Dates to rememberLeague championship tournamentsKorean-American InterscholasticActivities ConferenceThursday, April 22-Friday, April 23Boys Division II at Korea Kent Foreign School, Seoul.Girls Division II at Gyeonggi Suwon International School.Thursday, April 29-Friday, April 30Boys Division I at Falcon Field, Seoul American High School, South Post, Yongsan Garrison.Girls Division I at Kelly Field, Camp Walker, Daegu.Far East tournamentsClass AMonday, May 17-Friday, May 20 Boys at Penny Lake Field, Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan (hosted by Matthew C. Perry High School).Girls at Kelly Field, Camp Walker, South Korea (hosted by Daegu American School).Class AAMonday, May 17-Friday, May 21Boys at Falcon Field, Seoul American High School, South Post, Yongsan Garrison, South Korea.Girls at Mike Petty Stadium and Upper Field, Kubasaki High School, Camp Foster, Okinawa.Team capsulesClass AA boysJapanYokota Panthers2009 record—10-12-1, sixth at Far East.Coach—Ty Gaume, first season.Key returners—Christian Heimlich, Sr., F; Pat Tubalad, Sr., MF; Gabe Huizar, Jr., D.Key newcomers—Mason McDaniel, Jr., M; Adam Rivera, So., F.Outlook—Rebuilding. Third Coach in three seasons. Gaume feels if his team can gel, they can compete. Good leadership.Nile C. Kinnick Red Devils2009 record—12-9-4, ninth at Far East.Coach—Robert Tiffany, first season.Key performers—David Bailey, Jr., (10 goals, 13 assists); Elijah Gamble, So.; Collin Garoutte, Sr.; Marcus Boehler, So., GK; Christopher del Toro, Jr; John Bogen, Sr. (5 goals); Robert Johnson, Jr; Devery Williams, Sr. (6 goals); Jay Pothula, Sr. (7 goals).Outlook—Contending. Tiffany takes over a team with good depth, experience; replacing departed David Krievs (14 goals, 12 assists) won’t be easy.Zama American TrojansCamp Zama/Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan2009 record—15-8,2, fourth at Far East.Coach—Meg Wilson, first season.Key performers—Austin Wilson, Sr., GK/F; Malachi Cruz, Jr., MF; Steven Burritica, So., SWP; Michael Jorgenson, So., D.Outlook—Rebuilding. Losing the playmaking of Spenser Clark (15 goals, 8 assists) and the scoring of Adam Jackson (12 goals) and Brittin Southard (8) makes it tougher. But "they have a lot of heart and will do well," Wilson said.OkinawaKubasaki Dragons2009 record—13-7-2, third at Far East.Coach—Chris Eastman, first season.Key performers—David Osborne (5 assists), Sr., MF; Jon Goddard, Jr., MF; Leo Muro (12 goals), Jr., MF; Taft Harbison, Sr., LFB; Zach Stallings, Sr., GK/MF; Michael Griffith, Sr., MF.Outlook—Contending is always "the expectation" in Dragon country, said Eastman, who cut his teeth on high school soccer in the late 1990s when Okinawa dominated the Far East tournaments. Much of the talent is in the midfield, augmented by JV promotees familiar with the system.Kadena Panthers2009 record—16-11-3, fifth at Far East.Coach—Tom McKinney, fourth season.Key returners—Stanley Schrock (25 goals, 13 assists), Sr., F; Patrick Edwards, Sr., MF; Aaron Ahner (14 goals, 5 assists), Jr., MF/D; Zach Pelky, Jr., D.Key newcomer—Gabe Ahner, So., GK (former Kadena track shot-put and discus thrower).Outlook—Contending, but no longer head and shoulders above the pack now that CAJ has won three titles. But a good core of veterans in Schrock, Edwards and Aaron Ahner, should elevate the level of play of all.South KoreaSeoul American Falcons2009 record—8-12-2, seventh at Far East.Coach—Steve Boyd, sixth season (returns after three-year hiatus).Key returners—Mitchell Lee, Jr., GK; Peter Kim (6 goals), Jr., MF; Peter O’Grady, Jr., F; Nkose Gravesande, Jr., D; Josh Chung, So., MF; Jae Han, So., MF; Sang Kim, Jr., STP.Key newcomers—Eugene So (11 goals), Sr., F (transfers from Osan American); Josiah Crabtree, Sr.; Dennis Han, Jr., MF; David Voelker, Fr., F.Outlook—Contending, and Boyd never settles for anything less. Good core of 11 year-round U-19 club players should help with skill, ability and leadership. "Good solid group of guys who are Coachable," Boyd says of a group that was "disappointed" after last year’s finish.Class AA girlsJapanYokota Panthers2009 record—14-9-5, fifth at Far East.Coach—Matthew Whipple, seventh season.Key returners—Lexus Perez (5 goals, 6 assists), Jr., MF; Emily Evans (5 goals), Sr., MF; Yasmina Yeager, Jr., midfielder; Gabby Navarro, So., F; Shannon Lowder, Sr., F; Erika