Marine Corps veteran Lance Cpl. Tyler Hoffman looks at the Purple Heart Monument in Mount Vernon, Va., the home of George Washington. Hoffman will travel cross country promoting the Purple Heart Run until the end of May.<br>Ken-Yon Hardy/Stars and Stripes


Purple Heart Run: 'Get in a pickup and feel like a guy again'

Traveling 6,000 miles in 28 days can be taxing for a lot of people, but for Marine Corps veteran Tyler Hoffman, the Purple Heart Run is worth every mile.

Cal. Veterans battle city politics for location of cemetery

Bill Cook gazes upon fields of strawberries and, in his mind’s eye, he sees thousands of his Marine brothers leaving for Vietnam, never to return. He also sees hallowed ground – and an opportunity for healing, homecoming and honor.

From left, Dennis Puleo, Tom Hanks, Bob DeVenezia, kneeling, and Bob Falk met on Cinnamon Beach Saturday, April 23, 2016 in Palm Coast, Fla. The four friends hadn't all been in the same place since being shipped off to fight in the Vietnam War.<br>Luke Franke/Naples Daily News/AP

4 Marines come together after 50 years for the perfect photo

They wanted the picture to be just right, to look as close as possible to the one they'd taken together 50 years ago, back when their memories hadn't yet been clouded by the images of war. So on a recent Saturday morning, on the sun-drenched Atlantic shore of Cinnamon Beach on Florida's northeast coast, four U.S. Marine veterans gathered around a yellow longboard turned upright, trying to recreate a moment from five decades earlier.

Stars and Stripes examines the efforts by cities across the country to bring homelessness among veterans to an end.


Travis Goodman, who joined the Marines in 1978 for a three-year stint, was homeless for more than a decade before moving into the Commons at Livingston in Columbus, Ohio, in 2012. The permanent supportive housing community provides one-bedroom apartments to disabled and homeless veterans. Martin Kuz/Stars and Stripes

The difference a home makes

Living with fellow veterans in permanent supportive housing offers a healing camaraderie, an oasis of shared experience and empathy. “For some of them, being here is the first time they’ve felt connected to anyone since they got out of the military.”

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A nation honors valor in the war on terrorism

In an annual special section, Stars and Stripes looks at the deeds that have earned medals of valor for the servicemembers.


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