Australia joins US and Japan for annual minesweeping exercise

During the 3JA mine warfare exercise, which was expected to kick off Saturday and run through the following week — the U.S. Navy, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and Royal Australian Navy will practice sweeping, hunting and detecting underwater mines.

Senators push for USS Thresher memorial in Arlington National Cemetery

U.S. senators from three New England states recently wrote a letter urging Secretary of the Army Mark Esper to establish a monument honoring the 129 men who perished aboard the submarine.

Navy completes draft of Nevada bombing range expansion

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Navy officials want to add as much as 967 square miles of federal land and more than 100 square miles of private land to the Fallon Range Training Complex

How one Maine town reinvented itself after its biggest employer, Brunswick NAS, left

Visitors in Brunswick this holiday season will find the town bustling like it hasn’t in years, hearkening back more than a decade ago to when Brunswick Naval Air Station was at its peak.

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