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Earlier in the year we asked readers for feedback regarding the addition of postal codes to the walks chart as a possible aide in locating Volksmarches. We only received a few responses and, in the process of thinking this proposal through, we identified several potential problems, so we placed the issue on the proverbial back burner.

In spite of these difficulties, we have decided to add the postal codes on a trial basis to see if they really are a benefit to readers. However, we must also inform you of the problems that might arise, because we don’t want to make things more confusing. Some of these might seem rather simple, but several small problems might combine and create a big problem.

• Postal codes have different formats in different countries.

• Not all of the fliers we receive have postal codes on them. It is the sponsoring club’s decision/responsibility to provide the postal code information. If they do not place it in the flier, then we can’t put it in the chart.

• The postal codes that are given are not always for the start hall, but are sometimes for an individual who is the point of contact for the walk and might live in another town.

• Don’t forget to refer to the German state and region code listed in the directional reference column of the chart. That should eliminate most of the choices when there are several towns with the same name.

• Nothing can replace a good road map. We also like Microsoft AutoRoute 2006 and will print out an enlarged map of potential problem areas we identify on the route. There are several on-line mapping services that people like, but so far, Auto- Route has worked fine for us as a supplement for our road maps.

• Bad weather, road construction, accidents and other incidents will always be wild cards that require flexibility in your search for the next walk, but always be aware of and obey the street signs.

We do not have a lot of experience with car GPS systems. We bought one on an impulse over a year ago, but have found that our road map, a flier from the walk, and sometimes a supplemental printout from AutoRoute 2006 has worked without fail for us. Please do not expect to add the postal code to the GPS and then end up at the start hall. We don’t think it is going to work that well.

We will list the postal codes we receive for German walks for the rest of the month and await further feedback from you, the readers, as to whether this has helped. Based upon your responses, and guidance from our editors, we will then decide upon which direction to go with the postal codes issue.


We had a delightful walk in Malberg/ Eifel. A bit of rain made the trail slippery in a couple places, but it only slowed us down a little. The control point was in the nearby town of Kyllburg in the tourist information office. The club members who were staffing the control point were fairly new to Germany and we were pleased to see they had already joined a Volksmarch club. Here’s hoping they enjoy many happy weekends on the Volksmarch trails.

Always on the lookout for unusual artwork, we were able to buy two prints of Malberg Castle circa 1840 at the tourist information office. We end up buying prints faster that we can get them framed.

After the walk, we picked up our prize — a very nice multi-colored coin with the club’s logo. We had a pleasant chat with Rich, Sam and several other club members, and enjoyed bratwurst and a generous serving of noodle salad. This walk had all the components of a great Volksmarch: good trails, great food and very friendly people!


Kudos go out to the contributors of this week’s article. They are: Mary Campbell; William Castro and Maureen McHugh-Castro; Manfred Dahl; Bob Gambert; Egon Hatfield; Wayne Henry; Ramona and Horst Kechelen; James Kelly; Tim and Luchi Lynch; John and Patty Marsh; Pat Patterson; Dawn St. John; Nancy Shawley; and Jose Valdez.


Miscellaneous notes about this week’s Volksmarch events:

• The walk in Wiesbaden on Sunday is in the neighborhood of Naurod, northeast of the city. They are offering B-medals at the reduced price of 2.50 Euros. Start the 6 and 10 kilometer routes between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m., and the 20 kilometer route between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. Finish time for all routes is 5 p.m.

• The Radsport and Radsportfördverein e.V. Hohenöllen is hosting a Wednesday walk. This is close for those of you living in the Kaiserslautern Military Community (just 25K from Ramstein). Participants have the option to pick up a medal from previous Hohenöllen walks.

• A hanging lamp is your souvenir at Allmannshofen, Germany.

Here are some notes from Clark Soeldner, our expert on walks in Italy:

• If you like mountain walks don’t miss the one in Vedronza di Luserera! It is in the Alta Val Torre, the location of numerous year-round IVV walks. The 24K will have two fairly stout ups and downs. This event starts in the Polisportivo di Lusevera, loc. Vedronza, and the ceramic souvenir goes to the first 300 participants.

• The start for the walk in Cimolais is at the Piazza davanti alla Chiesa. In the past the souvenir has been a T-shirt. This walk will be in the Parco Naturale Dolomiti Friulane.

• The Palse walk will begin at Dall’area dei festeggiamenti.


E-mail volksmarch schedule information to two. brochures to Bob and Lorraine Huffaker, CMR 460, Box 278, APO, AE, 09703-0278.

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