Lights in the form of lilies brighten the Wiesbaden, Germany, Christmas market.

Lights in the form of lilies brighten the Wiesbaden, Germany, Christmas market. (Peter Jaeger / Stars and Stripes)

Lights in the form of lilies brighten the Wiesbaden, Germany, Christmas market.

Lights in the form of lilies brighten the Wiesbaden, Germany, Christmas market. (Peter Jaeger / Stars and Stripes)

A group of kindergartners and their teacher, illuminated by colored lights, sing Christmas carols at the Wiesbaden, Germany, Christmas market.

A group of kindergartners and their teacher, illuminated by colored lights, sing Christmas carols at the Wiesbaden, Germany, Christmas market. (Peter Jaeger / Stars and Stripes)

(Updated Dec. 16, 2002)

Information on Christmas markets is the latest available to Stars and Stripes at press time. To verify, check with tourist offices in towns or cities where they are scheduled.

To jump ahead to Christmas market listings for each country, click on name: Austria, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland.

To jump ahead to Christmas events listings for each country, click on name: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland.

Christmas markets


Freyung: To Dec. 23.

Innsbrück: To Dec. 29, Old town, Landhausplatz.

Mariazell: To Dec. 22, Fri.-Sun.

Salzburg: To Dec. 24, Altstadt and Mirabellplatz. 9-7 Mon.-Fri., 9-7:30 Sat.-Sun., 9-1 Dec. 24.

Salzburg: Dec. 24, Burghof der Festung. 10-3 Dec. 24.

Vienna: To Dec. 24, Alserstrasse.

Vienna: To Dec. 24, Spittelberggasse. 9 to 9 daily, 9 to 5 Dec. 24.

Wels: To Dec. 23, Stadtplatz. 9:30-7 Mon.-Sat., 1-7 Sun.


Brugge: To Dec. 31, Simon Stevinplein.

Brussels: To Dec. 22, European market, Place St. Catherine. 11-8 Mon.-Fri., 11-10 Sat.-Sun.

Brussels: To Dec. 24, 11-8 Mon.-Fri., 11-10 Sat.-Sun.

Durbuy: Dec. 21-22.

Genk: To Jan. 5.

Ghent: To Dec. 22.

Hasselt: To Dec. 24, Leopoldplein.

Liege: To Dec. 29.

Ostend: To Jan. 5, Kiosks on ice. 11 -6.


Birmingham: To Dec. 21, Martineau Place, Victoria Square.

Exeter: To Dec. 25, St. George's Market, 10-9 Thursdays only.

London: To Dec. 24, Spitalfields Market.

Manchester: To Dec. 22, St. Ann's Square, Albert Square. 10-8.


Andlau: Dec. 23-24.

Arras: To Dec. 24.

Boulogne: Dec. 23.

Colmar: To Dec. 31.

Haguenau: To Dec. 24.

Kaysersberg: To Dec. 22.

Metz: To Dec. 24.

Mulhouse: To Dec. 31.

Obernai: To Dec. 23.

Paris: To Dec. 20, Maison de l'Alsace, Champs-Elysées.

Paris: To Dec. 29, La Defence.

Paris: To Dec. 31, Montparnasse.

Paris: To Dec. 24, Place de la Nation. 1 -7:30

Paris: To Dec. 29, Les Halles, 11-8 Sun.-Thurs., 11-9 Fri.-Sat.

Paris: To Dec. 31, Palais Royal.

Paris: To Dec. 31, Bercy Village. 11-9.

Paris: To Jan. 5, Disneyland, Disney Village.

Rosheim: To Dec. 22.

Rouen: To Dec. 29.

Saverne: To Dec. 24.

Selestat: To Dec. 23.


Aachen: To Dec. 23, 10-9.

Aalen: To Dec. 23, 11-6:30 Mon.-Fri., 9-6:30 Sat., noon-6:30 Sun.

Anhalt-Wittenberg: To Dec. 20.

Aschaffenburg: To Dec. 21, 10-9 Mon.-Sat., 11-9 Sun.

Aue: Dec. 13-22.

Augsburg: To Dec. 24, 9:30-8 Mon.-Sat., 10 -8 Sun.

Baden Baden: To Dec. 22, Kurhaus.

Bamberg: To Dec. 23, Maximiliansplatz.

