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Robert D. Edgren Eagles

Head coach — Tim Schwehr, fifth season.

Key performers — Alayna Refugio, Sr., sprints; Aiden Mulhall, Fr., distance; MacKenzie Byrne, Sr., throws.

Outlook — Rebuilding. Plenty of athletes, 32 in all, and plenty of new faces.

Nile C. Kinnick

Head coach — Luke Voth, 11th season; Tony San Nicolas, ninth season.

Defending Far East Division I school champion.

Key performers — Mia Bartram, Jr., distance (2022 Far East Division I cross country champion); Talan Farrington, So., distance; Trey Bennett, Sr., sprints; Kennedy Hamilton, Sr., sprints, jumps; Kahlil Busscher, Jr., throws; Jasmine Williams, Jr., sprints; Leona Turner, Jr., throws; Ja’lilah Brice, Sr., hurdles.

Outlook — Girls contending, boys rebuilding, though the boys show good promise with Farrington and Busscher.

Matthew C. Perry Samurai

Head coach — Michael Kelley, second season.

Key performers — Tyler Gaines, Sr., distance; Jane Williams, Sr., distance.

Outlook — Rebuilding, though the distance corps is strong with Williams, the Far East overall cross country champion, and Gaines, the Division II champ. Williams is in strong position to break Far East meet records in the 1,600 and possibly the 3,200.

Zama Trojans

Head coach — Shawen Smith, third season.

Key performers — Liliana Fennessey, Sr., distance; Madison Anderson, Sr., sprints; Cheyenne Clark, Jr., hurdles, jumps; Jayden Steill, Sr., hurdles, jumps; Andrew Byrd, Sr., middle distance; Jeremiah Georges, Sr., sprints.

Outlook — Could be a contender. Anderson returns to track after a year playing soccer and could challenge the record book. Steill shows strong promise in hurdles.

E.J. King Cobras

Head coach — Mark Sewell, first season.

Key performers — A’Kirah Phillips, Sr., sprints; Asya Smith, Sr., throws; Sophie Sylla, Sr., sprints; Jeremy Phillips, Jr., sprints; Jude Cutler, So., distance; Nolan Grubb, Fr., distance; Deron James, Fr., distance.

Outlook — Rebuilding. Double the numbers of last season, but youthful and inexperienced in most events, save for distance where the Cobras could challenge.

Yokota Panthers

Head coach — Daniel Galvin, first season (son of former head coach Dan Galvin and Yokota graduate Class of 2016).

Defending Far East Division II school champion.

Key performers — Trinity Stegall, Sr., jumps, hurdles, sprints, relays; Kicoh Guenther, Jr., sprints, jumps; Zenko Heinrichs, Fr., distance; Matthew Rowland, So., distance; Kohana Thai, Sr., distance.

Outlook — Somewhere in between. Distance corps is very strong. It will be interesting to see how Yokota does with Galvin returning to the school for which he ran.



Head coach — Brett Lehner, 14th season.

Key performers — Parker Kuns, Jr., C-P-SS; Jayse Ulechong, Jr., C-P-SS; Seth Low, Jr., 2B-OF; Nolan Outlaw, So., OF-3B.

Outlook — Very rebuilding. Only eight players began the season, so unless more players turn out, the Eagles will end up playing only scrimmages and borrowing from other teams.


Head coach — Matthew Carl, second season.

Key performers — Colin Schrader, Sr., P; Nolan FitzGerald, Sr., SS; Tom Irby, Sr., OF; Shan Casimiro, Sr., OF; Neo Purificacion, Jr., C.

Outlook — Contending, especially when Schrader’s on the mound. Freshman Jayden Arocho is also showing promise on the hill. Don’t sleep on them.


Head coach — A.J. Edwards, first season (was assistant last season)

Key performers — Hiyoshi Oliver, So., OF; Xander Grantham, Jr., 3B; Greg Murodov, So., 2B; Ethan Neville, Sr., 2B-P; Max Bailey, Sr., CF-SS; Joseph Steenhoven, Jr., OF.

