Head coach — Billy Henry, first season.

Key performers — None provided.


Head coach — Barry Oxendine, second season.

Key performers — Dylan Tomas, Sr., 1B; Ayden Oh, So., P-2B-SS; Casey Bumpers, Jr., P-SS-C; Taiga Arakaki, Jr., C-P; Davi Shima Enes De Souza, Fr., CF-P-C.

Outlook — Reloading-contending. Enough pitching on the roster, between Oh, Bumpers, Arakaki and Shima Enes De Souza that erstwhile ace Tomas no longer has to pitch, though he’s available if needed. Enough depth and experience to make plenty of noise at Far East Division II.


Head coach — Dirk Schmiedel, fourth season.

Key performers — Chayden Williams, Jr.; Caleb Schmiedel, Jr., P; Kierstyn Aumua, Jr., 2B; Blaeson Moore, Sr., 3B-P; Ayden Moore, Fr., 2B-OF-DH; Hiroki Davis, Jr., CF; Keito White, Sr., P-OF-1B; Taz Clark, Sr., OF; William Schmiedel, Fr., C; David King, Fr., P-SS-OF.

Outlook — Reloading-contending. Early season could be rough as some players are recovering from injury. But Schmiedel says the Trojans should hit their stride about midseason and expects them to contend for D-II. Ayden Moore led the team in RBIs last season, Blaeson Moore in nearly every other offensive category. Aumua, a girl, will start for the third season at second base. Key two-year starting pitcher and catcher Kai Kuroda transferred to Alabama during the offseason and is “the kind of athlete and leader you cannot replace,” Schmiedel said.

Junior Alyssa Singletary, one of four returning players from last season, stretches during Robert D. Edgren Eagles softball practice.

Junior Alyssa Singletary, one of four returning players from last season, stretches during Robert D. Edgren Eagles softball practice. (Dave Ornauer/Stars and Stripes)


Division I

Nile C. Kinnick

Head coach — Taylor Kigerl-Hill, first season.

Key performers — Zoe Dale, Sr., P; Skyler Wordlaw, Sr., CF.

Outlook — Rebuilding. A large group of sophomores and a couple of up-and-coming freshmen back up the two standouts. Though it’s a young group, “they’re growing and developing, looking better every day,” Kigerl-Hill said.

Division II

Robert D. Edgren

Head coach — David Carrano, second season.

Key performers — Alyssa Marrero, Jr., SS-P; Alyssa Singletary, Jr., LF; Gwen O’Connell, Sr., 3B-P; Milan Bean, So., OF.

Outlook — Rebuilding-reloading. A core of four experienced returners heads a large turnout for the coming season. Focus is on adding pitchers and building up the pitching staff, assessing new talent and figuring out team roster positions. Plenty of promise in Eagle Country.

E.J. King

Head coach — Reiner Sudul, fourth season.

Key performers — Moa Best, So., C; Sarah Goleman, So., LF; Michelle Breyette, Jr., P-1B; Mia Burford, 1B (transferred from Nile C. Kinnick).

Outlook — Rebuilding. A young team with just one senior, and three freshmen at third base, shortstop and second base. Breyette is expected to carry the pitching load again; she threw 85 percent of the Cobras’ innings last season.

Matthew C. Perry

Head coach — Brad Cramer, sixth season.

Key performers — Sera Shimakura, Sr., IF; Chelsea Campbell, Sr.

Outlook — Cramer calls it restructuring. Samurai have nine players returning, including a handful of freshmen not new to the game. “We are jelling as a team, communicating well and showing growth every single day,” Cramer said. “The new players are great at fitting in. (We’re) hoping for a solid season and (to) be competitive.”


Head coach — John Liss, second season.

Key performers — Zaylee Gubler, So., P; Erica Haas, So., P; Charlotte Rhyne, So.; Abbie Vernon, So.; Coco Eddy, Sr.; Kayla Bogdan, So.

Outlook — Contending. Strong core of six returners plus plenty of new players.


Head coach — Lyndsay Schmiedel, first season.

Key performers — Remi Sherratt, Sr.; Bonnie Jones, Sr.; Deborah McClendon, Jr.; Kalease Brown (transferred from E.J. King); Lorelei Holt, So.

Outlook — Rebuilding-reloading. Good core of experienced veterans, which Schmiedel hopes will translate into leadership on the field and bring along the nine underclassmen on the roster.

Matthew C. Perry student-journalist Raven Rayos contributed to this report.

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Dave Ornauer has been employed by or assigned to Stars and Stripes Pacific almost continuously since March 5, 1981. He covers interservice and high school sports at DODEA-Pacific schools and manages the Pacific Storm Tracker.

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