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Gen. John Nicholson, the Resolute Support and United States Forces-Afghanistan commander, briefs reporters on Dec. 2, 2016, at the Pentagon.<br>Jette Carr/DOD

Nicholson: US has enough troops, authorities in Afghanistan

The United States has enough troops and combat authority in Afghanistan to help government forces defeat the Taliban and other terrorists groups there, the top American military commander in the country said Friday.

Destructive hacks strike Saudi Arabia

State-sponsored hackers have conducted a series of destructive attacks on Saudi Arabia over the last two weeks, erasing data and wreaking havoc in the computer banks of the agency running the country's airports and hitting five additional targets.

5th Fleet defends US naval capabilities in Bahrain

A Heritage Foundation report claimed the U.S. military was only “marginally able” to meet the demands of defending America’s vital interests in the region as it faced looming threats from Iran and terrorist groups.

Californian killed in Syria is remembered as humble, dedicated to Kurdish cause

Michael Israel, 27, an American volunteer with the Syrian Kurdish militia known as the People’s Protection Units, or YPG, was killed last week in a Turkish airstrike.

Calls for ceasefire, massive displacement in Syria's Aleppo

The U.N. said Friday an estimated 31,500 residents have been displaced following Syrian government advances into the besieged eastern Aleppo enclave this weekend, as government media reported from those newly-captured areas, demonstrating its restoration and resettlement efforts there.

Defense bill extends protection of Afghans under threat for helping US

Tucked more than a thousand pages into the pending national defense policy bill unveiled this week is a provision that is a matter of life and death. The special immigrant visa program – a lifeline for Afghan interpreters and other foreign employees who worked with U.S. forces or officials and are getting death threats for it – almost didn’t make into the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act .

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