Bergisch Gladbach: To Dec. 23, 11-8.

Bernburg: To Dec. 21, Karlsplatz.

Bernkastel-Kues: To Dec. 22, 11-7.

Bielefeld: To Dec. 23 and Dec. 27-30, Pedestrian zone. 11-9.

Bonn: To Dec. 23, Münsterplatz.

Braunschweig: To Dec. 28, 10-9 Mon.-Sat., 11-9 Sun., 1-9 Dec. 25.

Bremen: To Dec. 23, Marktplatz.

Bremen-Vegesack: To Dec. 23.

Buckow: To Dec. 24.

Bonn: To Dec. 23, 11-8 Mon.-Fri., 10:30-7:30 Sat., 11-8 Sun.

Chemnitz: To Dec. 22, 10-8 Sun.-Thurs., 10-8:30 Fri.-Sat.

Celle: To Dec. 22.

Cologne: To Dec. 23.

Darmstadt: To Dec. 23, 10:30-8:30 Mon.-Sat., 11-8:30 Sun.

Deidesheim: To Dec. 22.

Dinkelsbühl: To Dec. 22, 2-8 Mon.-Thurs., 11-8 Fri.-Sat.

Dresden: To Dec. 24, 10-8 Sun.-Thu., 10-9 Fri.-Sat., 10 -2 Dec. 24.

Dortmund: To Dec. 23, 10-9 Mon.-Sat., noon-9 Sun.

Duisburg: To Dec. 24, 11-8. Mon.-Thu., 11-9 Fri.-Sat., opens at 6 Dec. 24.

Düsseldorf: To Dec. 22, Altstadt.

Erfurt: To Dec. 22, Erfurt Cathedral and Church of St. Severus.

Essen: To Dec. 23, International Christmas fair. 11-9 daily.

Frankenthal: To Dec. 22, 11-8

Frankfurt am Main: To Dec. 22, Liebfrauenberg, Neuer Krämer, Paulsplatz, Römerberg, Fahrtor and Mainkai.

Freiburg im Breisgau: To Dec. 23, Altstadt.

Freinsheim: To Dec. 22.

Feuchtwangen: To Dec. 21, 6-8:30 Thurs., 1:30-6 Sat.-Sun.

Fulda: To Dec. 23, 11-8 Mon.-Sat., 12:30-7 Sun., 11-6 Dec. 23.

Goslar: To Dec. 29, Market square.

Göttingen: To Dec. 23.

Halberstadt: To Dec. 22.

Hamburg: To Dec. 23, Spitalerstrasse, St. Peter's Church, Gerhart Hauptmannplatz, Gänsemarkt.

Hamelin: To Dec. 23.

Hanau: To Dec. 22, 11-8

Hann. Münden: To Dec. 23, 10-8:30 Mon.-Sat., 11-8:30 Sun.

Hannover: To Dec. 22, old town.

Hassloch: To Dec. 22.

Heidelberg: To Dec. 22, 11-9

Hildesheim: To Dec. 22, Markplatz and Platz an der Lilie.

Itzehoe: To Dec. 31.

Kassel: To Dec. 23, Fairytale market, Königsplatz and Friedrichsplatz.

Koblenz: To Dec. 22, 10-8. Mon.-Fri., 10-7 Sat., 11-7 Sun.

Landau: To Dec. 19.

Leipzig: To Dec. 22.

Limburg: To Dec. 22.

Lindow: To Dec. 21.

Lübeck: To Dec. 22, Rathaus.

Ludwigsburg: To Dec. 22, Baroque market. Exhibitions, nativity scenes, teddy bears, porcelain dolls.

Lüneburg: To Dec. 23.

Mainz: To Dec. 23, 11-8:30 Mon.-Fri., 10-9 Sat., 11-9 Sun., 10-7 Dec. 22.

Mannheim: To Dec. 23, 11-9.

Meissen: To Dec. 23.

Monschau: To Dec. 27, Weekends only. Living manger performance, 3 and 5 Sat.-Sun.

Munich: To Dec. 24, Marienplatz. 3-9 Mon.-Fri., 11-9 Sat.-Sun.

Münster: To Dec. 22, 10-8. Mon.-Sat., 11-8 1 Sun.

Neustadt: To Dec. 23.

Nordhorn: To Dec. 22.

