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More new champions surfaced and made school history as Far East tournament week reached its midpoint Wednesday.

Nile C. Kinnick sophomore Garren Dial captured the boys Elite 8 singles title and Yokota High School juniors Kenta Takahashi and Ken Brophy claimed the doubles crown as the Far East High School Tennis Tournament concluded at Ninete and Tiyan Tennis Centers on Guam.

More familiar names also graced the awards stand as junior Kristia Suriben of E.J. King of Japan repeated in girls Elite 8 singles and teamed with her freshman sister, Riza, to repeat as doubles champion.

Seoul American, which won the boys and girls team competitions on Tuesday and put more players in the finals than any other school, repeated its overall team championship.

But Wednesday stood out as the first time Kinnick and Yokota put a champion on the awards podium in the 17 times the tournament has been held since 1977.

“That’s nice to hear, a gold medal for Yokota,” Brophy said after he and Takahashi teamed to knock off Thomas Harwell and John Zindash of Robert D. Edgren 8-5. “Tennis has never been good at Yokota. Hopefully, this will bring new players out and give us hope for the future.”

Brophy said the synergy he and Takahashi developed as a doubles team for three seasons at Yokota meant the most to their title run. “We have good chemistry, we get along together and play well together,” he said.

They say they plan to return to defend their doubles title as seniors next year. But Dial’s 8-3 victory over Aesop Lee in the singles final marked his last appearance in Red Devils uniform; he’ll transfer after this school year.

“A great way to go out,” Dial said. “It feels great to have my teammates behind me, rooting for me. … Times when I felt down, the team would pick me up.”

In the semifinals and finals, said coach Nicolas Hindie, Dial was “dominant. We’re all very proud of him.”

Meanwhile, the Suribens rebounded to claim their girls’ titles a day after Taegu American handed the Cobras a stunning 2-1 upset in the team competition semifinals.

And Kristia Suriben’s 6-0 victory over rising Kadena freshman Elissa Mason and the sisters’ 8-2 doubles triumph over Seoul American’s Elizabeth Ko and Esther Kim weren’t as one-sided as they appeared, said coach Andrew Bogen and the sisters.

Mason “was a competitor and so were Seoul’s doubles pair,” Bogen said.

“This year,” Kristia Suriben said, “there was more competition. There were a lot of new girls I had not seen. It kind of shook me up a little bit. But I managed to pull through.”

Rizalina Suriben said she hadn’t expected the competition to be as strong as it proved but “once I saw it and got on the court and started playing, I felt comfortable and did really well.”

Bogen said he had doubts about how well Kristia might do simply because they’d played relatively few teams this season: Matthew C. Perry, Nile C. Kinnick and Robert D. Edgren, twice each.

“Kristia never got a chance to play much of anyone during the season,” the coach said. “I didn’t see what she could really do. But she can do a lot more than I was aware of.”

ResultsAt Rick Ninete Tennis Center, Hagatna, and Tiyan Tennis Center, Tiyan, Guam

Boys Elite 8 singlesChampionship drawFirst roundThomas Harwell, Robert D. Edgren, def. Sae Hee Ahn, Seoul American, 8-3; Richard Naseer, Matthew C. Perry, def. Steven Barrera, Guam High, 8-0; Garren Dial, Nile C. Kinnick, def. Kevin Herrera, Osan American, 8-7; Phillip Roper, Zama American, def. Kyle Sprow, Kadena, by walkover; Ken Brophy, Yokota, def. Thomas Qian, Taegu American, 8-2; Kenta Takahashi, Yokota, def. Patrick Hayes, Kubasaki, 8-2; Kyle Trenor, Kadena, def. Adrian Beato, E.J. King, 8-0; Aesop Lee, Seoul American, def. Dennis Hirata, Nile C. Kinnick, score unavailableQuarterfinals Harwell def. Naseer 6-0; Dial def. Roper 6-0; Takahashi def. Brophy 6-0' Lee def. Trenor 6-3Semifinals Dial def. Harwell 6-1; Lee def. Takahashi 6-4Championship Dial def. Lee 8-3

