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Daegu Warriors Camp Walker, South Korea2011 season record—2-5 overall, 79 points for, 98 points against. 1-3 DODDS Korea, 58 points for, 61 points against. Second in DODDS Korea. Won second straight Far East Division II championship game 7-3 vs. Zama American.Head coach—Ken Walter, sixth season. 18-17 overall record, two DODDS Korea titles, two Far East Division II titles.Returning players—5.Returning starters—5.Base offense—Spread option.Base defense—Multiple fronts.Key returners—Xavian Washburn, Sr., LB; Jorge Algarin, Sr., TE; Caleb Gosserand, Sr., WR; Ronald McLean, Jr., RB; Patrick O’Malley, Jr., WR; Chris Walker, Jr., OL-DL.Key newcomers—Steven Robinet, So., OL-DL; Rahmaan Abdul Azeez, So., OL-DE (transfer from Potomac High).Strengths—As solid a front-line 11 as Walter has ever fielded.Drawbacks—Behind those numbers, there isn’t much; an injury or two could devastate.Overview—Contending, as long as everybody stays healthy; the expectation continues to be reaching the championship, Walter says.Guam High Panthers Agana Heights, Guam2011 season record—5-5 overall, .500, 133 points for, 81 points against. 3-4, .429, 95 points for, 53 points against, in Independent Interscholastic Athletic Association of Guam’s Interscholastic Football League. Won IFL quarterfinal 20-0 on Oct. 7 vs. Southern. Won IFL semifinal 18-8 on Oct. 15 vs. Simon Sanchez. Lost IFL championship Bamboo Bowl 14-0 on Oct. 22 vs. George Washington. Lost DODDS Pacific Far East Division I play-in game 6-0 Oct. 3 at Kadena.Head coach—Jacob Dowdell, second season.Base offense—Spread option.Base defense—5-2.Key performers—Damian Dimmick, Sr., RB; Marcus Domingo, Sr., WR; Lourdes Aguon, Jr., QB; Brandon Saville, Sr., LB-NG-FB; Tegan Brown, Jr., FB-LB; Cody Burpo, Jr., LB.Strengths—Solid veteran leadership core, strongest group of assistants the team has had.Drawbacks—Lack of depth will force that staff to be creative with personnel moves.Overview—Contending. The days of the Panthers playing piñata for the rest of the IFL are over, Dowdell said, replaced by an expectation of reaching the Bamboo Bowl every season.Kadena Panthers Kadena Air Base, Okinawa2011 season record—4-2 overall, .800, 58 points for, 84 points against; 1-1 Okinawa Activities Council, .500, 15 points for, 27 points against. Lost Far East Division I semifinal 42-6 on Oct. 29 at Yokota.Head coach—Sergio Mendoza, seventh season. Overall record 36-4, five straight Okinawa Activities Council regular-season titles (2006-10), three Class AA championships (2007, ’09, ’10).Returning players—26.Returning starters—15.Base offense—Wing T, power I, power wishbone.Base defense—4-4.Key performers—Dominic Shea, Jr., QB; Maverick Giron, Jr., QB; Justin Sego, So., RB; Joey Dyer, Sr., RB; Joseph Hermon, Sr., FB; DeAnte Lara, Jr., FB; Tyler Putt, Sr., L; Tyler Holmes, Sr., DB; D.J. Alexander, Sr., Alex Rojas, Sr., defense (transfer from California).Strengths—Attitude, work ethic, size and experience in the line, veteran backfield.Drawbacks—Still young in some areas.Overview—Contending. Probably not in the same neighborhood as the Speed Inc. days of 2009 and 2010, but well on the way and definitely in the Division I title hunt again.Kubasaki DragonsCamp Foster, Okinawa2011 season