Nürnburg: To Dec. 24, Altstadt. 2-9 opening day, 9-8 Mon.-Wed., 9-9 Thurs.-Sat., 10:30-8 Sun., 9-2 closing day.

Oberrad: Dec. 22, Marktplatz.

Offenbach: To Dec. 23, 11-9 Mon.-Sat., noon-9 Sun.

Osnabrück: To Dec. 22, Markt and Domorpalatz.

Perleberg: To Dec. 22.

Regensburg an der Donau: To Dec. 23, 10-8

Rosenheim: To Dec. 24, 10-7:30 Mon.-Sat., 10-9 Sun.

Rostock: To Dec. 22.

Rothenburg o.d. Tauber: To Dec. 22, 12:30-7 Mon.-Fri., 10:30-7:30 Sat., 10:30-7 Sun.

Rüdesheim: To Dec. 22, 2-9 Mon.-Fri., 10-9 Sat., noon-9 Sun.

Saarbrücken: To Dec. 23, 11-8:30.

Schwartzwald: To Dec. 23.

Schwerin-Mäkelborg: To Dec. 22, 10-8.

Siegburg: To Dec. 22, Marktplatz. 11-8

Speyer: To Dec. 22.

Straubing an der Donau: To Dec. 23, 10-8 Mon.- Tue. and Fri.-Sat., 10-9 Wed., noon-8 Sun.

Stuttgart: To Dec. 23, Markt and Schillerplatz.

Suhl: To Dec. 22.

Templin: To Dec. 22.

Trier: To Dec. 22, Hauptmarkt and Domfreihof, 10-8:30 Mon.-Sat., 11-8:30 Sun.

Uelzen: To Dec. 22, 11-6

Ulm: To Dec. 22, Münsterplatz. 10-8:30 Mon.-Fri., 11-8:30 Sun.

Waldsieversdorf: To Dec. 24.

Weimar: To Dec. 22, 11-8 Mon.-Thurs., 11-9 Fri.-Sat.

Weserbergland: To Dec. 24, 11-7 Mon.-Fri., 2-7 Sat.-Sun.

Wiesbaden: To Dec. 23, Schlossplatz, 11-9 Mon.-Sat., noon-9 Sun.

Wilhelmshaven: To Dec. 23, Bahnhofstrasse.

Wismar: To Dec. 22, Marktplatz.

Wolfenbüttel: To Dec., 22, Stadtmarkt.

Wuppertal-Barmer: Dec. 23-25, 11-7:30 Sun.-Fri., 10-7:30 Sat.

Wuppertal-Elberfelder: Dec. 23-25, 11-7:30 Sun.-Fri., 10-7:30 Sat.

Würzburg: To Dec. 23, 10-8 Mon.-Sat., 11-8 Sun.


Arco: To Dec. 24.

Asti: To Dec. 25.

Bolzano: To Dec. 23, Piazza Walther.

Bressanone: To Jan. 8, cathedral.

Brixen: To Jan 6.

Bruneck: To Dec. 30.

Merano: To Jan. 7.

Milan: To Dec. 22, Piazza Sant'Ambrogio.

Prato: Dec. 21, Town hall.

Rome: To Jan. 6, Piazza Navona.

Siracusa: To Dec. 21.

Sterzing: To Dec. 29, 10-7:30 Closed Dec. 25 and Jan. 1.

Torbole: To Jan. 6.

Trento: To Dec. 24, Piazza Fiera.

Vipiteno: To Jan. 6.


Luxembourg City: To Dec. 24, Place d'Armes.


Amsterdam: Dec. 22, 10-5

Apeldoorn: To Jan. 5, Het Loo Palace. 10-5 Tues.-Sun. Closed Mondays and Jan. 1.

Arcen: Dec. 21-31 and Jan. 2-5.

Den Haag: To Dec. 31.

Eindhoven: Dec. 20-29, Beursgebouw, noon-11.

Maastricht: To Jan. 5.

Nijmegen:To Dec. 24, Centrum.

Rijswijk: Dec. 21-22.

Rotterdam: To Dec. 22.

Utrecht: Dec. 25-30.


Edinburgh: To Dec. 24.

Selkirk: To Dec. 24.


Gothenburg: To Dec. 23, Liseberg Amusement Park.


Alt Saint John: 19 and 21.

Basel: To Dec. 23, Barfüsserplatz.

