The Ghost team tackles Russian ultranationalists in 'Ghost Recon' for the Wii.

The Ghost team tackles Russian ultranationalists in 'Ghost Recon' for the Wii. (Ubisoft)

Graduating from a tricycle to a full-fledged bike usually involves a stint on training wheels.

If you applied the same principle to shooters, Ubisoft’s “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon” for the Wii would fall into the training-wheel category. It’s planted midway between games that carry you through the action on a rail and those that let you roam freely as you blast away at your enemies.

The game begins with Russian ultranationalists taking over the government in Moscow and invading Norway. In the first mission, you play as a Marine sent to help liberate the Scandinavian country. After accomplishing that, you’re invited to join the Ghost team as it works with Russian “loyalists” trying to reclaim their country from the coup leaders.

The game is built for two-person co-op, with two Ghosts running and fighting side-by-side on the same screen. If two gamers play, the first controls Hibbard and the second controls Booth. If only one gamer plays, he controls Hibbard and a computer-controlled Booth provides support.

Game play involves hopping from spot to spot blasting away at enemies.

Movement comes in quick bursts as you advance toward your objective. When a movement option becomes available, a colored chevron appears. You can then aim your remote and click on the chevron to advance. However, you don’t actually control the direction or speed of your character’s movement, just his timing.

To target enemies, you hit a button and pop out from cover to take a shot. Aiming is handled by pointing the remote at the screen.

Technically, the game is solid, with decent graphics and responsive controls.

Hardcore shooter fans aren’t likely to find this system appealing. However, beginners or those who prefer rail-based shooters should find it quite entertaining.

Platform: Wii


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