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Although most theme parks across Europe remain shuttered at present, the hive of behind-the-scenes activity needed to keep such facilities fresh, unique and appealing to visitors continues apace.

High-quality coffee just part of the daily grind across the Continent

Ah, coffee! The beverage we depend on for our early morning boost has come a long way in recent years. Just as the craft beer movement elevated the art of brewing to new levels and created a whole new class of drinker, so too has coffee become the purview of artisanal producers and enthusiastic consumers. From Amsterdam to Zurich, coffee culture has been picking up in a steady drip.

Plan post-pandemic travel to honor musical legends

Countless small things are helping us to get through these pandemic-plagued days, amongst them great soundtracks reminding us of the carefree times of the past. Scattered throughout Europe, at times in the most unlikely of places, are found memorials to artists whose work particularly resonated with the public. Once travel returns to the playlist, strike out on a trip honoring your favorite musical legend.

Stations of the Cross represent Good Friday in Europe

On Good Friday, April 2 in 2021, Christian communities worldwide commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. With a name at odds to its solemnity (a theory is that the word good stands in for holy), the day is celebrated across Europe with somber processions and poignant plays.

Worms, Germany, remembers Martin Luther

Alongside the Rhine, in the well-worn city of Worms, history is always palpable. This is especially so this year, as the city marks the 500th anniversary of one of the key events in the life and times of Dr. Martin Luther, the Protestant reformer whose ideas went on to split the Christian church and reshape European society.

Taking in Europe's marvelous sights at a run

Admiring architecture, sampling street foods and watching street artists perform are just a few of the many activities that naturally combine with taking in the sights of a new town. Those who look at running not as just a fleeting fancy but rather a way of life have at their disposal another means of conquering new horizons. Let’s lace up our running shoes and tour some very special corners of Europe by means of fast feet.

Sites, events that celebrate women's institutions

On March 8, International Women’s Day is celebrated, albeit much more noticeably in some countries than in others. In a country so instrumental to its founding, the date often seems to barely register in the public consciousness.

Unusual beauty treatments to experience in your travels

Although COVID-19 and the regulations put in place to control it continue to negate all notion of distant travels, we can still dream of slightly quirky or outright self-indulgent treatments designed to help us put our freshest faces forward when we finally step out into the light. Here is a look at some of the procedures one can undergo, from those that cost close to nothing to those that carry a fancy price tag.

Tradition of strong beer at its height during Lenten season

Aside for the odd Easter egg market and celebrations welcoming spring, the Lenten season tends to be rather sedate across much of Germany. In ordinary times, Munich bucks the trend with a festival city residents treasure as something they keep largely to themselves.

Spirit of carnival lives on in these museums, monuments

To the surprise of no one, the carnival festivities that would normally make this coming week one of the liveliest ones of the winter season have been canceled in 2021. Despite the lack of parades and street parties, the spirit of carnival is so intertwined with local cultures that a number of museums and monuments honor this singular, silly season and all the rites associated with it year round. Here are a few places to feel that carnival vibe no matter the season.

Combine hiking and history with these lovely destinations

As we continue to abide by regulations aiming to keep Coronavirus transmission at bay, staying home is our new way of life. When it’s safe and sanctioned to venture out into the big wide world once more, our first excursions need not involve any great distances. This week’s look at outings in or near cities with U.S. military installations unites hiking and history.

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