Air Force

Despite President Donald Trump’s claim that the cost of Air Force One has been cut by $1 billion, the Air Force said Wednesday that the price tag for the program has yet to be determined.

Airman gets life sentence for killing of pregnant fiancee

An airman stationed at an Air Force base in Georgia has been sentenced to life in prison for the slaying of his pregnant fiancee.

Boeing sues suppliers over liquid that damaged Air Force tanker

Boeing is suing two California companies it claims supplied a mislabeled chemical that caused severe damage to the refueling system of its first Air Force KC-46 refueling tanker and delayed its first flight in 2015 by a month.

Hawaii-based F-22 fighters head to Florida for training

Some Hawaii Air National Guard F-22 Raptor fighters were flown 4,460 miles late last week to Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida for annual practice shooting down drone aircraft with missiles.


Air Force delivers 4 Apaches to Germany

Transported in the wide bellies of the largest aircraft in the U.S. Air Force, four Apache attack helicopters arrived here on a wind-whipped Wednesday morning, the first of what will likely be many stops as the choppers begin a 9-month deployment in Europe.

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