Ombudsman columns


Does Stripes pass the balance test?

“Considering the content of your opinion page,” writes a reader, “you should change the name of the paper to ‘Hammer and Sickle.’ ”


Does Stripes deliver where it counts?

I visited four bases in three Persian Gulf countries last month, speaking with dozens of troops about where they get their news, their impressions of Stars and Stripes and how they keep themselves informed and entertained during deployments that stretch four to 12 months at a time.


New FOIA restrictions deserve 2nd look

Congress is on the verge of granting the Pentagon new rights to exclude from release certain information under the Freedom of Information Act. The measure, which is included in the Senate version of the 2017 National Defense Authorization bill, would exempt from release documents and files relating to military tactics, techniques and procedures, or TTP.


Is Stars and Stripes a liberal rag?

Does Stars and Stripes have an agenda? Is it a liberal newspaper? Is management advocating for Hillary Clinton?


Stars and Stripes can’t invoke FOIA, but it can get around that limitation

A newspaper should inform, entertain and, most important, watch out for its readers. Investigative reporting is at the heart of every newspaper’s First Amendment responsibility and mission. It’s how newspapers act as watchdogs for the communities they serve, questioning and probing policymakers, agencies and institutions.