US special operations forces train Mozambique troops to counter ISIS threat

U.S. special operations troops have launched a mission to assist counterterrorism forces in Mozambique, where there are growing concerns about escalating violence by Islamic State militants.

Fewest number of special ops forces deployed since 2001 as Pentagon reviews decisions to draw down troops

Some 5,000 U.S. special operators were deployed in about 62 countries as of Thursday, Army Gen. Richard Clarke, the SOCOM commander, told the Senate Armed Services Committee. The deployment total represented about a 15% decrease in forward special operations forces compared with 2020 levels, he said.

173rd Airborne Brigade expects ‘renewed emphasis' on Africa following Somalia deployment

Although European security is still the 173rd Airborne Brigade's primary mission, officials expect it to have a growing role in Africa.

Senegal, Spain leaders seek to encourage legal migration

Senegal and Spain signed a memorandum of understanding on Friday to discourage illegal migration that has been increasing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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