American sailors watched as the first Revolutionary Guard vessels appeared on the horizon of the Strait of Hormuz, beginning a daylong face-off that has become familiar to both Iranian paramilitary and U.S. naval forces that pass through the narrow mouth of the Persian Gulf. But these routine, if tense encounters may soon grow even more perilous.

Florida renews push for aircraft carrier. Virginia pushes back.

Florida lawmakers say it makes more sense to base carriers at multiple locations. But Virginia Rep. Rob Wittman said the military has greater priorities than building a "redundant infrastructure" at Mayport.

Attorney: Rape accuser was jealous of Navy SEAL's wife

Prosecutors in the case say Chief Petty Officer Stephen Varanko III refused to let the woman leave his hotel room and assaulted her after he learned she had slept with another man.

Ship's name honors Pearl Harbor Medal of Honor recipient

The Navy this summer plans to commission a new guided-missile destroyer named after Chief Aviation Ordnanceman John Finn, a sailor who received the Medal of Honor for his service during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

'Norfolk 4,' wrongly convicted of rape and murder, pardoned by Virginia governor

The four Navy veterans who were wrongly convicted of the rape and murder of a woman in Norfolk in 1997 and served years in prison were formally pardoned Tuesday by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

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