He died while serving on the USS Oklahoma along with 429 sailors and marines on Dec. 7, 1941. And for more than 70 years, the body of Navy Electrician’s Mate 3rd Class Roman W. Sadlowski remained unidentified.

Navy cryptologist Shannon Kent, killed in ISIS suicide attack in Syria, was torn between family and duty

In the months after she got her deployment orders, Navy cryptologist Shannon Kent was alternately energized and so anxious she felt sick. How would her sons cope for six months without her? What if the worst happened?

In response to back-to-back deadly collisions, Navy rethinks ship bridges to help prevent future accidents

The Navy plans sweeping changes to bridges and control systems on its ships to increase crew efficiency and help them avoid collisions like those that killed 17 sailors on the USS Fitzgerald and USS John S. McCain.

Navy may oppose wind farms off Morro Bay — but that doesn't mean it can't happen

The Navy is expected to make an announcement in the coming weeks on whether it will support fields of 700-foot floating wind turbines off certain areas of the California coast.

Border wall could grab $200 million from Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

The Defense Department's list of projects that could be cut to fund President Donald Trump's wall at the southern border includes more than $200 million of projects that are aimed at making Portsmouth Naval Shipyard more efficient in refueling and overhauling nuclear-powered submarines.

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