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With lockdown likely to continue for weeks if not months, trips of any distance or entailing overnight stays remain on the back burner. While travel provides us with our favored means to experience beauty, nature, history and architecture, that longed-for escape into undiscovered realms can also be had while exploring one’s own backyard.

Europe's fermented foods aren't for the faint of heart

Some travel experiences are worth the taking not necessarily because of their enjoyment factor, but rather the stark differences they present from our own everyday reality.

Winter doesn't mean the end of wandering through Europe

Does the thought of strapping on skis or snowboards to your feet and careening downhill leave you cold? That need not stop you from enjoying the pristine, snow-draped landscapes of the season.

Europe still planning events, openings in 2021

As ongoing coronavirus concerns keep us locked in wait-and-see mode, here are some of the events, festivals, grand openings and other activities organizers hope to stage in 2021.

Where multi-course menus are holiday traditions

What’s on the plate for that special Christmas feast? It’s not just the country you find yourself in that determines the dish. Regions, religions and family traditions will influence what you’re indulging in the days leading up to, on and after the big day itself.

Experience the winter solstice from home this year

Public events around the world have been canceled in hopes of stemming the global pandemic, but there’s no stopping the forces of nature. One event that all life on earth experiences simultaneously is the solstice. At 11:02 a.m. Dec. 21, the sun in the skies above the Northern Hemisphere will reach its most southerly point of the year, and all those living above the equator will experience the shortest amount of daylight hours and the longest hours of night.

It's Christmas year round at these destinations

With the most eagerly anticipated events of the season canceled due to COVID-19 concerns, Christmas in Europe looks much different in 2020. While we’ll have to wait another year to stroll past Christmas market stalls, sip mulled wine, or perfect figure eights on the ice rinks, there are certain places where the spirit of the holidays is present year round.

A bejeweled trip through Europe

Conduct an internet search for the gems of Europe and you’ll find enticing list of under-the radar destinations promising stunning nature and heaps of charm. But Europe has plenty of gems in the literal sense of the word too.

Saints of the Advent season

If you weren’t born Catholic, you could be forgiven for not knowing much about the more than 10,000 saints venerated by the largest Christian church. In the period known as Advent, the four weeks spent in anticipation of the celebration of Jesus’ birth, two saints’ feast days stand out: those of St. Nicholas and Santa Lucia. While we cannot travel this year, we can join these celebrations in spirit.

Thanksgiving is a good time to explore England's Boston

Long before there was a Boston in Massachusetts, a settlement of the same name arose along the eastern coast of England. The United Kingdom’s Boston, today a city of about 35,000 inhabitants in the county of Lincolnshire in the East Midlands, was by the 12th century already a lively market town. Its name references St. Botolph, an Anglo-Saxon monk reputed to have passed through the area centuries previously.

Alpine skiing delayed this season, but perhaps not denied

As the first snows of early winter begin to fall, skiers across Europe are wondering how soon they will be able to indulge in their favorite sport. While it’s still too early to predict how the ski season of 2020-2021 will pan out, we can hope that through a mix of COVID-fighting measures such as caps on the numbers of skiers to the restriction of apres ski gatherings, a snowy day in the Alps might yet be yours.

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