North Korea liaison office is a source US-South Korea tensions

South Korea's plan to set up a liaison office at an industrial park it sponsors in North Korea is underscoring differences between Seoul and Washington over the pace of rapprochement with Kim Jong Un's regime.

Pearl Harbor survivor who led quest to identify USS Oklahoma ‘unknowns’ dies

A Pearl Harbor survivor who pushed to identify buried unknown remains from the 1941 attack has died. He was 97.

Sex-abuse case involving airman, S. Korean orphans led to new Kunsan guidelines

A former U.S. senior airman has been jailed for sexually abusing two South Korean orphans and for possessing child pornography in a 2016 case that prompted new community guidelines at Kunsan Air Base.

Brief Korean reunions bring tears for separated families

Dozens of elderly South Koreans crossed the heavily fortified border into North Korea on Monday for heart-wrenching meetings with relatives most haven't seen since they were separated by the turmoil of the Korean War.

Okinawa-based Marines’ ‘USA’ dance video goes viral in Japan

A video of Marines dancing to a Japanese pop hit is a viral internet sensation with millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets.

Tourists go off beaten path on North Korea's sacred volcano

Foreign tourists looking to go off the beaten path in North Korea can now camp out on the country's biggest volcano.

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