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Trump’s bigger Army could cost $12 billion by official’s math

President Donald Trump’s pledge to increase the Army’s active-duty troops to 540,000 from 465,000 today could cost at least an extra $12 billion once the goal is met, based on a formula provided by departing Army Secretary Eric Fanning.

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Rescuers pull out avalanche survivors in Italy

With cheers of joy, rescue crews pulled survivors from the debris of an avalanche-crushed hotel in central Italy, boosting spirits two days after the massive snow slide buried some 30 people at the resort. At least two children were among the 10 people found alive.

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US bombers flew from Missouri and killed 80 Islamic State fighters in Libya

U.S. warplanes struck Islamic State encampments in Libya overnight, killing more than 80 terrorists and destroying their makeshift training camps near Sirte, a town the group once dominated, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Thursday.

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