Outlook — Somewhere in between. Plenty of potential and talent that needs polishing. Team showed marked improvement in 2023, which leaves Edwards hopeful for this season.


Head coach — Barry Oxendine, third season

Key performers — Casey Bumpers, Jr., P-C-SS; Aiden Leppo, Sr., OF; Taiga Arakaki, Sr., P-C; Ethan Bricker, Sr., OF; Ayden Oh, Jr., P-SS; Brailyn Ivey, So., 1B; Thomas Martin, Fr., RF-1B; Takumi Iwazaki-Chung, So., P-OF-SS; Julian Chuckrey, So., 2B; Lucas Smith, 1B-RF.

Outlook — Contending. Eight players return and the newcomers have a wealth of experience.


Head coach — Dirk Schmiedel, fifth season.

Defending Far East Division II champion.

Key performers — Kierstyn Aumua, Sr., IF; Hiroki Davis, Sr., OF; Ayden Moore, Jr., 2B-OF; Chayden Williams, Sr., OF; William Schmiedel, So., C; Aiden Hinkle, Fr.

Outlook — Reloading-contending. Several key performers graduated or transferred, but the core of the returnees and newcomers has been together for several years playing youth ball at Zama and on Japanese teams. Don’t count out the Trojans.


Head coach — Chad Stark, seventh season (took last season off)

Key performers — Ben Lardner, Sr., P-SS; Lance Brinkmeyer, Sr., C; Aidan Johnson, Sr., 1B; Arashi Blocton, Jr., P; Noah Berhow, So., P-2B; Kaz Berhow, Sr., 3B; Shobu Deeter, Fr., OF.

Outlook — Rebuilding with the hope of contending. Small core of experience players returns and the newcomers show promise, freshmen not new to the game.



Head coach — Steven Cruz, first season (was assistant last season)

Key performers — Zaylee Gubler, Jr., P; Erica Haas, Jr., P-SS; Cocoro Jones, Fr., P; Molly Bogdan, Fr., IF; Kayla Bogdan, Jr., C.

Outlook — Reloading-contending. A handful of players from the 2023 Far East D-II champion team graduated or transferred, but the core of the team, Kayla Bogdan, Gubler and Haas, returns to lead the ballclub. Still a team not to be taken lightly.


Head coach — Brad Cramer, seventh season.

Key performers — Jessica Griffin, Sr., C; Lily Bradley, Sr., P-OF; Towa Albsmeyer, Sr., middle IF; Julie Apperson, P-IF; Nina Altig, Sr., 2B; Cambria Villanueva, So., 1B-OF; Autumn Hendra, So., OF; Ella May Dizon, Jr., P-IF-OF; Aiana Bulan, Jr., 3B-OF; Lia Hamner, Jr., OF.

Outlook — Reloading-contending. Many on the team played in the D-II final last April and remember losing to Yokota in comeback fashion. They’re hopeful they can take the final step toward a title.


Head coach — McKinzy Best, 12th season (has assisted the last several seasons)

Key performers — Moa Best (coach’s daughter), Jr., C; Michelle Breyette, Sr., P-3B; Sarah Goleman, Jr., 1B; Pia Legrito, Jr., OF; Alyssa Chaney, So., SS; Mila Nishimura-Reed, So., OF; Savannah Mosley, So., 2B; Julia Hunt, So., P (transferred from Kadena).

Outlook — Reloading-contending. Good core of experienced veterans, bolstered by incoming sophomore Hunt. Could challenge Perry and Yokota for top honors.


Head coach — Lyndsay Schmiedel, second season.

Key performers — Deborah McClendon, Sr., P-IF; Camryn Williams, Jr., C-IF; Kalease Brown, Sr., P-IF; Kira Herring, Fr., IF-OF; Miona Fujita, Fr., IF-OF.

