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Ultra Orthodox Jewish men are seen reflected in a window as they pray ahead of the Jewish new year at the Western Wall, the holiest site where Jews can pray in Jerusalem's old city, Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2020.<br>Sebastian Scheiner/AP

Under lockdown, Israel faces bitter start of Jewish New Year

Eating apples dipped in honey on Rosh Hashana is a Jewish tradition to symbolize a sweet start of the New Year. But in Israel, bitterness prevails on the eve of the holiday as the country faces a second nationwide lockdown to stem a raging coronavirus outbreak.

US sanctions two Lebanon-based firms, Hezbollah-linked person

The U.S. Treasury on Thursday imposed sanctions on two Lebanon-based companies and a man described as an official with the Lebanese militant Hezbollah group, which the United States considers a terrorist organization.

Security Forces airman killed on noncombat patrol in Kuwait was slated to train as a dog handler

One U.S. airman was killed and two others were injured in a single-vehicle accident while conducting a routine patrol in Kuwait, the military said Sunday.

Airman is killed in second fatal vehicle wreck at Kuwait air base in recent days

A 23-year-old Air Force reservist was killed in a single-vehicle wreck on the flight line at Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait on Monday, the second fatal wreck on the base in less than a week.

Sewage from US Embassy, NATO headquarters dumped into Kabul River due to aging infrastructure

The only public facility in Kabul for sewage treatment hasn’t worked for almost two years because of poor maintenance, leading to untreated wastewater being dumped into the river and endangering the health of thousands of families, Afghan officials said.

Georgia Air National Guardsman receives Purple Heart connected to Taliban attack on Bagram Airfield

Air Force Tech. Sgt. Franklin Wetmore was hurt in a December explosion, but, in spite of the injury, he provided security to more than 500 personnel who were hunkered down in a terminal during an attack.

Trump nominates war skeptic as ambassador to Afghanistan

William Ruger is a foreign policy expert and veteran of the post-9/11 conflict who has repeatedly called for a full withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

Air Force special ops members ‘fight, bleed and laugh’ on nearly 7,000 days of deployments

The 17th Special Tactics Squadron has had no breaks in its rotations in support of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq since October 2001.

Taliban attacks continue across Afghanistan as peace talks begin

The attacks in 18 Afghan provinces included an advance in northern Jowzjan province Sunday that forced hundreds of people to flee their homes, local officials said.

Americans want end to Afghanistan war and fewer foreign interventions, report says

Americans prefer diplomacy over military intervention, want negotiations with adversaries like the Taliban and would rejoin international agreements the country has pulled out of under President Donald Trump, a new report said.

19 years after 9/11, many Americans who fought in Afghanistan are torn over US pullout

Nineteen years after the attacks of 9/11, some American veterans of the war in Afghanistan wrestle with the idea that the pull-out of U.S. troops from the country was born out of a deal struck with the very enemy more than 2,400 of their brothers and sisters died fighting.

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