Members of the Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force stand at a ski resort in Kusatsu, central Japan, for a rescue operation Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018. <br>Muneyuki Tomari/Kyodo News via AP

Soldier killed, 12 skiers injured by flying rocks as Japanese volcano erupts

The eruption quickly darkened the ski slope at Mount Kusatsu-Shirane with black ash, as volcanic rocks rained down on gondolas and people skiing down the slopes, sending them desperately seeking shelter at a mountaintop station.

Japan PM Abe reveals country's first mission to defend US military aircraft

For the first time, Japan has defended U.S. military aircraft under security legislation passed in 2016 allowing its Self-Defense Forces to aid American military units.

Hawaii governor didn't correct false missile alert sooner because he didn't know his Twitter password

Hawaii Gov. David Ige says he has now learned his Twitter account log-ons and the passwords.

Mattis seeks ties with Indonesian special forces unit, with an eye on China

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is pushing to reestablish contact with Indonesia's premier counterterror force, he said Tuesday, decades after it was barred from working closely with U.S. forces because of human-rights abuses.

Fifty years ago, North Korea tortured USS Pueblo crew members, gathering damaging intel

Back when North Korea was in the business of attacking the United States and not just making colorful but empty threats, the rogue state launched an audacious mission to capture an American spy ship, kidnap its crew, and steal lots of cryptologic goodies. It was a success.

North Korea may seek to steal Olympic spotlight with massive military parade one day ahead of games

In a move seen as a possible bid to steal some of the Olympic limelight and one that could jeopardize easing tensions on the Korean Peninsula, North Korea has moved forward the date it will mark the 70th anniversary of its regular army’s founding to Feb. 8 — just a day before the Winter Games kick off in the South.

CIA: North Korea moving 'ever closer' to putting US at risk

CIA Director Mike Pompeo said Tuesday that North Korea is moving "ever closer" to putting Americans at risk with a nuclear-tipped missile and that he believes leader Kim Jong Un won't rest until he's able to threaten multiple nuclear attacks against the U.S. at the same time.

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