Outlook — Rebuilding with the hope of contending. Ten players return and are bolstered by 10 newcomers, many of whom are not new to the game. Could be a sleeper, or better.


Head coach — David Carrano, third season.

Key performers — Alyssa Marrero, Sr., IF-P; Alyssa Singletary, Sr., IF-P; Milan Bean, Sr., 1B; Hannah Lee, Sr., 2B; Vin Villafania, Sr., C-OF.

Outlook — Contending. Eleven players return from last year’s team; it went to Far East with only nine and finished third. And the team actually had three days of outdoor practice before its first games, very unusual for the school in northern Japan. Could be something to watch.


Head coach — Taylor Kigerl-Hill, second season.

Key performers — Olivia Laron, Jr., 3B-P; Chizuru Nguyen, Jr., SS; Tristyn Hatcher, Sr., 1B; Sydnee Walker, So. C.

Outlook — Rebuilding. Good core of veterans is back, but a handful of seniors moved on. Plenty of time for the core to develop and become a contender, though.



2023 season record — 8-11-4

Head coach — Trent Anderson, ninth season.

Key performers — Tommy Vogeley, Sr., D (9 goals last season); Braedan Raybon, Sr., F (5 goals); Jai Bailey, Jr., D; Cooper Gaulin, So., F-GK; Kai Patton, Sr., MF; Spencer Pratt, Jr., D; Landon Reyes, Jr., MF; Kento Thai, Fr., F; Ryunosuke Roesch, Fr., MF; Toby Canales, Fr., MF.

Outlook — Contending. Solid veteran core augmented by freshman additions not new to the game. Replacing Senna Solberg’s 34 goals won’t be easy.


2023 season record — 11-10-2.

Head coach — Chad Guisinger, second season.

Key performers — Kaisei Muta, Sr., F; Jadyn Parker, Jr., F (12 goals); Aiden Eads, Sr., MF; Greg Horton, Sr., sweeper; Roman Romero, Sr., MF (5 goals).

Outlook — Somewhere inbetween. Some veterans return; replacing Michael Gough’s 15 goals will be tough. But they’re strong in the middle with Eads, Horton and Parker and Muta is tough to slow down.


2023 season record — 1-14-3.

Head coach — William Kay, first season.

Key performers — Cole Donnelly, So., GK; Santi Castano, Jr., MF; Colin Davalos, Sr., MF; Aiden Lehner, Fr.; Luke Lehner, Fr.; Haruki Jones, So., F.

Outlook — Rebuilding. The Lehners may be young, but they’re not new to soccer. Donnelly can be stout in net. Castano and Jones are quick. They did have a couple of outdoor days before the season began, a rarity. Replacing midfielder Axel Nogueras will be a chore.


2023 season record — 11-9-6.

Head coach — Ricky Andrew, fifth season.

Key performers — Amin Alipourkashki, Jr., MF (7 goals), Damian Perez, Jr., MF (16 goals); Kai Sperl, Sr., MF; N.J. Reed, Sr., MF; Axel Lachica, Sr., D; Jack Selby, So., F; Russell Manlasan, Jr., D; Gabriel Leak, So., MF; Kent Monto, Jr., GK.

Outlook — Could contend. Strong in the middle and they return some firepower in Perez; they do have to replace 21 departed goals from last season. But this is a bunch to watch.


2023 season record — 5-11-4.

Head coach — Mark Lange, 20th season.

Key performers — Ren Spinosi, So., F (7 goals); Shayden Torres, So.; Jalen Cooley, So.; Billy Hill, Sr., MF.

Outlook — Rebuilding. Though nine players return, they mostly saw time off the bench. Great attitude up and down the lineup. Still, this should be a season of growth.


2023 season record — 22-3-1 (defending Far East D-I champion)

Head coach — Tim Rippeth, sixth season.

