WWII veteran remembers a struggle through Europe ... and a happy postwar life

Whistling shrapnel peppered the field. Artillery shells rained down from the German lines, exploding just above the ground — a hellish scene of smoke and flame. Six hundred yards away, dozens of American GIs hunkered down, and Staff Sgt. Christopher Crossett had to get them out.

Sheppard AFB awaits new $92M clinic, welcomes veterans

Sheppard Air Force Base is anticipating a new $92 million medical and dental clinic, with construction to begin sometime between this summer and the summer of 2018.

In Texas, veteran cigar nights are in full swing

A senior living community in Victoria, Texas, is starting Veteran Cigar Nights as a way to bring veterans together.

Vietnam veterans to celebrate Tet Offensive victory

Vietnam vets will gather Saturday in Pennsylvania to mark their 33rd annual Tet Party at Youngwood Fire Hall. The event originated as a celebration of America's little noted victory against the offensive.

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