N. Korea’s testing freeze throws ball in US court ahead of summits

North Korea’s declaration that it will freeze nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile tests throws the ball in Washington’s court as the sides prepare for a historic summit.

US, South Korea quietly begin war games ahead of summits with North

About 11,500 U.S. and 290,000 South Korean troops will participate in the annual field-training drill known as Foal Eagle, which began Sunday and is expected to last about a month.


Trump’s decision to meet with N. Korean leader brings opportunity, risks

President Donald Trump’s surprise decision to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un offers a rare opportunity for a diplomatic solution to a nuclear crisis that has threatened to erupt into war. But it also carries a lot of risk.

Korean truce village likely venue for Trump-Kim summit

The Korean truce village in the heavily fortified border area that divides the peninsula is a likely venue for the planned summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

South Korea's president urges both Washington and Pyongyang to be pragmatic

The United States must "lower its bar for dialogue" and North Korea must signal that denuclearization is on the agenda, South Korea's president said Monday as he tried to keep the momentum going in the Olympics-inspired detente.

N. Korea expresses willingness to hold talks with US

North Korea expressed a willingness to meet with the United States even as it lashed out against new shipping sanctions and warned a blockade would be an “act of war.”


North Koreans wrap up whirlwind of Olympic diplomacy

Many observers agreed the North had won this round in the propaganda battle, but many hurdles lie ahead before a lasting solution is reached.

South Koreans complain about stray rounds, noise from live-fire range

While many U.S. bases north of Seoul are closing as the Army relocates to the sprawling Camp Humphreys 40 miles to the south, officials say Rodriquez Live Fire Range will remain open.

N. Korean soldier shot as he defects to S. Korea via the DMZ

The soldier defected from his guard post in the Joint Security Area, an area in the heavily fortified frontier where the two sides face each other across the line that divides the peninsula.

S. Korean police detain US citizen in restricted zone near North Korea

South Korean police reportedly arrested a U.S. citizen Monday for allegedly entering a restricted border area without a permit in a bid to cross over to North Korea.

Otto Warmbier's parents speak out: 'North Korea is not a victim. They're terrorists.'

The parents of Otto Warmbier - the University of Virginia student who was detained in North Korea for nearly a year and a half, then died just days after he returned home in a coma - lashed out at Pyongyang in their first interview since their son's June death.

US bombers, jets fly near N. Korean border in show of force after missile test

U.S. supersonic bombers and stealth jets flew near the border with North Korea on Monday, officials said, in a show of force after a senior American diplomat warned the communist state it could face military action if it persists with its nuclear weapons program.


N. Korean missile test raises questions about why allies didn't try to shoot it down

U.S. and Japanese officials said they could have targeted the missile but did not make the effort because it was not aimed at land.

Analysis: Muted response to N. Korean missile test may suggest hopes for easing tensions

The relatively muted response from Washington and Seoul suggests efforts to restore calm and leave the door open for Pyongyang to move onto a diplomatic track are continuing.

‘Nobody’s looking for a war,’ Dunford says in Seoul

The United States is prepared to defend South Koreans and Americans against “a limited attack” by North Korea, the Pentagon’s top military official said Monday.


Kim Jong Un: ICBM test a ‘stern warning’ that N. Korean missiles can reach US mainland

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un boasted Saturday that the communist regime’s latest intercontinental ballistic missile launch proves that the U.S. mainland is now in reach of its long-range weapons.

Servicemember charged with sexually assaulting woman in South Korea

A U.S. servicemember stationed at Osan Air Base has been charged with sexually assaulting a South Korean woman at a hotel in Seoul’s trendy Gangnam district, officials said.

Outgoing 2ID commander: Rotational units increase readiness in S. Korea despite critical report

The outgoing 2nd Infantry Division commander defended the use of rotational forces as the best way to maintain readiness against an increasingly threatening North Korea despite a recent report concluding that forward-based units would be more efficient.

5 North Korean defectors sail to safety in the South, officials say

Four men and one woman were found Saturday evening after South Korea’s coast guard responded to a military request to check an unidentified boat off the peninsula’s east coast.

Korean War soldier’s body returns to US soil 67 years after he went MIA

The U.S. accepted the remains of the 1st Cavalry Division soldier Thursday during a repatriation ceremony hosted by the South Korean military and United Nations Command at Yongsan Garrison.

Not enough Marines for permanent South Korean presence, commander says

The commander of the small contingent of Marines based in South Korea says the corps does not have enough forces to permanently expand its presence on the divided peninsula.

Latest N. Korean missile test may show progress toward ICBM, experts say

North Korea’s latest missile test was one of its most successful yet and may have been a major step toward its goal of developing an intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach the U.S. mainland, experts said.


US, S. Korean load teams compete to become 'Best on Pen'

Six U.S. and South Korean load crews battled over the weekend for bragging rights to be the Korean peninsula’s premier load crew.

North Korea accuses CIA and South Korea of plotting to assassinate Kim Jong Un

North Korea accused the U.S. and South Korean intelligences agencies on Friday of plotting to kill the nation's leader, Kim Jong Un, using "biochemical agents."

North Korean leader orders troops to be ready to break enemy’s backbone

North Korea’s leader ordered frontline artillery forces to be prepared to “break the backbone” of enemy forces, showing defiance days before voters in the South choose a new president.

US reassures South Korea it will pay for THAAD, Seoul says

The U.S. administration reassured South Korea on Sunday that it will pay the cost of an advanced missile defense system, officials said in a bid to quell outrage after President Donald Trump said Seoul should cover the $1 billion cost.