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The satellite was finally launched successfully after being delayed for several weeks due to hydrogen leaks, high winds, and a problem with ground communication equipment.

3D printing may revolutionize maintenance for the stealthy F-22

Maintainers at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, last month installed for the first time a metallic 3D-printed bracket on an operational F-22, according to the Air Force and Lockheed Martin, the company that produces the $150 million aircraft.

No injuries, damage after Misawa-based fighter jet loses plastic part during flight

The part fell at about 12:20 p.m. west of the Hakkoda Mountains and south of Aomori City before the pilot landed without incident back at Misawa, according to officials.

Filmmakers seek Yokota airmen to serve as extras in ‘Fukushima 50,’ starring Ken Watanabe

“Fukushima 50” tells the story of powerplant workers who mounted a heroic effort to bring the damaged reactors under control after they were struck by a massive earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

Two F-15s make emergency arrested landings within minutes of each other on Okinawa

Safety issues forced a pair of F-15 fighter jets to land on the same runway — in opposite directions — within minutes of each other this week at the Air Force’s most active base in the Far East.

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