Airmen work in the unmanned aerial device apron in Agadez, Niger, where drones will be parked when they are not in operation.<br>John Vandiver/Stars and Stripes

‘Building a base from nothing’: $110 million U.S. project in Niger will house drones

The U.S. Air Force is nearing completion of a $110 million project in the Saharan desert town of Agadez, Niger, known as Air Base 201. And even the locals seem to think the Americans are going to be around for some time to come.

Libyan airstrikes target 'terrorist sites' east of Misrata

Spokesman Ahmed al-Mesmari said three airstrikes on Saturday destroyed dozens of weapons and vehicles in the town of Sadada.

Special operations soldiers shift training emphasis to help Africans fight terror groups

The Nigerien troops, 250 miles from their higher headquarters in Agadez, were at first reluctant at first to call their commanders with information about the unfolding battle simulation.

US Special Operations soldiers, African partners wrap up Flintlock exercise

U.S. special operations troops ended their largest training mission in West Africa on Friday, as part of a bid to better train local soldiers for the fight against terror groups.

South Sudan says military chief has died during Egypt visit

South Sudan's military chief has died during a visit to Egypt and after a "short illness," the government announced Friday.

Al-Qaida claims deadly attack on French, UN forces in Mali

Al-Qaida extremists have claimed responsibility for an attack in northern Mali that killed a U.N. peacekeeper and wounded seven French soldiers.

Special operators say African terror groups a future threat to US, if not right now

The runway under construction in Agadez, Niger, stretching more than a mile in the southern Sahara Desert, is both the Air Force’s biggest building project ever and the newest sign of a growing American military campaign against extremists in West Africa.

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