Friends, ex-teammates and former coaches mourn Rashaan Salaam upon hearing of his death in a park near University of Colorado, where he stamped his name as one of the greatest players in the program's history.

Historic winning streak always a hot topic at Army-Navy press event

Every year in advance of the Army-Navy game, players and head coaches from both service academies gather at the host stadium for a media event. An unavoidable line of questioning has been Navy's historic winning streak in the series.

NFL doors open wider for Army and Navy athletes

To accommodate the athletic careers of its student athletes, the Department of Defense modified its requirement that service academy graduates perform two years of active duty before applying for reserve status.


Army, Navy teams take to the ice amid buildup to football rivalry game

As part of the buildup to Saturday's Army-Navy football game, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley coached an Army team made up of players representing the Army and Air Force to a 5-3 hockey win over a Navy team that featured representatives of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Monday night.

Mids enter Army-Navy football game with 10 players out for season, others hurting

Normally the Midshipmen have at least two weeks to plan for Army, but that routine is subject to modification since Navy joined a conference for the first time last year after 134 as an independent.

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Newcomers forge friendships on the mat

While the morning weigh in may have been intimidating for some of the wrestlers, it was easy to see that by the end of the day a new community was building amid the physical bouts.