Key performers — Leon Awesso, Sr., MF (12 goals, 6 assists); Koboyo Awesso, So., F (14 goals, 14 assists); Kai Tsuchiya, Jr., MF; Jacob Juday, So., D; Luis Galloway, Sr., MF; Aiden Talbot, Sr., GK; Lucas Baye, Sr., D; Esteban Diaz, So., F; Cameron Giddens, Sr., D; Kevin Serrano, Sr., D; Javier Arroyo, Jr., GK-D; Mykhi Russell, Jr., D.

Outlook — Contending. Sure, the Red Devils graduated 60 goals; they graduated 88 from 2022 and still won Far East. Plenty of talent returns and the Red Devils know how to win, not just in DODEA-Japan but in Far East as well.



2023 season record — 21-3.

Head coach — Nico Hindie, 20th season.

Key performers — Bree Withers, Sr., MF (23 goals, 13 assists); Julia Angelinas, Sr., F; Gio Kennedy, Jr., MF (18 goals, 8 assists); Rachael Vite, So., MF; Alyssa Staples, So., D; Kotone Turner, Sr., GK.

Outlook — Contending for their third D-I title in five Far East tournaments, though they lost 60 goals to transfers and graduation. They’re strong in the middle with Withers returning; Angelinas can bring firepower up front.


2023 season record — 15-7-2.

Head coach — Matthew Whipple, 18th season.

Key performers — Mariah Hilliard, Jr., MF-D; Hailey Riddels, Sr., MF-F (24 goals); Jessica Franks., Jr., MF; Aubrey Oh, Fr., MF.

Outlook — Rebuilding. Panthers have a good core and are strong in the middle, but will only have Oh for one season. Gonna be something of a learning curve, but Whipple is hopeful.


2023 season record — 4-12-3.

Head coach — Jill Smith, second season.

Key performers — Avery Pilsch, Sr., MF (5 goals); Lindsey So., Sr., MF; Keisha Steele-Loli, Jr., GK; Sheyen Chui, Sr.; Sara Zambrano, Sr.; Julie Bitor, Jr.; Lia Thompson, Jr.; Sarah Larm, Sr.

Outlook — Somewhere inbetween. Plenty of veteran blood, especially in the middle of the pitch. It will take some growth for the Trojans to leap into a contending role, but the potential is there.


2023 season record — 2-13-2.

Head coach — Ashley Sosa, first season.

Key performers — Charisse Reyes, Sr., MF; Saige Whitmore, So., GK; Nia Tyler, So., MF; Aliyah Torres, Sr., D; Amber Baltazar, So., MF.

Outlook — Rebuilding. The Eagles had a couple of bright moments last season, but they must replace Amya Ross’ 13 goals (transfer). Still, they benefitted from a couple of outdoors of practice before the season, a rarity in snow country.


2023 season record — 10-10-4.

Head coach — Daniel Burns, third season.

Key performers — Sasha Malone, Jr., MF-D (7 goals); McKenzie Mitchell, Sr., F-MF; Raelin Reyes, Sr., GK; Leilani Zuniga, Fr.

Outlook — Somewhere in between. For the second straight year, the Samurai are replacing their leading scorer (Ivanelis Nieves, 11 goals). They have nine players back. It may take time, but the Samurai are hoping to build toward contending.


2023 season record — 15-10-4 (defending Far East D-II champion)

Head coach — Jesse Dare, first season.

Key performers — Maliwan Schinker, Sr., MF (26 goals); Alex Bottorff, Jr., GK; Rosie McGrath, So.; Miu Best, Jr., MF-F (6 goals); Joanna Hall, So., GK-D; Kaylee Mapa., Jr; Katelyn Mapa, Sr.

Outlook — Somewhere in between. Though some veterans return, the Cobras had 10 freshmen this season. Losing Aileen FitzGerald (graduation) and Mady O’Neill (transfer) hurts. Given time to develop, they could do well.

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Dave Ornauer has been employed by or assigned to Stars and Stripes Pacific almost continuously since March 5, 1981. He covers interservice and high school sports at DODEA-Pacific schools and manages the Pacific Storm Tracker.

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