Suspected militants gun down Egyptian army officer

Suspected Islamic militants on Saturday gunned down a senior Egyptian army officer near his home in an eastern Cairo suburb, according to two security officials.

Somali pirate says 26 Asian sailors freed after 4 years

A Somali pirate says 26 sailors who were held hostage for over four years have been released after ransom was paid.

Migrants die amid 'coast guard' attack off Libya, aid group says

At least four people died off the coast of Libya and more were missing after a rubber boat full of around 150 migrants was attacked Friday by a group aboard a speedboat labeled as belonging to Libya's coast guard, a German aid group said.

Warships for $1? Moscow denies Polish claim that Egypt sold them to Russia

Poland's defense minister said he thinks Egypt has sold two French-made Mistral warships to Russia for the symbolic price of $1, a claim dismissed by the Russian military Friday.

Egypt's fight against Islamic militancy makes enemies

Egypt has made fighting Islamic militants its overriding foreign policy objective, a decision that has brought it closer to Syrian President Bashar Assad, Russia and Iran, in turn antagonizing its chief financial backer, Saudi Arabia.

South Sudan rebel leader says he could return next month

South Sudan rebel leader Riek Machar says he could return to the country as early as next month, even if he has to enter the way he fled - on foot.

USS San Antonio joins Libya operation

The Navy’s USS San Antonio is now serving in the Mediterranean Sea as part of Operation Odyssey Lightening, replacing another warship in a move that will alter the type of air power being brought to the fight in Libya.

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