record—6-2, .750, 201 points for, 85 points against; 1-1 Okinawa Activities Council, .500, 27 points for, 15 points against, won league title on aggregate. Won Far East Division I semifinal game 22-7 over Seoul American on Oct. 29; lost D-I title game 34-6 on Nov. 12 at Yokota.Head coach—Fred Bales, eightth season. Overall record 18-17, .514, two Okinawa Activities Council titles, one Division I title (2005).Returning players—7.Returning starters—6.Base offense—Multiple, I.Base defense—4-man fronts.Key performers—Tyler Smith, Jr., QB; Jarrett Mitchell, Jr., RB (758 yards, 69 carries); Tyshon Butler, Jr., DT; Fred Suniga, Sr., L.Key newcomers—Aaron Stravers, Sr., FB-LB (transferred from Nile C. Kinnick, Japan); Joe Cervantes, Jr., WR (transferred from Oceanside High, Calif.); Ryan Burnette, Sr., WR; Kareem Key, So., TE; Justin Willis, Fr., WR; D.J. Alderman, So., WR.Strengths—Strong in the backfield, line a year older and wiser.Drawbacks—Inexperience at QB, WR, young overall, graduated 25 seniors the last two years.Overview—Reloading. Bales has shifted some people to new positions and says he’s encouraged by the look of young, new arrivals who’ll be around for a while.Nile C. Kinnick Red DevilsYokosuka Naval Base, Japan2011 season record—3-6, .333, 134 points for, 273 points against; 3-3 DODDS Japan, .500, 101 points for, 159 points against, second in DODDS Japan; 1-4 Kanto Plain, .200, 64 points for, 194 points against, third in Kanto.Head coach—Dan Joley, third season. Overall record 5-13, .278.Base offense—Veer option, more emphasis on passing.Base defense—4-3.Returning players—18.Returning starters—13.Key returners—Quinton Holden, Sr., H-back, DB, WR; Dustin Wilson, Jr., QB; Daniel Costello, Jr., L; Ian O’Brien, Jr., L; Ka’i Warford, So., L; Marvin Newbins, Jr., WR.Kew newcomer—Marcus Boatwright, Sr., RB-DB.Strengths—Offensive line averages over 200 pounds across, solid running attack.Drawbacks—Lack of depth elsewhere; special-teams coverage, some defensive aspects need work.Overview—Contending. Team bonded well during a week-long training-camp trip to Mount Fuji. The last time the Red Devils had an offensive line that averaged more than 200 pounds, they went unbeaten and won the Kanto Plain title (1996).

Osan American Cougars Osan Air Base, South Korea2011 season record—1-5 overall, .167, 92 points for, 205 points against. 1-3 DODDS Korea, .250, 53 points for, 124 points against.Head coach—Duke Allen, second season.Returning players—11.Returning starters—5.Base offense—Maryland I, double wing.Base defense—4-3.Key returners—Ibrahim Mustapha, Jr., WR-DB; Kenny Mack Stewart, Sr., QB; Noah Stokes, Sr., WR-DB; Daniel Plourde, Sr., K-P-DB.Key newcomers—Charles Hogan, Sr., OL-DL (transfer from Maryland); Tim Ampa, Sr., RB-DB (transfer from Florida); Preston Blakley, Sr., OL-LB; Alex Fisher, So., OL-LB (transfer from Texas).Strengths—Teamwork, hard working kids, a new attitude for Osan football. Players and coaches fired up, more of a family feel. Had best off-season conditioning program in many years at Osan.Drawbacks—Youth, inexperience.Overview—Rebuilding. Still very young. Many players have never played football before. Coaches must “coach them up” to get them ready, Allen said. “Players are working hard and are excited for the season.”

