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It's never too early to think about your weekend fun. Here are my picks for the best events to check out on the weekend of May 27-28 and beyond.

Auto-free cycling near the KMC

Pump up the tires, oil the brakes and head for the countryside: Germany’s glorious auto-free cycling days are in full swing.

How to save on train travel in Europe

Haven’t yet nailed down a destination, or traveling between two countries? Here's am overview of traveling by train in Europe.

Cavalcade of Herve, Belgium

Each year on Easter Monday, the town of Herve, in Belgium’s Liege Province, is the site of an elaborate procession.

Hop to it! Easter markets abound in Germany

In Germany, a sure sign of the approach of Christianity’s most important spring holiday is the appearance of Easter markets.

Hostels, campgrounds provide low-cost alternatives

Hostels and camping may not be for everyone, but they are hard to beat for cheap accommodations.

Find out what's happening with search engines

Eventful and Evensi are just two examples of search engines dedicated to finding geo-tagged events.

Festivals in Edinburgh

How do the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival differ?

The many Venices, Florences and Rivieras of Europe

Many common nicknames link one European city to a more famous cousin. Here are several.

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