In a test at the Point Mugu Test Range off the California coast on Sept. 22, a Raytheon Standard Missile-6 was launched by the guided missile cruiser USS Princeton and successfully destroyed an “over-the-horizon” threat target using targeting data from a remote, airborne sensor.

High-profile Texas sheriff tied to a rogue Navy unit facing a criminal probe

Less well known are Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West's strange connections to a rogue Navy intelligence office at the Pentagon that has been under criminal investigation for the past three years.

Memorial in New York for 3 lives lost in South China Sea in 1969

A memorial was placed at the naval yard, a tribute to the three New York State residents who were among the 74 men killed when an allied flagship T-boned the USS Frank Evans in the South China Sea on June 3, 1969.

Navy move to scrap traditional enlisted ratings system draws criticism, questions in ranks

The Navy has scrapped its two-century-old enlisted ratings system that identified sailors by their occupation and military rank in a controversial plan to provide them greater career flexibility, the service announced Thursday.

Museum planned in suburban New York to honor Navy SEALs

The museum would be the third honoring SEALs. The others are in Fort Pierce, Florida and Coronado, California.

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