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Wounded warriors tend to ailing coral reefs off Florida coast

An expedition to replant endangered staghorn coral off a Florida beach is part of a new program aimed at drawing attention to the region’s ailing reefs by providing new caretakers: wounded vets.

Warrior Games 2015: Athletes gear up to show off elite skills

Some have retired from the military because of their injuries, others are still recovering. Some are even still serving.

Researchers take major step forward with ‘intuitive’ control of prosthetic leg

Researchers have found that a combination of electronic and mechanical sensors could potentially help patients with lower-leg amputations intuitively control “powered” artificial limbs on stairs, inclines and level ground, according to a study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Veteran who committed suicide 'had everything going for her'

The suicide of a Pennsylvania veteran last week in the parking lot at the Pittsburgh Veterans Affairs' H.J. Heinz facility in O'Hara was tragic because she was a young woman who seemed to have much to look forward to.

Army chaplains say they need training to help suicidal soldiers

Chaplains who are part of the Army's first line of defense against suicide say they need more training in how to prevent soldiers from killing themselves, according to a RAND survey published online Tuesday.

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