Robert D. Edgren EaglesMisawa Air Base, Japan2011 season record—0-7 overall, .000, 23 points for, 194 points against; 0-5 DODDS Japan, 13 points for, 159 points against; fourth in DODDS Japan.Coach—Blaine Miller, first season.Base offense—Multiple.Base defense—4-3.Returning players—5.Returning starters—5.Key returners—Tristan Jefferson, Jr., CB-WR; Louis Murphy, Jr., DE-WR; Chris Finco, Sr., OL-LB: Spencer Robison, Sr., OL-DL; Aric Butterfield, Jr., LB.Key newcomers—Tyrone Bacalso, Jr., WR-DB (transfer from Hawaii); Khalil Williams, Sr., WR-DB; Joel Loy, Sr., OL-LB; Chris Minton, Sr. OL-LB.Strength—Better, more improved teamwork, atmosphere, attitude; strong interior potential.Drawbacks—Youth, inexperience.Overview—Rebuilding, but if the fresh attitude and newfound dedication in Eagles Nation carries over to the games against Division II teams, at least, Edgren could be a contender for small-schools honors in November. Plenty of freshmen and sophomores with room to grow.Seoul American FalconsSouth Post, Yongsan Garrison, South Korea2011 season record—5-3 overall, .625, 168 points for, 116 points against. 4-0 DODDS Korea, 1.000, 99 points for, 25 points against, won DODDS Korea title. Won DODDS Pacific Far East Division I play-in game 38-7 on Oct. 3 at Nile C. Kinnick; lost D-I semifinal game 22-7 on Oct. 29 at Kubasaki.Head coach—Jim Davis, first season.Returning players—10.Returning starters—6.Base offense—Double wing, power I.Base defense—4- and 5-man fronts.Key performers—Cameron Harris, Jr., QB; Brandon Roseborough, Sr., RB; Sidney Mala’ulu, Jr., L; Devin Williams, Sr., LB, TE.Strengths—Interior size, at least 217 pounds across the board; Mala’ulu tips scales at 267.Drawbacks—Youth, inexperience; team working with fifth head coach in five seasons.Overview—Rebuilding. Small but experienced leadership core rallying around a longtime presence in DODDS as a player and coach (Davis has coached 12 years, in addition to playing for Nile C. Kinnick four years in the 1980s). A work in progress that could be competitive by the end of the season.

Yokota PanthersYokota Air Base, Japan2011 season record—9-1, .900, 380 points for, 64 points against; 6-0 DODDS Japan, 1.000, 254 points for, 19 points against, DODDS Japan champion; 5-1 Kanto Plain, .833, 229 points for, 46 points against, Kanto Plain co-champion. Won DODDS Pacific Far East Division I semifinal game 42-6 over Kadena on Oct. 29 at Yokota; won D-I championship game 34-6 over Kubasaki on Nov. 12 at Yokota.Head coach—Tim Pujol, 14th season, overall record 108-19, .850, 12 DODDS Japan and Kanto titles, five Rising Sun Bowl championships, one D-I title.Returning players—14.Returning starters—10.Base offense—Multiple, wishbone, power I, I.Base defense—5-2, 4-3.Key performers—Jesse Hogan, Sr., OL-DL; Stanley Speed, Sr., QB-DB; Dylan Kessler, Sr., OL-DL; Victor Madaris, Sr. OL-DL; Max Lester, Sr., OL-DL; Jake Jackson, Sr., OL-DL; Morgan Breazell, Sr., RB (1,022 yards, 121 carries); Raymond Butler, Sr., RB; Cody Trask, Sr., E; Preston Brooks, Sr., RB.Strengths—Size in the line on both sides of the ball, experience and speed in the backfield, most returning starters Pujol has had in 11 seasons.Drawbacks—Little to speak of, save for the Panthers graduating most of its starters after this season.Overview—Contending, contending, contending. On paper, at least, like the days of Panthers yore.Zama American TrojansCamp Zama/Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan2011 season record—3-7 overall, .300, 212 points for, 315 points against; 2-3 DODDS Japan, .400, 108 points for, 139 points against, third in DODDS Japan; 1-5 Kanto Plain Association of Secondary Schools, .167, 117 points for, 217 points against, fourth in Kanto Plain. Lost Far East Division II championship 7-3 on Nov. 11 7-3 at Daegu High.Coach—Steven Merrell, sixth season, overall record 19-24, .442, one DODDS Japan title, one Far East Division II title.Base offense—Wing-T.Base defense—4-3.Key performers—Mitchell Harrison, Jr., RB-LB (817 yards, 5 touchdowns, 90 carries; won’t play until late September due to shoulder injury); Andre Encarnacion, Jr., FB-LB (967 yards, Pacific-leading 14 touchdowns, 144 carries); Chad Wilder, Sr., OL-LB; Kalob Gunn, Jr., OL-LB (transfer from Texas); Rafael Morales, Jr., RB-LB (transfer from Texas); RayVaughn King, Sr., QB-DB .Strengths—Veteran backfield, solid when healthy.Drawbacks—Young, inexperienced in interior, particularly offensive line.Overview—Rebuilding, but if the new pieces mesh with the old and everything falls into place, could be a Division II title contender.

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Dave Ornauer has been employed by or assigned to Stars and Stripes Pacific almost continuously since March 5, 1981. He covers interservice and high school sports at DODEA-Pacific schools and manages the Pacific Storm Tracker.
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