2021 Guam tennis

By STARS AND STRIPES Published: February 25, 2021

(All matches at Ninete Tennis Center, Hagatna)


Thursday, March 4
Guam High vs. Father Duenas Memorial
St. John’s vs. Harvest Christian Academy

Tuesday, March 9
Father Duenas vs. Harvest Christian
Guam High vs. St. John’s

Thursday, March 18
St. John’s vs. Father Duenas
Harvest Christian vs. Guam


Tuesday, March 2
Guam vs. Academy of Our Lady of Guam
St. John’s vs. Harvest Christian

Thursday, March 11
Our Lady vs. Harvest Christian
Guam vs. St. John’s

Tuesday, March 16
St. John’s vs. Our Lady
Harvest Christian vs. Guam