Bern Münster: To Dec. 24.

Bern Waisenhausplatz: To Dec. 24.

Montreux: To Dec. 24, Grande Rue, Place de la Marché.

Winterthur-Zürich: To Dec. 22.

Zürich: To Dec. 24, Hauptbahnhof

Christmas events


Salzburg: Dec. 27-30, “The Nutcracker” at the Salzburger Marionettentheater.


Brussels: Through Jan. 7, Christmas cribs and illuminations. Dec. 22, Christmas Tubas, 500 musicians representing the tuba family form an orchestra.

Mechelen: Dec. 26-30, Christmas Horse Show at the Nekkerhal.

Czech Republic

Cesky Krumlov: Dec. 23, Living Bethlehem. Dec. 24, Bear Christmas. Adults and children bring Christmas presents to bears, plus caroling in the castle courtyard.

Pribram: Dec. 20-Jan. 5, Nativity scenes.

Roznov pod Radhoštem: Through Dec. 25, Christmas in Roznov, fair with live Nativity and caroling.

Zdár nad Säzavou: Dec. 19, live Nativity scene.


Copenhagen: Through Dec. 22, “Crazy Christmas Cabaret.” The English Theater of Copenhagen presents a Christmas production of “Bent the Gladiator” at Tivoli Gardens.



Through Jan. 6, Christmas Past: 400 years of seasonal traditions in English homes, Geffrye Museum, Kingsland Road, E2. Museum period rooms decorated to reflect festive style of each era. Workshops, talks, storytelling and concerts. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tues.-Sat., noon to5 p.m. Sun. No admission fee.

Through Jan. 26, Somerset House Ice Rink, Somerset House, Strand, WC2. 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Dec. 24 and 31, noon to10 p.m. Dec. 26 and Jan. 1, closed Dec. 25. 10.95 pounds for adults, 6.50 pounds for children.

Through Dec. 23, Hazard Chase Christmas festival, St. John’s Smith Square, SW1. Seasonal music and festivities.

Through Dec. 28, Christmas at Handel House, 25 Brook St., W1. Celebration at the house where Handel wrote “Messiah.” Concerts, recitals, and tours.

Through Dec. 31, “Nightmare at Christmas,” London Dungeon, SE1. Wicked Wonderland featuring Satan’s Grotto. 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed on Christmas.

Through Dec. 22, Christmas Past at the public record office in Kew. History of Christmas from Cromwell’s ban on Christmas traditions to the Victorian revival of ancient traditions. Admission free.

Jan. 6, Farewell to Christmas, Geffrye Museum garden, Kingsland Road, E2. Traditional burning of the holly followed by a taste of mulled wine and Twelfth Knight cake. 4-5 p.m. Admission is free.


Les Menuires: Dec. 24, Christmas Eve celebrations. Ski resort area celebrates with living Nativity and papillotes, a traditional chocolate treat.

Nice: Dec. 22-27, living Nativity scene, Place Rossetti.

Solignac: Dec. 21, Baroque Ensemble Christmas Concert, La Borie.


Goslar: Dec. 22, The Rammelsberg Mine at Christmas, Bergtal 19. 5-9 p.m. 200-year-old tunnel will be lit by traditional candlelight with band music filling the enormous mine.

Wiesbaden: Dec. 28-23, “Holiday on Ice,” Rhein-Main Halls. Call (+49) (0)611-1729780 for information.


Capri: Jan. 1 and 6, Local folklore groups perform in the Piazzetta.

Civitavecchia: Dec. 23, The Little Shepherdess. Boys and girls in the town roam the streets playing guitars, flutes and pennywhistles in return for sweets and pocket change.

Erice: Late December, Rassegna Mediterranea degli Strumenti Popolari, Mediterranean Folk Music festival.

Ravenna: Dec. 15-Jan. 5, The Gardens at Christmas. Entertainment, music, workshops and shows for children.

Rome: Dec. 24, Christmas Eve vigil. The pope gives midnight Mass at St. Peter's Cathedral.

Trieste: Dec. 22-Jan. 8, Mostra dei Presepi, Exhibition of Nativity scenes.

Verona: Dec.-Feb., Rassenga del Presepe, Nativity scene exhibition in the Arena.


Zürich: Dec. 19, Lichterschwimmen, Floating lights festival along the Limmet River and at the Weinplatz.

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