Ettl, So., F.Outlook—Rebuilding. Whipple lost five players to transfer or graduation who combined for 36 goals. Plenty of freshman looking to make a positive impact and gain varsity experience; could be a very good team in the next year or two, but they’ll endure growing pains for now.Nile C. Kinnick Red Devils2009 record—18-8-4, sixth at Far East.Coach—Nicolas Hindie, eighth season.Key returners—Brittany Evans (24 goals, 11 assists), Sr., MF-F; Mary Niemeyer, Sr., MF-D; Vicky Hollingshead, Jr., GK; Audrey Parker (8 goals), Jr., F; Jillian Parker, Jr., D; Meghan Pomeroy (14 goals, 6 assists), So., F.Key Newcomer—Kara Matteson, So., MF (transfer from Virginia).Outlook—Reloading. Could step up to contender status if Evans is all the way back from a knee injury and other stars align. Plenty of underclass talent to build the base for winner in future years, too.Zama American Trojans2009 record—24-4-4, two-time DODEA Japan champion, reigning Far East champion.Coach—Rogers Pitts, second season.Key returners—Kristen Dulay (7 goals), Sr., MF; Yuri Fisher (5 goals, 6 assists), Jr., forward (6 goals); Eris Pitts (5 goals, 7 assists), Jr., F; Taylor Russell (5 goals, 14 assists), Sr., MF; Rachel Walls (12 goals, 9 assists), Jr., F; Katie Scully, Jr., SWP; Yurie Tanaka, Jr., D.Key newcomer—Taylor Cave, Jr., F/MF (transfer from Floyd E. Kellam High in Virginia Beach).Outlook—Contending, still, despite the loss of Sisters Ashliman, Aubrey (45 goals, 14 assists) and Mallarie (41 goals, 26 assists) back to Virginia. Plenty of veterans who know how to win left over, and Cave’s addition should only make the team equal or better to what’s gone on before.OkinawaKubasaki Dragons2009 record—18-2-4, Far East Class runner-up.Coach—Terry Chumley, 10th season.Key returners—Gabby Falco, Sr., GK; Elizabeth Fabila (25 goals), So., F; Ku’uleialoha Ampong, Jr., MF; Nicole Bossert, Jr., MF/D; Tammi Ragan, Sr., F; Kaitlyn Hadley, Jr., D.Key newcomer—Heather Hyson (9 goals, 11 assists), Sr., MF (transfers from Matthew C. Perry in Japan).Outlook—Always contending, but Dragons face a big task in replacing most of their defense, including strong-legged sweeper Sydney Bligh, playmaking Maya Lowe and defense-minded Rachel O’Neill (transfer) and ace midfielders Rina Ihu and Sara Harter (graduation). Hyson’s transfer is a blessing for Chumley and the Dragons, and Fabila remains a classic finisher with a nose for the net.Kadena Panthers2009 record—16-9-5, third at Far East.Coach—Paul Chirichetti, first season.Key returners—Tyler Arrieta, Sr., MF; Destinee Ancog, Sr., MF; Andrea Grade, Jr., MF: Kristie Karibian (24 goals, 7 assists), So., F; Chasity Cordova, Sr., MF/F.Key newcomers—Bria Pressley (37 goals, 5 assists), So., F; Jasmine Pressley (20 goals, 12 assists), Jr., MF (transfers from Far East Class A champion Osan American in South Korea).Outlook—Contending. Plenty of firepower up front with the Pressleys and Karibian playing one-touch in opposing ends and with much midfield experience; only issue is in the back, where the goalkeeping will be young and Britney Wise is no longer around at sweeper.South KoreaSeoul American Falcons2009 record—10-11-4.Coach—Billy Ratcliff, first season (Coached Falcons boys last year).Key returners—Liz Gleaves., Jr., GK/MF; B.J. Grandy, Sr., MF; Lee Ann Schade, Sr., M; Rebecca Mitchell, Sr., SWP.Key newcomers—Christina Choi, Jr., D (from Virginia); Gloria Patterson, Jr., MF.Outlook—Rebuilding. Third Coach in three seasons has plenty of tools to work with, but the Falcons are very young throughout the roster.Class A boysJapanE.J. King Cobras2009 record—13-10-2, third in Far East Class A Tournament.Coach—Steven Casner, second season.Key returners—Ta’mir Seraphin (10 goals), Sr., F; Alex McClintock, Sr., MF; R.J. Altares, Sr., MF; Kevin Tan, Sr., FB; Steven Cordero, Sr., FB; Francis Martin (6 goals), Jr., FB; Oscar Martin, So., MF: Ryan Wagner, So., MF; Zakary Beshears, So., MF.Key newcomers—Paul Asyn, Fr., FB; Lavin Bolwani, Jr., MF; Christian Jarrard, Sr., GK.Outlook—Reloading in DODEA Japan, contending at Class A. Might be the strongest Cobras team since the 2007 Far East champions, and certainly the most experienced on Casner’s watch and his predecessor, Michael Erickson. Replacing Jon-Jon "Afro" Green and Ronnie Cardona (combined 33 goals, 12 assists) not as hard as it seems.Matthew C. Perry Samurai2009 