Air Force

Space-, ground- and sea-based sensors provided real-time target acquisition and tracking data to a command-and-control center during the test. The interceptors were then launched beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, where they destroyed the target.

Air travelers in Germany may experience delays due to software glitch; no effect on military air

Flight operations at Ramstein Air Base were unaffected Monday despite a software glitch at a German air traffic control center that has grounded or delayed dozens of commercial flights in parts of the country.

Base says goodbye to oldest Air Guard tanker

Current and retired New Hampshire Air National Guard men and women said farewell Sunday to the last KC-135 tanker plane on duty at a New Hampshire base.

Two Eglin wildfires '100 percent contained'

The largest of three wildfires, now listed as 100 percent contained, had been burning since Thursday. It is likely the result of training by Air Force Special Operations Command.

Suspected racing crash involving at least one Kirtland airman kills woman, injures three

In addition to the unidentified airman, the Saturday evening crash, which is attributed to street racing, also left a female pedestrian dead and three people critically injured.

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