Marine Corps

Most Marine tankers have chosen to stay in the Corps rather than join the Army to keep on tanking in the months since the top Marine general called for the shuttering of heavy armor battalions earlier this year.

‘Semper Tanks’: Marines hold on to tanker spirit as 100-year legacy ends

The Marine Corps is ditching tanks, but its tankers are working to preserve their unique subculture, some with hopes that their special breed may one day be called on again.

Free school meals program extended to students at schools on US military bases overseas

Students at most overseas Department of Defense Education Activity schools will receive free meals for the rest of the school year, the Army and Air Force Exchange Service said Monday.

Marines complete Darwin deployment that included first Blackjack drone flight in Australia

Precautions over COVID-19 meant a far smaller group of Marines attending this year than the 2,500 who arrived in 2019. The size and scope of activities were curtailed, with U.S. rotations into Australia delayed by two months due to the pandemic.

Marine Corps stands up a second F-35B squadron at MCAS Iwakuni in Japan

The Marine Corps on Oct. 16 redesignated an existing unit at MCAS Iwakuni as Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 242, the second Marine squadron overseas to field the F-35B.

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