record—11-19-4.Coach—Mark Lange, seventh season.Key returners-Andre Bugawan (14 goals), Sr., F; Matt Villalino, Sr., D; Sean Barker (18 goals, 7 assists), Jr., MF; Yuta Fleming, So., SWP; Nick Krenek, So., GK; Dims Wakimoto, Jr., DKey newcomers—Tyelor Apple, So., F (from North Carolina); Yasuki Milsop, Fr., D (from San Diego).Outlook—Reloading in DODEA Japan, contending at Class A. Bugawan already off to a strong start with 10 goals in four matches. Good youth and experience combination should keep Samura winning this year and in the future.Robert D. Edgren Eagles2009 record—8-14-1, Far East runner-up.Coach—Benjamin Ayers, first season.Key returners—Matt Linder (6 goals), Sr., MF; Ja’maal Dennis, Sr., GK; Rye Sperl, Sr., MF; Sean Gammel, So.Key newcomer—T.J. Adamson, Fr., F.Outlook—Rebuilding. Much must be replaced, particularly losing Edgren career goal-scoring record holder Brandon Massie (100 goals, transfer to Europe).South KoreaDaegu American Warriors2009 record—1-22.Coach—Larry Knierim, fifth season.Key returners—Takayuki McDougal, Sr., MF; Daniel Dudley, So., MF; Darius Wyche, So., MF; Allen Dick, So., D; Matthew Boshans, So., MF.Key newcomers—Josh Davidson, Sr., MF; Shane Yingling, Sr., F; Sam Oh, So., F; Ryan White, Jr., D; Russell Midomaru, So., D.Outlook—Another mother of all rebuilding jobs. Most of Knierim’s experience players from last year’s squad have graduated, leaving him with plenty of youth but little experience.Osan American Cougars2009 record—10-13-5.Coach—David Hamilton, first season.Key returners—Kee Park, Jr., F/MF; Billy Bortscheller, Jr., SWP/STP; Jacob Davis, So., F/MF; Joel Marselus, Jr., SWP/STP; VJay Matheny, Sr., F; Jake Mattison, So., MF; Richard Mejia, So., GK; Tim Neher, Jr., D.Outlook—Rebuilding. Only one senior and five juniors with experience, but a crop of younger players with raw talent; just a question of how quickly the two groups mold together. Losing top scorers Derek Becker (29 goals, 11 assists, graduation) and Eugene So (11 goals, transfer to Seoul American) hurts.Class A girlsJapanMatthew C. Perry Samurai2009 record—21-9-1, defending Far East Class A Tournament runner-up.Coach—Christopher Anderson, sixth season.Key returners—Kate "Berlin" Cutshall, Sr., GK; Ari Morcarski, Jr., MF/D; Kelli Clark, Jr., D.Key newcomers—Bre’Onna Ray, Jr., F; Ty Clayton, Jr., D/MF; Anne Naseer, Fr., F; Danielle Shoebrook, Fr., F.Outlook—Rebuilding "in a big way," Anderson says. Not easy is it to replace the top Class A scoring tandem in Japan, Karla Stroud (region-high 48 goals) and Danielle Dobson (32 goals, 20 assists, graduation) while losing midfielder Heather Hyson (9 goals, 11 assists) via transfer to Kubasaki. The goalkeeping will be solid, but everything else is a big question mark.Robert D. Edgren Eagles2009 record—4-15-2.Coach—Mark Pierce, second season.Key returners—Marissa Goodwin, Jr, MF; Bailey Howard, So., MF; Ashley Hawkins, Sr., MF; Jessica Bergman, Sr., D.Key newcomers—Jennifer Black (23 goals), So., F (transfer from Yokota).Outlook—Contending. Already has beaten Zama American for the first time in four years in regular-season play. Went 4-3-1 in Far East last year, which Pierce credits for the Eagles’ getting off to a 3-1 start this season.South KoreaDaegu American Warriors2009 record—13-9-4.Coach—Ed Thompson, fifth season.Key returners—Kristina Bergman, Jr., MF (10 goals); Gulee Kwon, Jr., MF/D; Hana Noguchi, Jr., MF; Angie Robinet (16 goals), Jr., MF.Key newcomers—Tia Rosenstein, Sr., MFOutlook—Reloading/contending. Strong enough in the middle and up front to score plenty of goals; the question is replacing the entire defense.Osan American Cougars2009 record—23-5-3, reigning Far East Class A Tournament champion.Coach—Sung Plourde, 10th season.Key returners—Angela Frisby, Sr., F; Stephanie McDole (11 goals), So., F; Lucie Yunevich, Jr., MF; Courtney Ouellette (8 goals), Jr., MF; Lydia Kim, Jr., D; Alina Hauter, Jr., SWP.Key newcomers—Deanne Polaski, Jr., GK (transfer from Zama American); Hannah Wolf, Fr., MF; Kylee Russell, Jr., MF.Outlook—Reloading. Replacing the Pressley sisters, Bria (37 goals) and Jasmine (20 goals, 12 assists; transferred to Kadena) won’t be easy, but plenty of experience and leadership return from last year’s Class A champions. Just a question of replacing the firepower.

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