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Marines from the 2nd Battalion 5th Marine Regiment return fire on the enemy after the enemy fired an RPG rocket at their position on July 15, 2012. <br>Nelvin C. Cepeda / The San Diego Union-Tribune/TNS

A combat photographer looks back on the 'forever war'

It was October 2005 when I first flew into Kabul aboard a Pakistani International Airlines flight. Mud homes pocked the desert landscape. Afghanistan looked quiet and serene — almost safe. That sense of security crumbled away moments after landing.

Number of US troops in Afghanistan could increase to help with drawdown efforts

More American troops could deploy to Afghanistan in the coming months to help with U.S. withdrawal efforts from the country, Pentagon’s chief spokesman said Friday.

Iran offers upbeat assessment of progress in nuclear talks

Iran's deputy foreign minister said the talks had entered a new phase, adding that Iran had proposed draft agreements that could be a basis for negotiations.

Afghan towns brace for economic and security upheaval as US bases prepare to close

Over the last 20 years, Bagram and other towns in Afghanistan became dependent on the sprawling U.S. military bases nearby for their economy and their security. In a few months, they may not have much of either.

Iran names suspect in Natanz attack, says he fled country

While the extent of the damage from the April 11 sabotage remains unclear, it comes as Iran tries to negotiate with world powers over allowing the U.S. to return to the tattered nuclear deal and lift the economic sanctions it faces.

'They’re trying to deny us until we die': Veterans hope new toxic exposure bill will spur change at VA

DOD documents show the Pentagon knew troops were exposed to multiple toxins at a base in Uzbekistan known as K2, and that exposure to those toxins caused hundreds of cancer cases. But the VA has denied many of the sick veterans care and disability benefits.

US goes one year without a combat death in Afghanistan as Taliban warn against reneging on peace deal

No U.S. troops have died in combat in Afghanistan for a year as of Monday, but the Taliban have threatened to target them again if Washington opts to keep international forces in the country after a May withdrawal deadline.

Israel: Rocket from Gaza is second in 24 hours; no injuries

Early Friday, Israeli aircraft hit three facilities operated by Hamas in response to the previous rocket attack.

Afghanistan: Remembering the fallen of 2020

As the year ends, we pay tribute to the 10 American service members who died in Afghanistan in 2020.

Drone attack targets US-led coalition at Irbil Air Base

In an unrelated attack, a Turkish soldier was killed when three rockets were launched at a military base in northern Iraq.

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