Air Force

U.S. Coast Guard crews are searching for a small airplane that crashed hundreds of miles off the coast of Florida shortly after it was approached by U.S. military jets.

Research institute wins $10M contract to help advance hypersonic flight

The Air Force has awarded the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) a nearly $10 million contract f0r work advancing the development of hypersonic test vehicles.

Utah-based F-35A squadron deploys to US base in Italy

A squadron of F-35A jet fighters from Hill Air Force Base in Utah has deployed to Aviano Air Base in Italy.

Suspicious exam results spark cheating probe at Air Force Academy

The investigations, called a “clarification” process in academy lingo, are used to determine whether cadets violated the school’s honor code, which forbids lying, cheating and stealing. “Academic integrity at the academy is taken extremely seriously,” academy spokeswoman Lt. Col. Tracy Bunko said in an email.

Air Force agrees to reimburse W.Va. city for chem cleanup

The Air Force has agreed to reimburse $4.9 million to the city of Martinsburg, West Virginia, for expenses related to the 2016 cleanup of hazardous chemicals from the city's water supply.

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