Operation Enduring Freedom: A look back in photos

With the curtain coming down on combat operations, Stars and Stripes is looking back at the U.S. troops who have fought in the war, what they encountered, and how they coped. We present three photo galleries featuring the work of our photographers and reporters who have covered the war in Afghanistan.


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Pakistani court: Release man accused in Daniel Pearl's death

The brutality of Pearl's killing shocked many in 2002, years before the Islamic State group regularly began releasing videos of their beheadings of journalists.

US exploring new bases in Saudi Arabia amid Iran tensions

A spokesman for Central Command said the evaluation of three Saudi Arabia sites had been going on for over a year, sparked by a September 2019 drone-and-missile attack.

Taliban prisoners released under peace deal arrested after rejoining fight, official says

The Afghan military expects the insurgents to intensify attacks as the year progresses, National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib said.

Afghans welcome Biden review of US-Taliban deal to end war

Biden’s team intends to examine whether the Taliban are meeting promises to “cut ties with terrorist groups, to reduce violence in Afghanistan and to engage in meaningful negotiations with the Afghan government and stakeholders."

COVID-19 vaccination underway for US military in Afghanistan

Doses of the Moderna vaccine arrived in theater Jan. 17 and inoculation began the next day, U.S. Forces – Afghanistan said.

‘Eagle Down’ examines the secretive role of US Special Forces in Afghanistan

What exactly was the U.S. military doing in Afghanistan? That question lies at the heart of a new book that focuses on the opaque role U.S. Special Operations Forces have played in the country over the past five years.

Engine failure, pilot error caused crash that killed two airmen in Afghanistan

A broken fan blade started the series of events that led to the death of two pilots last year in Afghanistan, according to a report on the accident.


Biden inherits stalled Afghan peace process and looming troop withdrawal date

Peace negotiations between the Afghan government and Taliban insurgents have made little progress recently because both sides are gauging how the new administration will approach the war, analysts say.

US to resume processing thousands of stalled visas for Afghans who aided Americans

The U.S. Embassy in Kabul will soon resume processing thousands of stalled special visa applications for Afghans who aided U.S. forces after halting visa interviews in March because of the pandemic.

Albanian soldier dies in Afghanistan peacekeeping mission

Albania's Defense Ministry on Wednesday reported the death of a soldier in Afghanistan, the second from the tiny Western Balkan country to die during the international peacekeeping mission.

Veteran sues retailers after finding image of him in Afghanistan for sale on posters

Army veteran Nicholas Giovannelli is suing to stop several companies from “exploiting his image for profit” after he found them selling posters featuring photos of him taken in Afghanistan many years ago.

Troop levels are down, but US says over 18,000 contractors remain in Afghanistan

About one service member deployed for each contractor a decade ago, at the height of the U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan.

Taliban attacks kill dozens in Afghanistan, officials say

A wave of Taliban attacks and violence has killed dozens across Afghanistan, even as talks are underway between the government and the insurgents in Qatar, officials said Tuesday.


Trouble at home may change Biden's hand in Iran nuke talks

President-elect Joe Biden and his team will face allies and adversaries wondering how much attention and resolution the U.S. can bring to bear on the Iran nuclear issue or any other foreign concern, and whether any commitment by Biden will be reversed by his successor.

Pakistani raid kills Taliban suspected of slaying of troops

Pakistani militants have in recent months stepped up attacks on troops in the former tribal regions bordering Afghanistan, citing concerns that insurgents are regrouping there.

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