After an effort to add the names of 74 sailors to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial hit a roadblock in the Senate, supporters of inscribing the names of the men who died aboard the USS Frank E. Evans are continuing to press for their inclusion.

Military striving to meet the challenges of recruiting during the coronavirus pandemic

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, military recruiters nationwide shut down in-person access and went to digital platforms. In doing so, they’ve adjusted to a new normal, changing the way they’ve recruited for generations.

Navy warship uses a new high-energy laser to shoot down drone in mid-flight

The USS Portland successfully disabled an unmanned aerial vehicle in mid-flight during the test of a new “high-energy laser weapon system” on May 16, according to U.S. Pacific Fleet

75 years later, memorial dedicated to Navy vessel sunk by U-boat off coast of Maine

National Guard troops based in Western New York and elsewhere around the country rushed to the nation's aid when the Covid-19 pandemic struck – but now the federal government wants to cut short their deployments one day before many of them qualify for valuable federal benefits.

Naval Academy Class gets sendoff with words from dignitaries, celebrities and former POW

For some, staying at home and taking coronavirus precautions feels like prison. But Capt. Charlie Plumb knows what real imprisonment is like. The former Navy pilot addressed the Naval Academy Class of 2020 as the first voice in the academy's video-commissioning to tell midshipmen that despite the disruption of their final days at the academy, their spirits will not be broken.

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