Rewards for Readers

Published: May 3, 2016

Every so often Stars and Stripes offers readers a chance to win prizes or participate in studies, or otherwise be rewarded for being fans of Stars and Stripes.

In all cases, no purchase is necessary to enter or win. Generally, if there are prizes on offer, we do require that participants have current government-issued identification cards to be eligible.

For easy reference, if there are any rules that apply, we publish all of them in one spot online. Please visit the rules page for details, especially as sometimes only those stationed in a specific region or military theater are eligible to participate. With some prize giveaways, readers will be asked to submit their entries online; others have different requirements. Everything is explained in the rules, so please check!

If you have any questions about any of our rewards for readers, please email irish.meg@stripes.com.

Enjoy — and good luck. 


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Stripes Book Club
- Enter to win an author-signed copy of Red Platoon by Clinton Romesha.


Stripes Best Shot of the Season - Send in your best high school sports shots from DODDS games and win a GoPro!



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No promotions at this time.