Corpsman attached to Marine special ops first to earn Navy Cross

"There’s times when I want to shut out the world, act like this whole day never happened,” Chief Petty Officer Justin Wilson said at a Camp Pendleton ceremony Tuesday in which he received the Navy Cross. “But I’ve learned that if you do that, you don’t remember. And without remembrance, there is no honor.”

Joseph Scholle - top6 photo

A year in Vietnam, a lifetime of memories

Joe Scholle flew hundreds of sorties in Vietnam as a UH-34D helicopter pilot ferrying troops, logistics and medevac patients from base to base and in and out of “hot LZs” – landing zones under fire. While there, the Marine acquired the nickname “Crazy Joe” for the actions he took at his base at the start of the Tet Offensive. The nickname has stuck all these years, and so have the memories of many close encounters.




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