A woman browses her smartphone as she walks by a Huawei store at a shopping mall in Beijing on Dec. 11, 2018. <br>Andy Wong/AP

China accuses US of trying to block its tech development

In a potential blow to the U.S.’s effort to rally its allies on the issue, British media reported that the country’s intelligence agencies have found it’s possible to limit the security risks of using Chinese mobile network gear in so-called 5G networks.

Trump says Japan's Abe nominated him for Nobel Peace Prize

President Trump says that Japanese Prime Minister Abe nominated him for a Nobel Peace Prize. South Korea's president has previously said Trump should win the prize for his negotiations with North Korea.

China's leaders want more babies, but local officials resist

With a future demographic crisis and an aging society, China's leaders are now urging couples to have more kids. But local leaders can still levy harsh fines on those who have more than two children.

Retired Indian general urges caution against Pakistan strike

As India considers its response to the suicide car bombing of a paramilitary convoy in the disputed region of Kashmir that killed dozens of soldiers, a retired military commander who oversaw a much-lauded military strike against neighboring Pakistan in 2016 has urged caution.


What are India's options after Kashmir attack?

With India's general election barely months away, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is under heavy pressure from his supporters to punish archrival Pakistan for a suicide attack on an Indian paramilitary convoy that killed at least 41 soldiers in disputed Kashmir.

750,000 pieces of junk circle Earth. This Japanese firm wants to start clearing it.

As the satellite industry booms, a Japan-based venture is working to prevent space-debris collisions that could paralyze transportation, defense and telecommunications systems.

Fourth USS Ronald Reagan sailor pleads guilty in drug operation

Petty Officer 2nd Class Sean Gevero was found guilty of wrongful use or possession of controlled substances after admitting to possessing LSD with intent to distribute in August 2017 and illegally possessing steroids on Feb. 9, 2018.

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