“Midshipman” will not change because it’s a rank according to U.S. law, Naval Academy Superintendent Vice Adm. Ted Carter said this week. He added that officials only looked at changing the name “very briefly.”

'Norfolk Four' seek pardons from Va. governor

Four former sailors who have long claimed that police coerced them into falsely confessing to a 1997 rape and murder have asked Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe to formally declare that they are innocent, their attorneys said Thursday.

Navy on hook for most fixes on littoral ships, GAO finds

The government must foot the bill because the Navy didn't require warranties that would force contractors to pay many of the costs, as the U.S. Coast Guard does, the Government Accountability Office said in a statement.

Navy's futuristic-looking USS Zumwalt arriving in homeport

The U.S. Navy's biggest, most expensive and most technologically advanced destroyer arrived at its homeport on Thursday after a nearly four-month transit that included some hiccups, such as a high-profile breakdown in the Panama Canal.

Court ruling reverses ban on Atsugi’s Japan Self Defense Forces night flights

The Japan Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a lower-court ruling banning Japan Self-Defense Forces nighttime flights out of Naval Air Facility Atsugi and reduced compensation for noise, while also allowing late U.S. military flights to continue. Japan Self-Defense Forces' nighttime flights can resume at Atsugi.

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