Boys doublesChampionship drawFirst round Song Ho Downes and Chris Paek, Seoul American, bye; Jason Stroup and Remi Zeng, Yokota, def. Aaron San Nicolas and DeAndre Miller, Guam High, 8-2; Adrian Beato and Leif Bogen, E.J. King, def. Timothy Weeks and David Weeks, Osan American, 8-2; Kyle Trenor and Alex Davis, Kadena, bye; Justin Clemente and Dennis Hirata, Nile C. Kinnick, bye; Jared Knox and Mario Sanchez, Kubasaki, def. Alex Roper and Brian Patterson, Zama American, 8-1; Andre Bugawan and Justin Narciso, Matthew C. Perry, def. Phillip Roper and Woong Olson, Zama American, 8-2; Thomas Harwell and John Zindash, Robert D. Edgren, bye; Kyle Sprow and Eliott Mason, Kadena, bye; Nathan Fine and Jordan Spencer, Robert d. Edgren, def. John Bogen and Stephan Martin, E.J. King, 8-1; Kevin Herrera and Dustin Caranci, Osan American, def. Steven Barrera and Alex San Nicolas, Guam High, 8-0; Kenta Takahashi and Ken Brophy, Yokota, bye; Aesop Lee and Saehee Ahn, Seoul American, bye; Josh Rankin and Patrick Hayes, Kubasaki, def. Thomas Qian and Jae Han, Taegu American, 8-3; Thomas Brooks and Nick Dunsmore, Taegu American, def. Richard Naseer and Abraham LaGarde, Matthew C. Perry, 8-3; Garren Dial and Jonathan Clements, Nile C. Kinnick, byeSecond round Downes and Paek def. Troup and Zeng 8-2; Trenor and Davis def. Beato and L. Bogen 8-1; Clemente and Hirata def. Knox and Sanchez 8-4; Harwell and Zindash def. Bugawan and Narciso 8-2; Sprow and Mason def. Fine and Spencer 8-2; Takahashi and Brophy def. Herrera and Caranci 8-3; Lee and Ahn def. Rankin and Hayes 8-2; Dial and Clements def. Brooks and Dunsmore 8-4Quarterfinals Trenor and Davis def. Downes and Paek 8-6; Harwell and Zindash def. Clemente and Hirata 8-4; Takahashi and Brophy def. Sprow and Mason, 1-0, ret.; Dial and Clements def. Lee and Ahn 8-5Semifinals Harwell and Zindash def. Trenor and Davis 8-6; Takahashi and Brophy def. Dial and Clements 8-3Championship Takahashi and Brophy def. Harwell and Zindash 8-5

Girls doublesChampionship drawFirst round Kristia Suriben and Rizalina Suriben, E.J. King, bye; Amy Kim and Agnes Choi, Taegu American, def. Angeline Jara and Roxanne Reyes, Matthew C. Perry, 8-1; Leslie Stake and Starlet Davis, Osan American, def. Kelly Raymond and Amy Jenness, Yokota, 8-5; Selyssa Ordorica and Serena Swanland, Kadena, bye; Roxanne Diaz and Tanya Frandsen, Kubasaki, bye; Elizabeth Ochoa and Hannah Nye, Osan American, def. Bria Smith and Melissa Williams, E.J. King, 8-5; Marina Kanitani and Geraldine Nicdao, Zama American, bye; Lisa Rios and Vanessa Fernandez-Torres, Taegu American, bye; Elissa Mason and Ashley Grugin, Kadena, bye; Melissa Bruhnke and Rebecca Cho, Seoul American, def. Cait Frandsen and Monica O'Hearn, Kubasaki, 8-2; Sara Barrera and Christian Stevens def. Hannah McKee and Christine Maher, Robert D. Edgren, 8-2; Sharon McKinstry and Aoi Karino, Yokota, bye; Cristina Eustaquio and Jennifer Deyeso, Zama American, bye; Charlemagne Cameron and Frances Zukowski, Nile C. Kinnick, def. Jordan Marquez and Raelyn Valdez, Guam High, 8-2; Emily Vallee and Abigail Burke, Robert D. Edgren, def. Chelsea Keolanui-Wilson and Miyoko Noma, Nile C. Kinnick, 8-4; Elizabeth Ko and Esther Kim, Seoul American, byeSecond round K. Suriben and R. Suriben def. Kim and Choi 8-1; Stake and Davis def. Ordorica and Swanland 8-5; Diaz and Frandsen def. Ochoa and Nye 8-5; Rios and Fernandez-Torres def. Kanitani and Nicdao 8-0; Barrera and Stevens def. McKinstry and Karino 8-6; Mason and Grugin def. Bruhnke and Cho 8-2; Barrera and Stevens def. McKinstry and Karino 8-6.; Eustaquio and Deyeso def. Ko and Kim 8-0Quarterfinals K. Suriben and R. Suriben def. Stake and Davis 8-0; Rios and Fernandez-Torres def. Diaz and Frandsen 8-2; Mason and Grugin def. Barrera and Stevens 8-5; Ko and Kim def. Eustaquio and Deyeso 8-1Semifinals K. Suriben and R. Suriben def. Rios and Fernandez-Torres 8-2; Ko and Kim def. Mason and Grugin 8-5Championship K. Suriben and R. Suriben def. Ko and Kim 8-2

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