2019 Guam boys volleyball

By STARS AND STRIPES Published: March 25, 2019

Friday, March 22
Simon Sanchez at St. Paul Christian
St. John’s at Okkodo
Tiyan at John F. Kennedy
George Washington at Notre Dame
Southern at Father Duenas
Guam at Harvest Christian

Tuesday, March 26
Okkodo at Simon Sanchez
John F. Kennedy at St. Paul Christian
Tiyan at St. John’s
Father Duenas at George Washington
Harvest Christian at Notre Dame
Guam at Southern

Friday, March 29
Simon Sanchez at John F. Kennedy
Okkodo at Tiyan
St. Paul Christian at St. John’s
George Washington at Harvest Christian
Father Duenas at Guam
Notre Dame at Southern

Tuesday, April 2
Tiyan at Simon Sanchez
St. John’s at John F. Kennedy
St. Paul Christian at Okkodo
Guam at George Washington
Harvest Christian at Southern
Notre Dame at Father Duenas

Friday, April 5
Simon Sanchez at St. John’s
St. Paul Christian at Tiyan
John F. Kennedy at Okkodo
George Washington at Southern
Notre Dame at Guam
Harvest Christian at Father Duenas

Monday, April 8
Harvest Christian at Tiyan

Tuesday, April 9
Southern at Okkodo
Guam at John F. Kennedy
Father Duenas at St. John’s
Notre Dame at Simon Sanchez

Friday, April 12
Southern at St. Paul Christian
Guam at Simon Sanchez
Father Duenas at Okkodo
George Washington at St. John’s
Notre Dame at Tiyan

Tuesday, April 16
Father Duenas at St. Paul Christian
Harvest Christian at Simon Sanchez
George Washington at Okkodo
Notre Dame at John F. Kennedy
Southern at St. John’s
Guam at Tiyan

Thursday, April 18
George Washington at St. Paul Christian

Saturday, April 20
St. Paul Christian at Guam
Simon Sanchez at Father Duenas
Harvest Christian (home team) at Okkodo
John F. Kennedy at George Washington
St. John’s at Notre Dame
Tiyan at Southern

Monday, April 22
Harvest Christian at John F. Kennedy

Tuesday, April 23
St. Paul Christian at Harvest Christian
Simon Sanchez at George Washington
Okkodo at Notre Dame
John F. Kennedy at Southern
St. John’s at Guam
Tiyan at Father Duenas

Friday, April 26
St. Paul Christian at Notre Dame
Simon Sanchez at Southern
Okkodo at Guam
John F. Kennedy at Father Duenas
St. John’s at Harvest Christian
Tiyan at George Washington


Friday, May 3
Eighth place at regular-season champion
Fifth place at fourth place
Seventh place at second place
Sixth place at third place

Tuesday, May 7

Wednesday, May 15
Third place

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