Bay of Pigs veteran, families seek billions from Cuba

Since the day in 1959 that Cuban government agents blackmailed his father into committing suicide, Gustavo Villoldo has been on an anti-Castro mission that included co-piloting a B-26 bomber during the ill-fated 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, infiltrating Cuba for the CIA numerous times and tracking down Fidel Castro. lieutenant Ernesto "Che" Guevara in Bolivia in 1967. Now, at age 78, Villoldo is fresh off another clash with the Cuban government.

Korean War Veteran waited 61 years for medals

He volunteered to serve his country, went to war and waited 61 years for the recognition he deserved.

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Stories, photos, timelines: Vietnam at 50

In this continuing series, Stars and Stripes looks back at the Vietnam War and the cultural changes that surrounded it. With contributions from the men and women who were there, we will examine how the war was prosecuted, how it changed our military and foreign policy thinking, and how America viewed itself then and now.

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