A statue of Mohandas K. Gandhi, erected at the University of Ghana in 2016, has been removed in response to public outcry over the Indian leader's racist writings.<br>Wikimedia Commons

After a petition called Gandhi 'racist,' his statue was removed from the University of Ghana

Although remembered by most of the world for his peaceful protests in favor of Indian sovereignty, critics pointed to intensely racist writings about Africans and successfully petitioned for the removal of a statue honoring Mohandas Gandhi at the University of Ghana.

South Sudan starts planning for life beyond war, cautiously

For the first time since fleeing his home when civil war broke out in South Sudan five years ago, Raan Bona is daring to plan for the future.

Nigeria's military lifts suspension of UNICEF activities

Nigeria's military has lifted a suspension of UNICEF's work in the extremist-threatened northeast just hours after it accused the U.N. agency of training people for "clandestine activities."

2 female suicide bombers die in northern Cameroon attack

A Cameroon official says two female suicide bombers have died after detonating in a northern town near the Nigerian border.

Ethiopia sentences 66 soldiers who marched on prime minister's office

Local media in Ethiopia say a court has sentenced 66 soldiers to prison after they marched on the prime minister's office earlier this year in what he later described as an attempt to derail dramatic reforms.

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