2019 Pacific tennis schedule

By STARS AND STRIPES Published: August 20, 2019

Friday, Aug. 30-Saturday, Aug. 31
King at Perry
Kinnick at Edgren

Saturday, Aug. 31
Gyeonggi Suwon at Chadwick

Friday, Sept. 6
Chadwick at Osan

Friday, Sept. 6-Saturday, Sept. 7
Zama at Edgren
Perry at King

Saturday, Sept. 7
Yokota at Kinnick

Tuesday, Sept. 10
Yokota at CAJ
Seisen at Sacred Heart

Friday, Sept. 13
Kubasaki at Kadena

Friday, Sept. 13-Saturday, Sept. 14
Zama and Perry at King

Saturday, Sept. 14
St. Mary’s and Seisen at Kinnick

Tuesday, Sept. 17
Zama at St. Mary’s and Seisen
CAJ at Sacred Heart (girls)
Yokota and Kinnick at ASIJ

Wednesday, Sept. 18
Osan at Daegu
Humphreys at Chadwick

Friday, Sept. 20
ASIJ at St. Mary’s (boys)
Yokota at Yokohama
Sacred Heart at ASIJ (girls)
Chadwick at Daegu
Humphreys at Gyeonggi Suwon

Friday, Sept. 20-Saturday, Sept. 21
Edgren and Kinnick at Perry

Saturday, Sept. 21
Yokohama at ASIJ
St. Mary’s at CAJ (boys)
Daegu at Gyeonggi Suwon

Monday, Sept. 23
Yokota at Sacred Heart (girls)

Tuesday, Sept. 24
CAJ at Zama
Yokota at St. Mary’s (boys)
Kadena at Kubasaki

Wednesday, Sept. 25
Seisen at Yokohama (girls)
Gyeonggi Suwon at Humphreys

Friday, Sept. 27
Sacred Heart at Yokohama (girls)
CAJ at Yokohama
ASIJ at Seisen
Osan at Humphreys
Kubasaki at Kadena

Friday, Sept. 27-Saturday, Sept. 28
King at Kinnick
Yokota at Edgren
Perry at Zama

Saturday, Sept. 28
St. Mary’s and Seisen at ASIJ
Daegu at Osan

Tuesday, Oct. 1
Seisen at CAJ (girls)
Kinnick at Yokota

Wednesday, Oct. 2
Yokohama at Zama
Kinnick at ASIJ
Osan at Gyeonggi Suwon

Thursday, Oct. 3

Friday, Oct. 4
Yokohama at Seisen (girls)
Yokohama at ASIJ (boys)
Gyeonggi Suwon at Daegu
Kadena at Kubasaki

Friday, Oct. 4-Saturday, Oct. 5
King at Perry
Edgren at Yokota

Saturday, Oct. 5
St. Mary’s and Seisen at ASIJ
CAJ and Edgren at Yokota

Tuesday, Oct. 8
Yokota at Seisen (girls)
Kinnick at Zama

Wednesday, Oct. 9
St. Mary’s at Yokohama

Thursday, Oct. 10
Kinnick at Sacred Heart (girls)
ASIJ at Zama
Kubasaki at Kadena
Chadwick at Humphreys

Friday, Oct. 11-Saturday, Oct. 12
Yokota and King at Perry

Saturday, Oct. 12
Kinnick at St. Mary’s (boys)
Zama at Sacred Heart (girls)
Chadwick at Gyeonggi Suwon
Humphreys at Daegu

Tuesday, Oct. 15
Kinnick at Seisen (girls)
Yokota at Zama

Wednesday, Oct. 16
Osan at Chadwick

Friday, Oct. 18
CAJ at Kinnick
Gyeonggi Suwon at Osan

Friday, Oct. 18-Saturday, Oct. 19
Perry and Edgren at King
Kadena and Kubasaki at Yokota and ASIJ

Saturday, Oct. 19
Daegu at Chadwick
Humphreys at Osan

Tuesday, Oct. 22
Zama at Yokota
Kinnick at ASIJ
Kubasaki at Kadena

Friday, Oct. 25
Daegu at Humphreys

Friday, Oct. 25-Saturday, Oct. 26
Edgren at Zama
Kinnick at Perry

Saturday, Oct. 26
ASIJ at St. Mary’s and Seisen

Tuesday, Oct. 29
Sacred Heart at Kinnick (girls)

Thursday, Oct. 31
Sacred Heart at Seisen


Wednesday, Oct. 30-Thursday, Oct. 31
Okinawa Activities & Athletics Council district finals at Kadena Air Base

Thursday, Oct. 31-Saturday, Nov. 2
DODEA-Japan tournament at Perry

Friday, Nov. 1
Kanto Plain finals at ASIJ
Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference Red Division tournament at Humphreys

Wednesday, Nov. 6-Saturday, Nov. 9
Far East Championships at Kadena

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