US reaffirms Taiwan support after China sends warplanes

The State Department on Saturday said it "notes with concern the pattern of ongoing (China's) attempts to intimidate its neighbors, including Taiwan."

Hawaii loses two military heroes, advocates in Irwin K. Cockett Jr. and Ronald J. Hays

Two Vietnam War heroes who went on to wear the stars of admiral and general are being remembered for their longtime contributions to Hawaii.

Indonesia says it has seized tankers from Iran and Panama

The tankers are suspected of a variety of violations, including not displaying national flags, shutting off their identification systems, anchoring illegally as well as the illegal transfer fuel between ships and spilling oil.

Year after lockdown, Wuhan dissident more isolated than ever

Once seen as prophetic, Zhu Tao has now become a pariah, his anti-state sentiment more and more at odds with government orthodoxy. He has alienated his in-laws and neighbors and has been detained, subjected to surveillance and censored.

Japanese groups want Biden to review Marine airfield plans, pressure North Korea to return abductees

The relocation of Marine Corps Air Station Futenma out of an urban area to a site under construction farther north at Camp Schwab is a sticking point with many Okinawans.

Philippines inks $940 million deal with China to link Subic Bay and Clark Air Base by rail

China and the Philippines have agreed to build a railway linking a pair of former American military facilities on the island of Luzon that are still used by visiting U.S. forces.

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Austin discusses security threats with counterparts in Japan, South Korea, soon after taking office

While neither statement mentioned China or North Korea by name, both said new defense secretary addressed a broad range of defense and security issues in the Indo-Pacific region.

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