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Linley Benson Lemburg served as an Air Force Office of Special investigations Special Agent from 1968 until his desertion in 1972. He was found in Florida living under an assumed identity.

Air Force considers retiring F-15Cs and transition crews to F-16s

The Air Force is weighing whether it should retire its fleet of F-15C fighters from its active-duty and reserve units and transition those crews to F-16s with upgraded radars, service leaders revealed Wednesday to House lawmakers.

Wright-Patterson-trained cyber warriors protect from daily attacks

At Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio, in the quiet classrooms of the Center for Cyberspace Research, hundreds of cyber warriors learn offensive and defensive cyber capabilities.


Vigil held in memory of Cannon airmen who died in training

Hundreds of people gathered in eastern New Mexico to honor three Air Force service members who died in a crash while on a training flight.

Airman saved young girl from Katrina - and inspired her to follow in his footsteps

The duo made national headlines in 2015 when Air Force Master Sgt. Mike Maroney, now in his early 40s, launched a social media campaign to track down the girl. He didn't know her name or where she lived, but had spent the 10 years since Katrina carrying a photo snapped on the day she was rescued.

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