Marine Corps

Benjamin Robert Clinton, a 19-year-old Marine stationed in Twentynine Palms, Calif., was arrested Feb. 28, 2021 on suspicion of helping a 15-year-old teenager run away and having sex with her, authorities said.

Armenian leader scores political point in spat with military

Armenia's prime minister scored a political point Tuesday in his spat with the top military brass, advancing his motion to fire the country's top military officer.

Former Camp Lejeune Marine who smuggled guns to his native Haiti will spend five years in prison

A former Camp Lejeune Marine, who had ambitions of training a foreign army and becoming president, was sentenced to prison on Tuesday for illegally smuggling guns out of the country.

Marine who died surfing on Okinawa recently received a meritorious promotion to corporal

Cpl. Rene PonceAvalos, a 22-year-old engineer equipment operator from Beaverton, Ore., went missing Sunday afternoon while surfing near Okinawa’s Ikei Island, according to a statement Monday from the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit.

Marine donated a kidney to a stranger after seeing a social media post

When Staff Sgt. Jennifer Landry decided to answer her friend's post on Facebook in May 2018, she had no idea her organ would be going to a fellow service member. She was donating to her friend's boyfriend, retired Gunnery Sgt. Charles Dane.

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